Burgers Galore IV: Pork Burger at Cristang, 8 Avenue

I seriously do not know what is so rave-worthy about this place.

Either that, or I’m seriously one of the unfortunately few who went on a bad day.
Since so many have had good experiences, I’m seriously in need of another visit. That, plus making sure this time not to order the ‘basics/original”. After all, condiments and toppings does make a difference in overall taste and texture.

However, I’m a advocate for the basics, cos if the food’s good, the frills and superfluities should be an enhancement, not a requisite to make the food passable.

So after my pneumonia recovery, I hasten to Cristang, for a recovery treat, so to speak. My good friend has generously allowed me the choice of venue, since it’s a celebration of sorts.

Thinking of going easy on my digestive system and throat, I ordered the original pork burger, minus the hooohaa embellishment of petai ( stink beans ) & what nots.

So for RM16.90, I got this.

Cristang pork burger1

A carelessly put-together ensemble of an airy, cheap burger bun, a thin almost anorexic slab of patty, a slice of cheese, ONE slice of tomato, ONE leaf of wilted lettuce, 3 onion rings and a sliver of pickle.

Cristang pork burger3

Bottom: The DRY SALTY patty that I dumped on my friend who shoved it aside after one bite. Likewise, he proclaimed it’s salty too! And this friend of mine is VERY easily satisfied when it comes to food, mind you.

Cristang pork burger4

The accompanying wedges were below mediocre and did nothing to divert our sharp pain (both in our hearts and pockets) ;p

Cristang pork burger

Hoping desperately for a redeemer, we focused on my friend’s Debal Curry and rice instead…..
which turned out to be so tasteless I nearly threw my hands up in despair!
They must have forgotten the salt here, and the lack of aroma from the chili left us baffled cos it did look the part with all its reddish hue.
To add salt to the wound (pun intended), it wasn’t spicy & it wasn’t rich.

debal curry

Oh, no worries, at least the fruit juices did its part; of washing away the *^%# taste in our mouth, even if the food didn’t satisfy us at all.

Well, at the very least, my mood was restored later that night by my zippy Streamyx connection. Finally something worthwhile for the monies I paid. And I scored the highest points on Shootm! Yay!


Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19
8 Avenue
Jalan Jernih (8/1)
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03-7956 7877

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  1. ai wei

    har… no good?! i tot of trying it out @@

  2. Bangsar-bAbE

    Come we go test again. See how it fares this time around, ok? I told rif de…he's up for it too! =D

  3. qwazymonkey

    Kesian. Maybe a second try?

  4. Chong

    Hmm.. That bad, huh? I tried a month back, it was alright but not that great.

  5. Sean

    yikes! the burger does look rather dismal. but yeah, the place deserves another chance … let us know whether it fares better! 😀

  6. 550ml jar of faith @minchow

    Yikes… nothing trivializes the institution of the BURGER like a cheap airy bun! Hey wasn't your bout of pneumonia quite some time ago? Maybe they've bucked up since then!

  7. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i always also wanted to question whether their patty is 250gm (as advertised in their menu) because a quarter pounder should definitely be enough protein..

    well in their case, their "basic" burger definitely involves the chilli con carne for a more fulfilling experience.

  8. Life for Beginners

    Ah, the first less-than-starry review of this restaurant… Ah well, first time for everything. I curious if you would return?

  9. backStreetGluttons

    To be fair you must try at least 3 different times over different hours ( or time zones )with different people ( like bsg perhaps ) before you can give those eating edge reviews like those newspaper writers are paid to repeat such as location , ambience,decor , abc , sde , fgt, and value for money etc etc. Then again how about your mood then ? Any quarrels with the unloved one ? Credit card co got called onot to receive free gift? No wonder many people are disappointed by rosy newspaper/celebrity reviews and tv shows with the "how come ah ?" csnnot be lah and so on

  10. thule a.k.a leo

    I think maybe you had a bad day 😛
    so far reviews had been good from other fellow bloggers except for Joe who complained that the patty was quite small compared to what they advertised!
    When r u going there again??? Maybe I can join you for second round

  11. UnkaLeong

    Comelah, we go again. I buy you makan (like I always do :P) Let my simpleton tastebuds do the tasting, k? Everyone/place deserves a second chance.

    Calling @Kenny and @bangsarbabe : We go together-gether?

  12. UnkaLeong

    Alamak, forgot Leo. We buzz you when we go, ok?

  13. thenomadGourmand

    ai wei: Hmm..could be just me..since no one else had a prob!

    b-babe: lets go!!

    qwazymonkey: yup, thats a must!

    chong: Yes, not as hyped up good as it was made to be.

    sean: Ahh..plannin nx round!

    550ml: Hope they chg the bun! ;p

    Joe: Oh trust me, that aint 250g!

    lfb: Yes i would. cos i'm curious of all that raving reviews!

    bsg: LOL. it was a good day..cos i recovered frm Pneumonia!
    And i agree, most reviews are to be taken w a grain (or a tub!) of salt!

    leo: Anytime you are! I'm ever-ready! ;p

    unkaleong: chis..only pay for the hawker items.

  14. taufulou

    this place do sound familiar..
    will wait for your 2nd round of tasting then i baru go..:p

  15. Huai Bin

    Hmm…I like their petai burger though, it tastes good to me! 🙂

  16. Wilson & Rachel

    Seriously, that bad? Never been there before.

  17. J

    So when's the 2nd round, before you make a final verdict? 🙂

  18. Nic (KHKL)

    try the babi petai burger la! 😉

  19. thenomadGourmand

    taufulou: Come join me for 2nd round!

    huai bin: Tht's why..I think its the petai & etc that made it good. plain is sucky.

    wenwen: Sure will chk 🙂

    W&R: Go try & let me knw

    J: 2nd round should be soon 😉

    Nic: Haha..to me if the original is like that, then the "extras" are jz add-ons to cover up the substd of the food.

  20. mimid3vils


  21. Lingzie

    oh dear! sorry to hear of your dismal visit. the basic burger does look a lil sad. perhaps you could leave gerald (the owner) a note on FB? think he would appreciate the feedback!

  22. pulltea

    Try the pork reverse burger in RIBS @ Oasis, behind 1U old wing. That's what u call superb pork burger

  23. Rosario Mclarney

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  24. Stacia Anglum

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  26. Noble Riggles

    I looked by means of your earlier posts. Wonderful do the job there….

  27. Your site is beautifully decorated and simply navigated. I’ve liked going to this web site right now and hope to visit quite a few far more occasions within the future.

  28. Chrissandra

    Hello, I love your website. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a comment to let you know, nice job! Thanks Chris

  29. Tan Keng K.

    Finally! A honest blog post that doesn’t say this place is worth the hype! Seriously the burgers are horribly overpriced & not that great!

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