Cafe in PJ – Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya for pork chops & unique cakes

Here is another cafe worth a your patronage; good food, fair prices, solid brew, excellent service, unusual cakes and yes, the WIFI works. 🙂

I made a call prior to my first visit since it was nearing the Raya holidays and I admit I was taken back by the super cheery response I got over the phone. That did somewhat gave a positive impression of the place, and after my actual visit that evening, I had added this cafe to my “good cafes in PJ” list.

The decor is simple and the overall vibe is peaceful.
Milligram didn’t try to be cutesy or overly vintage, but choses to focus on offering good food and providing a nice venue for a chat/drink/meal instead.


Their menu offering is quite solid and Milligram is one of the few who offers pork.

The breakfast set is all-day, but we readily opt for the The Lazy Pig (RM25), an affogato and a cake since it was dinner hour.
Their mille crepes are not showcased in the display chiller so do check with them on the available flavours of the day. I was stalking their FB page so I knew there were some unique flavours available so I asked.

The staff replied that she will check on the flavours for me, and we may take a seat instead of hovering at the counter. Barely 10 minutes after we were seated one of the staff bought over a plate with 4 slices ( 1 for each flavour) to show them to me.

That was unnecessary, for she could have just named the variety available, yet she went that extra mile, and I truly appreciate the effort there!
I chose the Jasmine Green Tea Mille Crepe (RM13), which is half bottom matcha and top half Jasmine tea. I forgot what the other 3 was, but it was likewise half-half flavoured, which is swell, for that means you get 2 flavours for the price of one.
Besides, having 2 flavours lessens that unpleasant stuffed feeling after the initial few bites.
To the baker’s credit the mille crepe wasn’t overly rich or sweet.

Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya -002

Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya -003

The mille crepes are kept frozen, thus the staff recommended that they keep the cake to thaw for a bit and only serve it after our main course, which we gladly agreed.

Our Lazy Pig was delicious, a good portion of tender pork chop with tasty sides of potatoes and greens. The pesto gave the sides a unique flavour, rather than just boring old salt and pepper.
This came with a saucer of gravy, but the pork was good enough as it is.

Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya -001

Satisfied from our dinner, my dining companion that night returned during the Raya week for dinner. This time he sampled the salmon, and pronounced it satisfactory as well.
From the looks of it (the image he sent me as below), I’m inclined to agree.


They don’t update their FB page much on their savouries and I wonder why because the food would be a good draw besides the alcoholic cakes and good coffee.
Daily set lunches are available too.

What I’ll be keen to try next is the Kilogram (Big Breakfast ) and their Nasi Lemak where one of the sides is curry luncheon meat (pork).
Ok, I avoid processed meat as much as possible, so I might need someone to help me finish that Nasi Lemak. Any takers? 🙂

Milligram @ Taman Mayang Jaya

Apparently there are resident cats in the house, though they didn’t appear during the time I was there.
Well, cat lovers, you might want to make friends with that feline.

No 8, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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