Burger Junkyard – Brooklyn Burger, Hoola Hoop Hawaiian, Grilled Ratatouille, Pineapple Fungi

Shortly after my first visit, my meat loving friends wanted to head over to Burger Junkyard and I grabbed the opportunity to join them since more burger-holics means a more comprehensive tasting session of their menu!
**Do note that this particular visit was marred by very greasy fries and squid rings, so I kind of left the review in the draft for a while.

Burger Junkyard 2

Between the 3 of us, we chowed down 5 burgers and an additional order of Squid & Fries.

I can tell you outright that the Squid & Fries (RM10.90) were a disaster; more specifically the super greasy squid rings that barely contributed any taste. We gave our feedback and the Burger Junkyard guys assured us that they would be changing supplier soon. As of a few weeks ago, Kevin has dropped in and reported that the fries are all good and thus we had recently gave them another visit because of their new burgers. Review on that right after this overdue one!

Burger Junkyard 2-015

Burger Junkyard 2-017

Fortunately the burgers remained satisfying.

Here’s the Brooklyn Burger – RM19.90, double beef patties (choice of single or double patties), beef bacon, grilled pineapple, tomato, onions, fried egg and Burger Junkyard housemade aioli. By the way, double here means ONE patty but double the weight (90 gram single patty and 180 gram for double), not 2 separate patties.

Burger Junkyard 2-006

As observed during my first visit, the texture of the patty is the finely mince, dense version as opposed to my preferred version of loosely grounded minced patty.

Burger Junkyard 2-008

And here’s the Hoola Hoop Hawaiian – Lettuce, Tomato, Smoked Turkey Ham, Grilled Pineapple, Tangy Cocktail Dressing (RM14.90).

Burger Junkyard 2-001

Burger Junkyard 2-003

MEATLESS: Grilled Ratatouille (RM12) – Tomato Concasse, Onions, Aubergine, Zucchini, Capsicum, Garden Salad.

Burger Junkyard 2-004

A bit wet and it soaked the bun right through if you don’t wolf this down fast!

Burger Junkyard 2-005

MEATLESS: Pineapple Fungi (RM13.90) – Pineapple, Portobello, Mushroom, Onions, Homemade Aioli.

Burger Junkyard 2-009

Some parts of the portobello was a bit charred and the bitter burnt bits ruined the overall sweet experience of biting into a juicy portobello. Other than this slight grievance, the Pineapple Funghi was still pleasant enough if you really have to have a vege burger.

Burger Junkyard 2-011

All in all, our 4 burgers above assuaged our appetite for burgers that evening. The burger combos (the buns, the patty, the sauce, the add-ons of pineapples, hams etc) does work, right up to the MEATLESS ones we ordered. So even vegetarians get to enjoy good burgers here Burger Junkyard! 🙂

My 2 hungry companions wolfed down their burgers so fast that I scarcely got a bite. Kevin has always loved Burger Junkyard’s house aioli and their tomato concasse, of which I concurred is one of their best unique selling point. This was KC’s first visit and he didn’t have much complaints.

Not quite full as yet, I added another burger to our gluttony run that night. So here’s my very own order – Buffalo Soldier (RM14.90) – celery, tomato, flavoured sour cream and Buffalo HOT sauce.

Burger Junkyard 2-012

Sour cream and onions are fail-proof and this was no exception.

Burger Junkyard 2-013

I really liked this one as I thought the combo was refreshing. It isn’t everyday that you’ll get sour cream and onion sauce with bits of celery in your burgers! I think this goes really with chicken too; and wouldn’t recommend changing the patty to beef.

Burger Junkyard 2-014

Do note again this was sometime ago and this review serves to be my checklist on what I have had at Burger Junkyard. My latest review on their newest burgers – the Mango Whatzapp-Bi,  Blue Paranomia (blue cheese!) and Swedish Alps (think IKEA meatballs and burgers!) will follow later today so stay tuned for that one! 🙂

Burger Junkyard 2-018

Burger Junkyard 2-019

Burger Junkyard – opposite Giant Kota Damansara (shoplots at the back )

No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
+603-6143 4305
Opens everyday except Tuesday – 6pm to 11pm or til the last burger is sold, whichever first.
GPSN03° 9’14.1942″ E101° 35’41.686′

** All pictures taken with the iPhone 5. 

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  1. ulric

    What? U went back to try their new burgers…harrumphhhh! 😛

    I need to try their new burgers…especially the Mango Whatzapp-Bi…love their chargrilled chicken thighs burgers…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      It was a rather random trip that we decided to go like 30mins before we headed there. Liew my neighbour and Kev happened to be free too. The Mango Whatzapp-Bi mango wasabi sauce rocks!

      1. ulric

        Then I definitely need to Whatzapp-Bi! 😛

  2. IcedNyior

    went recently coz its near my house. The onion rings werent greasy and i like that tomato chutney thing they serve it with

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes I went recently too & love how they have improved so much! 🙂
      That’s the tomato concasse, which we will request for everytime we visit! It rocks right! Sweet, tangy and FRESH!

  3. sycookies

    Those burgers have creative and lovely names…cheers up the mood a little before eating it.

  4. Jay

    The new burgers looks good! I’ll probably grab the Swedish and the blue and come back for the older burgers the next round

  5. justin

    AT least the wait is bearable here. And the burgers aint too bad

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