Burger King Hammer Meals – Thor-rific burgers!

**Guest post by Kelvin Tan.

Before I sampled the burger, I was told the beef version is awesome.  Unfortunately, I am not a beef eater and by the time I got there (which was fairly early), the beef option already finished!

Below: Keith Loh, Director of Marketing at Burger King Malaysia.

burger king thor hammer meals

Both the chicken and beef burgers are inspired by the physique of Thor more than anything else: Hot & Juicy!
Here you go; the obligatory half naked shot of Thor. 😀


It wasn’t too bad, but I personally prefer the hot sauce to be a spicy BBQ sauce as compared to black pepper sauce. I just feel it’s not doing Thor any justice with a sauce that’s already been used by another burger chain. LemonBolt, the tangy and citrusy drinks was not offered during the sampling.

But my gut feel is, it should be an interesting beverage especially it’s only offered during this promotional period!

Hammer Angus Whopper Meal – a large burger with a juicy angus patty with black pepper sauce laid out generously with the signature Whopper pile-up of fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes and pickles, all held together by a 5-inch burger bun.
The meal is going for RM13.95 and comes with a serving of medium sized fries and a 16oz serving of Lemon Bolt.

For fans of fowl, the Hammer Tendercrisp Chicken Meal features a chunk of tender and flavoursome chicken patty topped with lettuce and tomatoes and buttered with the delicious black pepper sauce between a delicious corn-dusted bun.
This meal which is also priced at RM13.95 comes with medium fries and a 16oz serving of Lemon Bolt.

Now, about the movie – Thor: The Dark World.

2 hours came and gone without me realizing it! There was never a dull moment with a bit of off the cuffs sense of humour thrown in!
A bit of jealousy, a bit of romance, a lot of action, set in a different realm that is visually stunning!
It is a must-watch in digital format. If you enjoyed the first movie, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this even more. But, I left the cinema with the feeling that the 3rd movie will be even more exciting and with even more twists to the story line!

One more thing, be patient, stay in your seat til the final credit roll finishes. Not only you’ll get to enjoy watching the beautifully executed graphic depiction of the characters, you’ll get to know what’s to expect for the next movie. If you’re extremely patient, you will also be rewarded with a light-hearted scene to release all the tension watching the action and the suspense throughout the 2 hours.
What happened to The Queen of Asgard? Is Loki dead? Will Jane Foster finally be with The God Of Thunder?
This is the sort of movie I’d make time for, instead of kill time with it! 🙂

Last but not least; these Burger King Hammer Meals are available til 24th Nov (which is about 5 more days to go!) so if anyone here are up for some BK burgering, you know where to get me! 🙂

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    gosh, i’m left behind, cos i haven’t watched thor and i haven’t had burger king’s thor meals. gotta hurry before everything’s over! 😀

  2. Florence

    Hohoho! I’m liking the half body shot of Thor! <3

  3. Marcus

    becky have no problems pronouncing the name of this movie franchise.

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