Burps and Giggles Ipoh – burgers, cake, coffee and pastries!

Somehow I find myself more attracted to Ipoh than any other town in Malaysia. A mix of the familiar, the nostalgic, the modern in addition to the the calm, serene pace, Ipoh is my choice if I need breather from KL.

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Life here would be walks in the park, good food, solace and calm.

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Local food notwithstanding, I’ll head to Ipoh for sinful pastries, hot chocolate, burgers and churros; currently available at Burps and Giggles, a whimsical, artsy cafe by Julie of Indulgence.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-008

Reaching Ipoh late evening, we stepped into Burps and Giggles for some sustenance before the main sustenance – dinner.

A hot chocolate, a glass of healthy & frosty juice, a buttery chocolate croissant and a slice of delectable banana bread with butter later, our mood cheered visibly. We sat back and absorbed the charming and gay aura of Burps and Giggles. It’s easy to see why everyone loves it.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-009

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-016

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-015

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-002

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-001

We arrived after 5pm so we didn’t manage to try the burgers. Instead we sampled the tapas, one of which was this really fabulous lamb mantou.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-012

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-013

What was really great about it was the lamb of course. Really flavourful and melt in the mouth, each mantou was a whopping RM8! It is merely 2 bites mind you, so I just had to ask what justified the price and was told that only a particular part of the lamb is used and it is specifically sourced for this.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-014

We left for dinner shortly after but I have already planned my lunch here the next day. 🙂

Guess which I’ll be ordering?

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-024

I was at Buku Tiga Lima for breakfast and digested my Pear, Ginger Butterscotch and Mars chunk crepe in 2 hours. For lunch, we ordered 2 burgers and a hot spud to share. Regardless of sitting arrangements (in Burps and Giggles or in Buku Tiga Lima), you may order food and drinks from either.

The burgers looked big here but it is actually medium sized. I could easily finish 2 at one go.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-025

Julie said the Harvey (fish burger) is a must-try so we did.

Harvey RM16. Fish pattie, coriander-mint salad, Thai infused spread.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-026

The whole patty is pure fish meat. Think of it like a Thai fish cake (except that fish cakes are not made up of pure fish meat) burger, but more satisfying in bite and healthier too!

Greeko RM18. Lamb pattie, cheese, red pepper, onions, olives, cheese, mint yogurt.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-027

I dislike it on the first bite as I felt that the seasoning were so strong to the point I can’t really taste the lamb. I’m a purist; so to speak. I like my burger patties unadorned and moist with its natural juices. But Andrew and Vivian loved it and urged me to take a few more bites; saying that the flavours develops further as they ate. And so I did.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-028

And thus there wasn’t enough lamb burger for the 3 of us! Cos after a few more bites, I decided that I do like it, and started to fight for a share of the burger! :DD

Lunch lasted me for about 3 hours before my stomach growled again.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-032

Julie swept in and asked if I have tried her churros. What? I didn’t know there was churros here!

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-033

Best eaten piping hot dusted with icing sugar and rich dark chocolate, the churros was good! The first batch she sent was a tad undercooked but the next batch was alright.

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-034

Blog, eat, blog, eat. A good weekend indeed!

buku tiga lima - ipoh - rebecca saw

Barely a quarter done with another blogpost, Julie came in again and stuffed us with her unique “charsiew”; slices of really lip-smacking tasty lamb. She said it will be on the menu soon. Uh uh, she sure knows how to entice us back to Ipoh! 🙂

Ipoh Burp and Giggles-029

My top picks for Buku Tiga Lima/Burps and Giggles are still the crepes and hot spuds. I prefer my burgers plain without much seasoning or Thai/Indian spices; unlike the one I had – Harvey and Greeko so I aim to sample the BAM-BAM or Jammy next – of which the patties are plain Wagyu and Angus respectively.
Julie’s cakes and pastries are as good as expected but more of her cakes are found at Indulgence Restaurant; which incidentally was where we had our dinner! Yes, it was like our Ipoh trip was centered around Julie and her food, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. :DD

Buku Tiga Lima and Burps and Giggles (adjacent shoplots)
93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
05-242 6188
Open 8am – 8pm.

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  1. ulric

    Waah…if u can down 2 burgers…I surely will be able to down 3!…hahaha 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes u can and add on a crepe and hot spud too pls! Dont miss the churros though 😛

  2. Sean

    i’ve only been to ipoh maybe four or five times in my entire life, and i think i kinda prefer penang, but i guess ipoh’s good for a getaway that’s two-three hours away. and with places like burps & giggles, it’s worth the trip, i think! (especially if a friend is kind enough to drive, heheh) 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, Penang is almost 5 hours for AES safe-speed drive. I’m normally more tired than keen to eat after I arrive. And Ipoh less traffic 😛
      Yups, for me it’s a no-brainer – Got car to review? Let’s go Ipoh! Hehe

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