Cafe hopping – Curious Goat, Damansara Perdana

My search for a quiet café away from the favoured areas of Publika, Mont Kiara and Damansara and the usual boisterous crowd yielded some encouraging results recently.

One such cafe is The Curious Goat, nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Damansara Perdana.


Here, the serious business of coffee is observed, translating into very well prepared cups of brews.
The connoisseurs would approve, yet the fun remains for those who want to enjoy their caffeine fix without being intimidated by gadgets and jargons.

This is the place where guests are made welcomed by warm vibes, quality beans and wholesome meals.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-010

Fans of filtered coffee would find The Curious Goat an ideal spot for their fix.
The house beans are single‐origin sourced exclusively from Sulawesi Toraja, Indonesia.


Available beans are on rotational basis; and on the week I visited, the bean offered was Yirgacheffe Kochere, a staple of Ethiopian coffees.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-004

I watched as the barista, Andy prepared my cup for me.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-003

The required amount of beans is ground fresh upon order.
The grounds are then poured into an aeropress, and regulated temperature water is poured into it.
At the bottom of the aeropress is a Hario scale to measure both time and temperature.
In case you are unaware, temperature is crucial. This is so that the barista will get a proper extraction and not scald the beans.
Meanwhile he keeps an eye on the weight as well, ensuring the correct ratio of coffee to water.

Once the correct brew temperature and water ratio is reached, the brew is left to infuse for the required time.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-002

That done, the brew is filtered out into a cup and ready to serve.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-001

I find the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere light and easy to drink, and especially well paired with food; say a sandwich or pasta for a simple lunch.
The brew is predominantly floral, with prevailing notes of lemon and tangerine.

The Curious Goat focuses more on the coffee than food, but a new menu is in the works while the current one satisfies simple appetites.
Crowd pleasers such as pastas and sandwiches peppered the short food menu, and though selection is small, the dishes are fairly well prepared.
Scorning shortcuts, the pasta base is prepared from scratch and so is the pesto sauce for the sandwich.

For the price, I find both portion and taste satisfactory.

curious goat - sandwiches - damansara perdana


pasta at curious goat damansara perdana

In the chiller fresh cakes, the ever-popular mille crepes and tarts beckon.
I generally shun mille crepes as I find most are either too sweet or overly creamy.

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-006

However, I was told a barista friend supplies the Nutella Crepe Cake hence I ordered a slice to sample, more out of curiosity than anything else.

nutella mille crepe -  at curious goat damansara perdana

It turned out to be a pleasant surprise for I discovered myself to be a fan.
I was told it is the crowd favourite here and it is easy to understand why.

lemon meringue tart at curious goat damansara perdana

A good lemon meringue tart can be elusive.

The lemon meringue tart at Curious Goat is worth recommending for those who prefer their desserts with a tang.
The lemon juice-heavy smooth curd has a keen sharpness that contrasted with the sweet rose meringue. All of this sit on a nice, crusty buttery base.

The pretty mural at Curious Goat - cafe in Damansara Perdana
The pretty mural at Curious Goat – cafe in Damansara Perdana

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-011

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-007

The Curious Goat – why I love it – great coffee and desserts (especially the ones by Project C) and yes, WIFI that WORKS! 😀
I’m looking forward to their new food menu too!

curious goat - coffee - damansara perdana-009

The Curious Goat,
No 20-1, Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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