Burger Junkyard new creations – Swedish Alps, Mango Whatzapp-bi & The Blue Paranormia,with blue cheese

As promised I’m posting on the latest creations of Burger Junkyard – The Blue Paranormia (with blue cheese), Swedish Alps and Mango Whatzapp-bi. My 2nd trip review was just published this morning so you can check out the other 5 burgers we had HERE. So far, we are doing quite well as we are almost done with the whole of their menu! :DD

Burger Junkyard

There has been improvements and I’m happy to say that the positive changes certainly made Burger Junkyard an outlet worthy of revisits. Their fries are pretty satisfying now, non-greasy and with skin. Their tomato concasse still rocks; fresh, tangy and sweet and there’s a new brown sauce (demi-glace) that comes with the burgers now.

Burger Junkyard-002

Just a note of warning though, don’t hasten yourself to try their Fried Country Mushrooms (RM6.90) as yet for I find it incredibly greasy still.

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (3)

But do hop in for some stinky action; the Blue Paranormia (RM18.90); creamy, molten pungent blue cheese on a great beef patty. Quoting Kevin ” My affair with this is like a steamy wet makeout session, where you know it’ll be messy but it doesn’t matter.

burger junkyard - kota damansara - blue cheese burger

burger junkyard - kota damansara - blue cheese burger 1

Damn it Kevin, now I can’t think of blue cheese without thinking of sex and vice versa. What a quote!

Moving on to less “steamy” burgers, my Mango Whatzapp-bi has an interesting combo of both patty and sausage. Thankfully it was those white meaty sausages that I like, and not those cheap, red rubbery kind. At first I had a hard time detecting the mango wasabi dressing but I eventually discovered that it was overpowered by the cheese.

Burger Junkyard-008

At parts of the burger where it wasn’t blended with the cheese, the wasabi mango dressing was fruity sweetness and stinging heat at the same time. I even started dipping my fries in it, though sadly there wasn’t much to go around.

Mango Whatzapp-bi (RM18.90)– Mango Wasabi Dressing, Gourmet Chicken Sausage, Tomatoes, Green Corals.

Burger Junkyard-009

Thumbs up for the fries now too!

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (8)

The Swedish Alps (RM18.90) was created in reference to IKEA swedish meatballs. It comes smothered in lingonberry jam, and interestingly; topped with a hashbrown.

Burger Junkyard-001

I loved it and wished there was more lingonberry compote. Imagine rich, savoury demi-glace, thick sweet jam coupled with crispy hashbrown and a juicy beef patty in every bite. The alliance of flavours as you chew. Damn it’s good!

Burger Junkyard-003

Kevin wouldn’t share, so I had to keep stealing bites of it from him!

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (5)

I noticed too that the texture of the patty has improved much though they insisted that it was the same. It is now less dense with looser granules of meat compared to the one I had in my first visit, and thus juicier.

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (6)

See how it was months back? So compact? This was the Brooklyn Burger from my first visit by the way.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-006

And now.

Burger Junkyard-012

The last we had is the Balsamic Beefing Onions (RM19.90), one of the very first burgers of Burger Junkyard.

Burger Junkyard-005

Balsamic love. 🙂

Burger Junkyard-006

We had to send back the first one as it was pretty burned.

Burger Junkyard-011

But the one they replaced for us was prefect. I love the Balsamic Beefin Onions and I have always recommended it to those who are first timers of Burger Junkyard. The sweet onion relish, the cheese, the sweet slightly tart beetroot, the balsamic – an unusual combo and may be even complicated for some palates, but that’s precisely why it’s worth a try.

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (77)


We are the foodies!

burger junkyard - kota damansara  (2)

Keep up the good work Burger Junkyard! 🙂

Burger Junkyard – opposite Giant Kota Damansara (shoplots at the back )

No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
+603-6143 4305
Opens everyday except Tuesday – 6pm to 11pm or til the last burger is sold, whichever first.
GPSN03° 9’14.1942″ E101° 35’41.686′

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  1. Kevin

    “Damn it Kevin, now I can’t think of blue cheese without thinking of sex and vice versa. ”

    Well… Don’t forget to wipe up after you’re done
    With your burger.

  2. Kelly

    Yummo! I’m now intrigued by the Ikea inspired burger and maybe the blue cheese one (slightly discouraged by the sexual reference and the subsequent suggestive picture hahaha).

  3. ulric

    Hey…how’s d chargrilled chicken thigh in the Mango Whatzapp-bi lar?

    Loads of demi-glace sauce for me pls…but hold d lingonberry compote 😛

  4. sycookies

    I can’t think of anything else, because the neuro is focusing at the saliva gland..

  5. Jay

    Been following your burger adventures; BJ definitely making its cut

  6. David

    Are myburgerlab and Burger Junkyard open this CNY period?

    1. rebeccasaw

      mBL opens 15th Feb while burger junkyard opens 13th (tmw!) 🙂

  7. Tommy

    And Burger Junkyard is catching up with myburgerlab? I read your post on Crayon Burger – not impressive at all.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhmm… Burger Junkyard is still not as good as myburgerlab.. overall. It comes a close second though.
      As for Crayon, I love the buns.. I do hope they improve over time!

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