Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm Mall

Have you seen those Gang-Nam tweets and Gang-Nam mentions on Facebook lately? Is Gang-Nam flooding your FB timeline?
Well, the first Bulgogi Brothers restaurant was opened in Gang-Nam, south of Seoul, Korea in 2006!

Hahah.. ok, a distance relevance but I thought I’ll mention it anyhow. What’s with the Gang-Nam obsession online anyways?

My obsession would be BEEF. Yes, coming back to the food at Bulgogi Brothers. It’s shiny new outlet @ Paradigm Mall welcomed a bunch of us for a preview session and I had small bites of each of the dishes you see below. It certainly wasn’t enough for me and I’m heading back for more this week!

Why “Bulgogi Brothers”?

The restaurant’s name represents “Bulgogi”, one of Korea’s most globally popular dishes and “Brothers”, which represents the guests, gathered together having a good time and enjoying camaraderie. It also refers to the two founders, the masters in food service who have been friends for a long time.

If you’re unfamiliar, Bulgogi is a savory dish that dates back to 200 years, which literally means fire meat (“bul” means fire while “gogi” is meat).

Seasoned meats are prepared and grilled by the tableside and it has long been considered a “celebration dish” until recently when it evolved into a staple dish and is now served everywhere in Korea. At Bulgogi Brothers, the meat is grilled tableside by the server as each table is equipped with customized build in induction cooker.

Walk into Bulgogi Brothers and be served with complimentary starters of steamed corn, sugar snap peas and sweet potatoes.  This is quickly followed by side dishes as you see below.

These lovingly crafted heart-shaped beef bulgogi (RM45.90++) is a signature dish of Bulgogi Brothers. The below shows the 2 styles combination of Unyang & Gwangyang-style Bulgogi.

Grilled at your table, both styles are cooked and served separately. From a little research, here’s what I got about the Unyang & Gwangyang-style Bulgogi.
There are two popular southern styles of bulgogi: Gwangyang and Unyang.
Gwangyang bulgogi: extra-lean meat that is seasoned just before cooking (no prior marination) and broiled on a charcoal grill, which adds a smoky flavor to the meat.
Unyang bulgogi: also broiled on a charcoal grill, but the beef is minced and marinated for a few days.”

As I have mentioned earlier, I had small tasting portions that left a good impression – I love the quarter of a heart piece I managed to grab before all was gone, but that was all I remembered.

That’s just all for now. The other dishes we had below was a tad cold and I’ll pass judgement again once I pay Bulgogi Brothers a second visit. I did like the soybean stew as it was teeming with seafood and packed a hearty broth.

Below: Haemul Doenjang Jiigae – Slow cooked doenjang broth or soybean stew, served with shrimps, soft shelf crab and vegetables.

Below: Haemul Pajeon, A “must have” Korean-style pancake with seafood and green onions. It was soggy and cold by the time I got a bite so no comment.

Below: Yukhoe, Julienned raw beef marinated in a mixture of chilies, served with fresh pears and cucumbers. This was meant to be served cold so that wasn’t a problem. I loved it as it reminded me of carpaccio – pretty raw but marinated for flavour.

My favourite one-dish meal – : Bulgogi Bibimbap, great combination of beef and vegetables, served on top of rice and special spicy sauce.

Mix it all up for an amalgamation of textures and taste.

Below: Janchi Guksu, also known as the “party noodles” n Korea, served in seafood broth and garnished with lots of vegetables. This was almost like sukiyaki – sweet soup base with glass noodles.

The drinks that we photographed but wasn’t served. It looked good though. Another reason for a re-visit – especially for the strawberry one! 🙂

Bulgogi Brothers,
Ground Floor Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.
Note: Boulevard means the outside area of Paradigm Mall. This is on the GB floor, right next to TGIF and same row as Starbucks.

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  1. ulric

    The Haemul Doenjang Jiigae, Bulgogi Bibimbap and Janchi Guksu looks good =)

    I skip the strawberry and go the Mojito-like drink…when r u gonna revisit tis place? =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      They served us Corn tea or something. It was ok la. But the food was good, albeit it was the one displayed and photographed for about an hour. Thank god none of us touched the food, or maybe they did. Ewww…

      1. ulric

        Haha…I won’t be eating food tat were served 1 hr ago lar…no shiok 😛

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yea, I was darn hungry and ate anyways 😛

  2. George Lim

    The Janchi Guksu reminded me of my days in Seoul where we have lots of them with my local colleagues. Haha. Glad to see that it is available in Malaysia too.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh maybe we can come here for a meal then 😀
      But I strongly recommend myBurgerLab! I wan maaa burgerssss!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Seafood and beef! I didn’t notice any chicken. And it’s pork-free.

  3. Choi Yen

    too bad the heart shape beef can’t maintain the shape after been cooked 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea..it went out of shape after expansion from the heat!! -_-

  4. Sean

    oooh, did you enjoy the K-pop music that was continuously played here also? heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah it was a preview session so no music was played!

  5. Cindy Tong

    too bad the pancake cold already….really wan to try the heart shape beef…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea, have to go back and try it when it’s hot and crisp! The amount of seafood in the pancake was impressive though 🙂

  6. baDboyzs

    We pass by the glaring Mall all da time. Yet never feel the urge to visit, but after this super series of fresh pics we will !

    1. rebeccasaw

      Helolo!! Long time no see! :DD How u??
      Glaring Mall?? LOL. why laaa..
      Eh, come go myBurgerLAb! 🙂

      1. baDboyzs

        Good, you remembered da boyZs ! We r still around, mostly hangin out in Sunway Dsara.Wats up in myburgerlab? Also can try this excellent plugin for Contact Me ! Its nice n simple. Cheers, we must at least meet Oct Fest, soon

      2. rebeccasaw

        Alright, meet soon!
        Oh, I love burgers so if we meet up, lets meet for burgers or dim sum! HEhehee

      3. Wendy YK Yap

        Rebecca, heard from my friends myburgerlab is good but a bit pricey. They went 4 time but only manage to eat during the last visit. Last nite went to check up the place at 9pm it was packed as usual. Will try one of this day.

      4. rebeccasaw

        Hmm it’s not pricey to me cos I usually pay RM15-RM20 for my burgers.. Heheheh.. I don’t eat Ramli cos of the fat and low quality meat.
        So yeah, I guess tis can be a bit pricey for some.
        Now it’s even more packed then ever Wendy, sigh. Even I can’t get my burger fix anymore 🙁

  7. Cindy Tong

    Speaking of dim sum, im going this weekend… One week no eat liow… Haha…

    Havent try burger lab tooo… So many choices now…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe! Me in Hatyai else I would go for my dim sum fix too!
      So Cheras – Es HK u onz for the week after next?

      1. Cindy Tong

        rebecca, I sure on…u drop me a email lor..we set a time…I am VIP there lor…wud like to meet up wit u in real person too..

      2. rebeccasaw

        Alrighty!! Can’t wait 😛 Will bring a friend or two to yumcha!

      3. Cindy Tong

        no prob..i just went last sat and now the price has slightly go up compare to 2 years ago..later will post about it..

      4. rebeccasaw

        Ok, still maintain quality right? So we can still go next week! 😛

      5. Cindy Tong

        yeah quality is still the same…well everything is much more expensive now..

      6. rebeccasaw

        Ah ok, acceptable I guess since ingredients and pork and rental does increase per year. It’s Cheras, can’t be too expensive anyways 😛

      7. Cindy Tong

        about rm30++ to stuffed 2 empty tummy..

      8. rebeccasaw

        Alright! tht’s decent 🙂

  8. Pureglutton

    What’s with this “half hearted” session they arranged? Not enough food seems to be the major issue and from what I’ve read, most said “no comment” because they didnt get to taste the food! Err…then what’s the point of the preview huh? Just so that people can snap photos?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm.. I’m guessing they are not quite familiar with food review sessions? I was surprised too. Perhaps it’s really a preview..and you only get a “taste” (literally) of each item.
      I had to go for a second lunch after that. LOL!

      1. Cindy Tong

        owh that was bad….then for me i think I need 3rd lunch..hahaha

      2. rebeccasaw

        WAhh seem ur a big eater huh? 😛

      3. Cindy Tong

        guess so wahahahhaa…but now cannot la…last time can…

      4. rebeccasaw

        Same here! Not sure if age is catching up?? LOL

      5. Cindy Tong

        Ya lor… Getting old liow… Now even party at clud one time also feel exhausted… Haha

      6. Cindy Tong

        So this sun confirm? How to meet up wit u my dear?

  9. noone

    That’s Seoul-Style Bulgogi by the way, Not Janchi Guksu.

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