Burger Junkyard, Kota Damansara – Beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers!

UPDATE: 2nd visitBrooklyn Burger, Hoola Hoop Hawaiian, Grilled Ratatouille, Pineapple Fungi.
3rd visitMango Whatzapp-Bi, Blue Paranomia and Swedish Alps.

It would be a challenge to beat the Omakase Burger I had in Singapore but I trust Malaysians creative enterprising cooks/budding entrepreneurs are getting close.

Picture: Deluxe Cheeseburger – Omakase Burger, Singapore = SGD15.90. Perfect juicy patty with their delectable secret sauce. Unrivaled as yet in any Malaysia’s burger joints.

Omakase burger singapore - rebecca saw blog-015

myBurgerLab tooks KL by storm with their smash patty beef burgers. The queue and the demand for their black mouth-watering pleasure has yet to wear off even after nearly 6 months.

myburgerlab seapark PJ - rebeccasaw-001

Could Burger Junkyard; though located at a not as convenient location in Kota Damansara ease the crowd from myBurgerLab?

burger junkyard - kota damansara

Comparison between both is inevitable. Even the outlet layout seems similar, down to the ordering system and the price range. Hey, I’m not suggesting anything here, and heck, this system works in the most famous burger joint in the world – Mcdonalds ( walk-in, queue, look at the menu on the wall, pay, get your order, go find a place to sit and eat) so who are we to say anyone is copying anybody?

burger junkyard - kota damansara-002

burger junkyard - kota damansara-011

burger junkyard - kota damansara-012

But I digress.

So, how was the burger?
Well, for my first visit yesterday we only managed 2 burgers. I requested for a beef and a chicken for comparison sake.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-013

Here’s my obligatory cross-section shot.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-005

First up is the Brooklyn Burger – RM15.90, a mini tower of of chicken/beef, beef bacon, grilled pineapple, tomato, onions, fried egg and Burger Junkyard housemade aioli.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-015

Another was the Balsamic Beefin Onions – RM15.90, an ensemble of beef patty, caramelized onion chutney, tomatoes, salad frisee. In case you do not know what salad frisee is, it’s the green vegetables you see below.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-014

The core of the Brooklyn Burger comprised of tender marinated chicken thigh that came together with its skin, both which was well marinated and tasty even on its own.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-004

But add an egg, juicy tomatoes, bitter arugula, creamy cheese, savoury bacon, ham, sweet buttery bun (brioche) and pineapple this became a formidable little tower of finger-licking goodness, down to the last bite. Based on the ingredients I have mentioned, just try to imagine the different textures and taste profiles in your mouth – bitter crisp arugula, savoury cheese, fruity sweet pineapple, just to name a few.
I won’t mind having this again and again! 🙂

burger junkyard - kota damansara-009

The beef patty on the other hand. may be considered dry for some. I for one, prefer my beef patty medium rare and loosely packed in fine granules form versus the versus here at Burger Junkayrd where it is very finely minced and softly dense. Taste-wise it was one of the rare burger patties that I didn’t have to complain about being salty.

burger junkyard - kota damansara-006

But I had worse beef burgers for RM20-RM30+ at some fancy restaurants and cafes (think Alexis, Delicious, Chillis and Dome) so this is considered very good. Also I salute the close attention to details the founders had made to ensure their burgers are of notable standard. One can always detect the irrevocable taste of food made with care and passion. 🙂

burger junkyard - kota damansara-010

But of course, clever combination of components in every burger here also makes a difference. I love Burger Junkyard’s onions chutney, their balsamic dressing as well as the steamed cheese. Yes, you read right. Steamed cheese.

Burger Junkyard has a machine that melts the cheese via steam, and the heated cheese is placed on the burger and left to melt over the burgers as they place the other ingredients on top. By the time the burger reaches your table, the cheese would have “coated” itself over to the sides and top of the patty. The consistency and temperature of the cheese was just nice too as I bit into it.
Other than the cheese and chutney, I love Burger Junkyard’s buns.
I’m a bread lover and though I’m not a fan of brioche as burger base as I find them too overpoweringly rich, these “brioche” buns used by the Burger Junkyard are sweet and not as buttery as actual brioches. I’m of opinion that a slightly flavoured bun is better than a totally plain one but a strong flavoured might actually overpower the overall burger as burgers usually comes with condiments and add-ons, each of which contributes different taste and textures so it’s important that every component complements one another in the final ensemble of a burger.

Ok, I’m getting all worked up with my descriptions and opinions. Sorry but I do love a perfect burger! :DD

burger junkyard - kota damansara-008

Moving on, I find the accompanying fries good but not outstanding. But the special house sauce was alike the tomato base for pizzas, sweet but with a tinge of acidity from the tomatoes. I love it too!

burger junkyard - kota damansara-007

I’ll be back for more for sure. I’m interested to sample the vegetarian burgers next!
Anyone for burgers on Friday night? 🙂

burger junkyard - kota damansara-001

Burger Junkyard – opposite Giant Kota Damansara (shoplots at the back )
No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
+603-6143 4305
Opens everyday except Tuesday – 6pm to 11pm or til the last burger is sold, whichever first.
GPSN03° 9’14.1942″ E101° 35’41.686′

PS: I didn’t know that it was their soft opening yesterday and I was perplexed why was my bill accorded 20% off. I found out later via their FB that it was their opening special! Hahah lucky me 🙂
Anyhow, it is still 10% off for their opening month so do visit quick!

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  1. ulric

    Me on Fri! I m gonna try their 90g Brooklyn, Hoola Hoop Hawaii and the Grilled Ratatouille burgers…plus onion rings and squid n fries…hehe =)

  2. Ken Kf

    hey i m goin there fri nite too hopefully 2 c you there =D

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yay! 😀 I’m going to be there around 7pm i guess

      1. Ken Kf

        cool. ill be there around that time too. cya!

      2. rebeccasaw

        Too bad I didn’t see you! Did you visit yet?

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