Busan Korea – Nakdong Canola Flower Festival, Gamji Coastal Trail – Taejongdae, Lotte Departmental Store Gwangbok

Today I’m feeling pensive as I sit here starting on another post of my experience of Busan, Korea. Today my countrymen turned out in full force and in high hopes of change and for a better country.

Just 2 weeks before I stood facing the Korea’s largest canola flower fields along the Nakdong River in Changnyeong, South Gyeongsang.
The blooming of the canola flowers signals the arrival of spring and a new season. A season of change“, says my Korean friend.

*Panorama shot of the rapeseed flower field. 

rapeseed festival busan korea

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-004

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-022

Change indeed. I’m praying hard. The polling results will be out by the end of today.

In Korea, there are the on-going dispute of North and South. But at the banks of Nakdong River, busloads of young innocent children and their teachers descended on the fields of yellow flowers, oblivious of any impending danger.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-003

Both the young and the old took time to enjoy the arrival of spring.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-006

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-011

I hope after today, we can allow our children to go to the park, play and have picnics with their teachers during the day without a worry, just like how the Koreans and Japanese could.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-013

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-008

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-030

It was a beautiful morning. The air was crisp and the chilly wind kept everyone cool though the sun was out. The scent of the rapeseed flowers are not strong so you’ll only catch a waft of its scent every now and then.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-026

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-018

rebecca - rapeseed canola flower festival busan

The Rapeseed Flower Festival is a week long celebration with stage performances, food fest and art/photography. It is in its 2nd year for Busan though a similar event in Jeju Island – The Jeju Canola Flower Festival has been a tradition for years.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-007

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-035

No festival is rightfully called a festival without food. Makeshift tables and tents provide shelter from the sun as some enterprising folks dishes out Korean delicacies.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-036

This was some pork meat and pork neck and pork ears delicacy, eaten cold with some sauce.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-038

The ever popular Odeng: Fish cake on a stick and boiled in broth. This is a wintertime favorite dish. A cup of broth is usually offered after you finish the fish cake.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-040

And of course the Panjeon.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-041

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-043

I sampled this rice alcoholic drink which tasted like fermented rice wine. Sorry but it’s not my kind of drink!
Oh, by the way the Korean crackers are nice. It’s stronger in seafood flavour (if it’s prawn or fish crackers) compared to our local ones.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-044

Busan, Korea - day 4 and 5 - rebeccasaw-039

Busan, Korea - day 4 and 5 - rebeccasaw-040

After flowers and nature we headed to the sea.

Our tour that day took us to the coastline of Taejongdae. In Busan there were so many highways over rivers and so many bridges. I lost track of the amount of bridges we drove past and the direction of where we were heading around throughout the whole trip.
Heading towards Taejongdae we passed the Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal, another bridge and through a town.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-047

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-051

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-052

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-055

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-056

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-059

After 30 minutes we found ourselves on the coastal road. On our left are the hills and on our right we feasted our eyes on the beautiful seaside.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-063

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-064

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-068

Our coach dropped us off at Gamji Coastal Trail. There is a proper pathway, safe sidewalk, toilets, snack bar, observatory and exercise facility here.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-069

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-066

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-067

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-070

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-071

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-072

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-073

Take the stairs down to the beach if you wish.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-081

The rest of us stood on the suspension bridge and enjoyed the crisp air and took pictures. This area is famous for its magnificent rock cliffs and formations, strong waves and breathtaking horizons.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-082

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-083

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-084

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-086

The sea is so clean! The water looked so pristine and I imagined myself frolicking in the waters in summer time. My guide laughed and reminded me that it would be dangerous to do so.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-087


But one can dream right? 🙂

rebecca - gamji coastal trail

There are tours available for those who are interested to explore the key attractions within the Yeongdo area. You can check out the tours HERE.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-074

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-075

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-076

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-077

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-078

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-079

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-080

Just before we headed back to our coach we grabbed some hot fishcakes and sipped its clear savoury broth. I really do love these Korean snacks!

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-090

rebecca - gamji coastal trail-001

We had a good lunch of “fugu” – the poisonous blowfish (another post on food for that) before continuing our exploration of Busan.

Busan, Korea - day 4 and 5 - rebeccasaw-041

This being the 5th day, we had seen the beaches, the markets, the roads and the coastline. How about an aerial view of the city, we asked our guides.

And so here we are at Lotte Department Store, Gwangbok Branch, Busan. No shopping unfortunately, but only for the rooftop observatory and the water fountain show at the concourse.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-130

The one we were on was on the 13th floor but the parks (SkyPark) on the floors below was nice too.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-129

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-114

The observatory was divided into 2 main areas – the sea view which provides a sweeping view of the Busan Port while the city view is one of the surrounding city landscape.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-100

The Sky Park and the observatory area are very pretty, clean and very well maintained with appropriate rest areas, safety railings and games facilities.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-102


Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-105

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-128

There’s even a cafe – Angel-in-us on the observatory deck, allowing those who like to enjoy the view and but prefers to avoid the cold.

For us, we were just too preoccupied trying to get the best view from where we were at!

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-115

The observatory deck is wonderfully spacious and clean.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-106

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-111

On one side, the whole rail was decorated with locks of all sizes and shapes.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-113

I’m guessing it’s a symbolic act of love for couples; leaving the locks on the rail and “throwing” away the key here. This practice seems really popular here in Korea huh?

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-112

But yes, the view.  

panaroma of Korea port - lotte departmental store

It was indeed amazing. I watched in silence; at my vantage point so high above the hustle of the busy port below. Here I am witnessing it all, the biggest industry of Busan on an ordinary day, oblivious to my presence or anyone else either.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-108

Containers, speed boats, ships of various sizes and logistics vehicles. All in all a day in operation.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-109

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-110

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-118

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-120

The other side would be the city view, but as usual we were hurried along again for our next itinerary.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-107

Other than the sky parks and observatory deck , another attraction of the Lotte Departmental Store Gwangbok branch would be its hourly futuristic fountain show. This is at the concourse level of the mall.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-131

It was a full 15-20 minutes show and the effects was the result of fantastic choreography of light beams and water sprays. I have a video recorded which would be uploaded once I got around to editing it, but here’s some pictures to satisfy your curiosity for the time being.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-132

The water came from both above and below and at times the sprays came out simultaneously or individually, depending on the effect the choreography wishes to impart.

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-136

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-135

Busan Korea - Day 5 - rebeccasaw-134

All in all while the choreography does deserve a mention, the whole show was pretty boring after the first 5 minutes. I didn’t think the water jets were dramatic enough nor memorable. But if you’re in Lotte do stop to admire this sophisticated aqua show since there isn’t one like this (as far as I know) anywhere else in Asia.

Next: What we ate, Busan Aquarium, temple visiting,  shopping in Busan and more! Stay tuned!

** This is a media trip with the Air Asia X team and Busan Tourism Board. We were in Busan for the Air Asia X inaugural KL- Busan flight launch and had the good fortune to explore Seoul and Busan for 5D4N.
If you have any question for me about Busan, do drop me a comment here! 🙂

Busan Korea - Air asia X media trip group pic

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  1. ulric

    Nice n colourful photos all-around =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Korea is pretty 🙂 Greens, and they love to have flowers everywhere!! 🙂

  2. Sean

    and it’s cool to see the photos of the kids in this post, with their excited faces 😀

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      Yes, I’m never a kid lover but these Korean kids are CUTE!!! 🙂

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    Those kids are incredibly cute with same school bags & hat!

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  5. Beautiful colors!

    And, I learned something new today. I didn’t know canola was the same as (or comes from) rapeseed flowers. =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Same here! And I didn’t know Korea has rapeseed or canola flowers!! 🙂

  6. Richard

    The aquatic show sounds cool actually. I’m looking forward to your video on this one! And the live octopus eating – don’t forget that one becky!

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    Beautifully written and easily understandable as usual becky! Looking forward to more! 🙂

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    So jealous that you went to Busan! I’m waitin for more of the food posts!

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