Burgers Galore I – Pork Burger at Kissaten, Jaya One

I chase away my blues with this…


My leaning tower of love..


Simply mouthwatering


…..where each bite revealed the smoky flavours embroidered within…


Took me through a bad week where I saw my dream jet-setting job evaporate before my eyes..
and it cost me all of RM8.90.

opposite Brussels/Frontera
L12A-1-1, Palm Square, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-79541990

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  1. SimpleGirl

    how to eat the "tower" ?? really need some skill huh….anyway, what a nice pork burger!!!

  2. CUMI & CIKI

    i VANT!

  3. qwazymonkey

    I've only gone there for nudles. Maybe I should try some towers. Sorry to hear about the job

  4. J

    *HUGS* re. the job. 🙁

  5. Allie

    Can't imagine how big the mouth have to open to eat this 🙂
    But it's definitely looks mouth watering.

  6. ai wei

    i wan an oink oink burger too! cheap and yummy hor??? 🙂

  7. Sin Tai Lim

    My sons have been craving for PORK burger, A lot of such burgers posted lately. Thanks I will bring them there. Have a good day.

  8. Sean

    comfort food … thank god for them!
    here's believing that there'll be many, many, many better weeks ahead in your future.

  9. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    cheaper than burger king, not bad!

  10. New Kid on the Blog

    Arrrrggghhh… you made me hungry.

  11. Nic (KHKL)

    i've been there quite a few times yet i've not tried their burgers! looks good and the price is very reasonable. dontcha just lurve their delicious looking menu. 😉

  12. thule a.k.a leo

    that is one tall tower indeed… full of porky-ness 🙂
    question… did you manage to squeeze the burger into your mouth??? LOL!!!

  13. foodbin

    The patty looks so juicy and not too much of fats.

  14. burpandslurp

    RM 8.90…that's like…only $3 in US dollars? holy burger! Looks awesome!
    How did you touch up the pictures with all those captions? It's great!

  15. UnkaLeong

    *hugs* You know you can lean on me for support :* Why go eat there never bring me? :$ Hehehe…

  16. J2Kfm

    that patty looks mighty juicy, no wonder you complained about Cristang's. 🙂
    and at half/one third of the price, i can see you going back to Kissaten again and again …

  17. thenomadGourmand

    simplegirl: hhaha..the skill takes many burgers to perfect! LOL

    c&c: come come we go la. Long time didnt makan w u guys di

    qwazymonkey: Yes u should! Do u like burgers?
    Ah..bt the job.well..got to move on rite? 😉

    J: Thks babe!

    allie: Hehe..can one. Grip tight and bite!

    al wei: Yes! I was surprised!

    STL: go go! They will like it if they like the less greasy version of Ramlis..

    sean: Yes, bread is comfort food to me 😉
    And like what we discussed, one has to keep positive rite?

    joe: Yup! and daily Grind! LOL. but cant compare like that la i knw..

    NKTB: Hehe..come to KL!!

    Nic: Yes! and their pizzas!

    leo: Yup I did. Ya should see the look on my dining partner's face. ;p

    foodbin: That's how I like it!! Not too much grease and pure minced meat

    burpandslurp: Go download PICASA!
    It's a breeze! 😉

    UnkaLeong: aiyo u… u dont really like this kind of place/food. I did suggest Kissaten before

    J2kfm: Haha..yes. Cristang's err..cant compare to this but that one i think the novelty lies in the petai and bulgogi etc..not the patty itself.

  18. babe_kl

    so tall how to eat huh? LOL the patty look juicy

  19. Chong

    For only RM8.90?! o.O

  20. backStreetGluttons

    round flat bread poked lo00ng , thats what both hungry hands are for
    LOL !

  21. 550ml jar of faith @minchow

    GORGEOUS! And here I was thinking Sid's and Cristang were all there was to it when it comes to pork burgers here! How did I miss this during my visit to Kissaten?? Chin up bout the job… y'know what they say, one window closes, a wider door opens!!

  22. Selba

    Looks interesting to try 🙂

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