Burgertory SS15 Subang – bigger & thicker patties, improved buns and some new items

I remember going to Burgertory for 5-6 evenings in a row when they first opened.
I went with different friends each night, and ate my way through everything on the menu. And yes, I paid for every single one of my burgers. I have only posted once though, telling myself to post all the burgers at the end of my eating spree but eventually I got distracted by another new burger joint, then another, and another.

But the pork burgers at Burgertory did leave an impression, and when my Penang friends were in town last week, it was Burgertory for their welcome dinner! 🙂

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -008

This visit sprang some surprises, notably the bigger, thicker patties, onion rings, porky salads (have your swine & greens too!) and tastier buns. Oh their fries stayed crispy til the end of the meal and was nice & fluffy (insides) too!

1 burgertory subang

The patties here at Burgertory were “legendary” for being small, and even during my 6 days burger eating spree, it was one of the major complaint that my dining companions bought up, as well as from the other patrons. We could hear them giving feedback to the manager William as he went around during service asking for feedback.

Asking for feedback is a given thing for a new F & B joint, but taking them into consideration and improving on it, now, that’s the key.

Which is why I decided to write this short post today. Burgertory had certainly looked into these feedback and made improvements! Also I think it’s a pretty good deal that they are offering right now – having the Burgertory Fry Combo as a complimentary upgrade so I thought I’ll let all my burger loving friends here know.
Do go and take advantage of the deal and enjoy bigger burger patties for the same price as before. 🙂


So here goes – the burgers we had last week. My friends do not consume beef so it was all pork patties except for KC’s. He ordered his favourite Shrooming Bull.

Burgertory Treasure – RM13.

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -005

Swine Bacon & Cheese – RM16.

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -006

I can’t remember which is this.

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -004

Look at this. We all loved the thick juicy patty!


KC’s Shrooming Bull.


Those onion rings are good! Non-stringy and soft and most importantly, non greasy too!


For now the mozzarella sticks are replaced by meatballs.
Apparently there was a problem with getting supplies of mozzarella sticks but all that would be a thing of the past soon as William said they had been experimenting by making their own mozzarella cheesesticks. I’m so looking forward to that!

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -007

I was looking out for new varieties and saw there is only one – the Mascarpone Curry & Cheese pork burger (RM15).
Hmm cheesy curry..that will be my order on my next visit.

Other than burgers, 2 salads made their debut recently. One with pork bacon (non-crispy kind) and another with mushrooms. We didn’t order those but William sent them over to our table as complimentary starters.

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers

burgertory subang

Eat it as you would eat your Korean BBQ meats – wrapped in lettuce! The accompanying sauce is pretty good too.

BURGERTORY SS15 - Subang - burgers -002

The Burgertory Fry Combo is RM9.00 for fries, onion rings, mozzarella cheesesticks which comes with free flow soft drinks. Onion Rings goes for RM6 per set of 8 pieces.
My Penang friends loved their burgers and found them value-for-money considering the portion and quality. And that’s coming from Penang-lang ok! They are the best judges of value-for-money meals. 😀

Now, about those burger I ate during my previous visits…perhaps I’ll dig those pictures out and publish a pictorial post (yes, I’m too lazy to write)? 🙂

GPS: 3.0734841 (3°4’24.5424″), 101.5879883 (101°35’16.7562″)
Jalan SS15/4D 8, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500.
CLOSED Mondays. 

It’s pretty easy to find as it is on the same row of shoplots as RT Pastry House, Maybank, etc and it faces the highway. Look for Maybank then Guardian as it’s direct ONE FLOOR ABOVE it. It’s near a corner in the middle of the whole row.

burgertory ss15 subang - menu

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  1. Sean

    yay, happy and satisfied faces at burgertory! i hear there are also quite a few hipster/artisan/gourmet burger specialists in penang now, so maybe your penang pals could take you to those places too, the next time you visit the island 😀

  2. ulric

    Yay! Love their onion rings…on par with the Grind Burger Bar’s ones imho…hopefully they can make their own mozza sticks as good if not better than their old ones…hehe =)

  3. WinnieKepala

    I went there last month, for the first time. Took some pictures but haven’t got around to posting about it too.
    This is my first intro to all the many burger joints opening up in Klang Valley. I actually really like their pork burgers. Patties are big and juicy. Next up is for me to take your recommendations and check out MyBurgerLab and Burger Junkyard.

  4. Rebecca

    Havin burgers at Big Hug now 🙂

  5. mayonise

    i love burgertory

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