Cafe hop KL: Good waffles @ Brewmen, Solaris Mt Kiara

The waffles is suddenly “hip” again.
The resurgence of this familiar grid-shaped and golden brown crispy cooked batter was in tandem with the pop-ups of the caffeine joints all over Klang Valley.
Since almost every cafe serves breakfast platter, sandwiches and cakes, some decided that maybe, waffles could set them apart.
The plain waffle is the perfect foil for almost any ingredients so we started seeing waffles with savoury items like sausages and bacon. Some decided that bacon and ice cream works.

I like my waffles a bit dense compared to the much favoured light, crispy ones. The best waffles I’ve had was not surprisingly, in Belgium.
But I understand the limitations of being in Malaysian, so I wasn’t demanding Belgium waffles, but a one with a substantial bite at least.

Brewman - waffles with ice cream

At Brewmen, the waffles fared better than the one I had at Rekindle, La Crêperie de Caroline, The Point KL and even the Inside Scoop; which everyone seem to rave about.

waffle menu

The kitchen team tries to be creative too, so you do get some basic well-loved topping such as simple honey and butter or you could opt for a marshmallow one plus ice -cream or a locally inspired one such as the “apam balik”; consisting of corns, peanuts, butter and condensed milk. The fillings are placed inside the waffle so it looks like a waffle-sandwich.
Mi-co-flake sounds promising too; dusting of milo powder over the waffles with cornflakes and generous drizzle of condensed milk.

BELOW: S’more’s -ffle (RM15) – waffles, ice cream and marshmallows.

1 waffle at brewmen

You can even combine your drink and meal together. Enjoy the Waffogato (RM15) with its combi of hot espresso with creamy ice-cream plus crispy waffles.


I heard that there will be more waffles on their menu soon (psssttt: matcha waffles anyone?) so I’ll definitely be heading back here for more! 🙂

No.6, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Facebook: The Brewmen
Instagram: @brewmencoffee

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