Cafe Hop : The Bites Cafe Lake Fields – good food, good vibes

There’s very little not to like at Bites.

For one, the WIFI actually works.

Ok, I’m joking. Or maybe not.

I’ve been to an average of 3-4 cafes per week over the past month and 90% of them has WIFI that DOESN’T work.
So when the WIFI at Bites actually works I must say the cafe earned brownie points from me instantly. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t order a drink and stay for 4 hours, but an hour or so of surfing while relaxing or writing in a cafe is important to me as a writer/social addict.
Simply put, if you offer WIFI, make sure it works. Else don’t offer it.

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-006

Next was the unique and cute decor items around the cafe. The owners had personally handpicked the framed photographs, eye-catching decorative items and the huge 3D bear beanbags from numerous sources; all in the aspirations of creating the best ambiance and cafe experience for their patrons.
The 2 bears sits idly at the back of the cafe where a small area is set up specially for kids (or kids at heart) to play and be kept occupied as the family dines.


REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields

And of course, for the rest of us camera/instagram addicts, Bites offers many corners and angles for photography. 🙂


But how is the coffee? And the food?
Well, the menu at Bites Cafe aims to please.
From small bites to all day breakfast selections to heavy-sustenance meals like lamb shank, there is truly something for all appetites and palates.
It’s also worthy to comment on how the Chef took liberties to offer his personal interpretations of each dish; even for something as familiar as Grilled Salmon or the Egg Bens.

Steering away from the conventional fish + grilled vegetables presentation, Chef offered his grilled salmon resting on mash surrounded by a moat of his homemade sauce with heads of broccoli peeking through.

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-003

Other items that caught my attention was the prominent use of waffles as bread replacement for sandwiches. The reason behind it was explained by the owner Robin; “We want to use fresh ingredients for our food whenever possible. We do not bake our own breads but we have a waffle maker so we decided to substitute the breads with freshly made waffles instead.”

The waffles here are thin and crispy and was the perfect foil to the Club Waffle (RM12.90) we had; providing a pleasant flavour and crunch to each bite.
Fillings were generous for the price too; an observation that also holds true for all the dishes here.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-007

Vegetarians are not forgotten for It’s A Wrap (RM 14.90) can be a vegan option. Otherwise, add on smoked salmon, chicken or beef bacon for a more substantial meal.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-001

Going low carb? The Italian (RM14.90) is a frittata with your name on it.
Large enough for 2 to share, I approve of this thick eggy disc plumped up with premium sausage (it says turkey ham on the menu though), spinach, cherry tomatoes and cheese.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-006

My taste leaned more towards The Mexican (both for food and men) than the Italians though.
I much preferred this lovely burritos which was stuffed fat with mushrooms, creamy scrambled eggs, sausages and cheese. I foresee myself ordering this again during a re-visit to Bites.
Yes I do like it that much, especially the sweet spicy sauce served on top of it!

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-012

Love your carbs?
The Eggs Benedict (RM 17.90) offers both protein and carbs with its dreamy poached eggs, choice of beef bacon or smoked salmon and sautéed mushrooms on toast.
Most Egg Bens in town are about the same price but certainly not with so much ingredients thrown in. The Chef here is pretty fond of mushrooms so it was pretty prominent on almost every dish.

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields

The Breakfast pizza (RM13.90) scored points for its crunchy, thin pizza base. The toppings are generous too. And yes there are mushrooms.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-009

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-010

No mushrooms for this one.
The Swiss – potato rosti with beef bacon OR smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, sour cream (RM14.90).
As you can tell the menu here is very varied.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-013

Next, mains, or as Bites Cafe named them; BIG Bites.

Beef Bacon & Shrimp Pasta RM 24.90. 
Flavourful pasta with again, generous amount of ingredients plus a toast on the side.
I must mention this, there are mushrooms.. …

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-001

Grilled Chicken & Waffle Sandwich (RM15.90) –  grilled chicken with melted cheese, drenched in thick, creamy mushroom sauce.
This is crazy for the price; chicken, egg, side salad, fries, waffles and cheese. Serious good value for money.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-005

The Malaysian (RM14.90) – our well loved nasi lemak!
This is a commendable executed effort for a chef that is not a Malaysian.
The chicken was adeptly fried but the rice and sambal could do with a bit of tweak. But if you are not fussy, it could very well be a satisfactory dish.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-011

Hearty eaters should opt for the Roasted Spring Chicken with Vegetables (RM26.90) or the Lamb Shank (RM32.90). Both gratifying in portion size though not the same can be said for the taste.

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-002

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-004

For an outlet with so much love for their waffles, it is imminent that waffles are on the desserts menu.
Waffle topped with Gula Melaka Ice Cream (RM11.90). Waffles with Pandan Kaya Ice-Cream (RM 11.90).
I was too full to fully (pun intended) appreciate desserts but the ice cream was may too sweet for me anyways.

REVIEW Bites Cafe, Lakefields-005

However the ice cream went very well with the Lavazza coffee for the Affogato (RM9.90).

Bite’s must-order – the Affogato with Crushed Cranberry Almond Biscotti with Pandan Kaya Ice Cream.
As expected the bitterness of the espresso shot offset the sweetness nicely. The mild fragrance and piney vanilla flavour compliments the earthy and strong coffee.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-003

I need my daily dose of juice so it was the Fresh Watermelon & Celery Juice RM 8.90 for me. No sugar added of course.


A selection of cakes are available as well.

REVIEW - Bites Cafe - Lakefields-002

All in all, there’s very little not to like about Bites. You get what you pay for, the cafe oozes comfort and charm and the service is generally good; if you’re NOT served by that one surly girl that is.

Bites-Lake Fields
72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Lake Fields Sg Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 – 9055 4438
Email: [email protected]
9am to 10pm (Mon to Thur)
9am to 11pm (Fri-Sun, Public Holiday)

WIFI: Yes. And it works.

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  1. Alan Jones

    Hi Becks, it’s been ages since I saw you, but you still look as delicious as those cakes!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Awww… Thanks Alan! I do miss you. I remembered our Sg adventures!
      I hope you’re doing well there?

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