Buka puasa with a twist: Go Chinese! Have dim sum! @China Treasures – Sime Darby

After sampling 20+ Ramadan buffets, I was particularly looking forward to this spread by China Treasures, which is commendably different from the ordinary.

It remained value for money at RM118 per pax, and that includes over 60 ala-carte dishes in UNLIMITED servings using premium like tiger prawns, beef, and fish.
An ala-carte buffet to me is akin having a private kitchen cooking to your request, without you having to mentally calculate how much it would cost you each time you add an order.

Food will arrive at your table piping hot, and you can like what you ate, order it again, as many times as you wish.

Choices are abundant on China Treasures’ “Ramadan Dinner Indulgence”.
Sweet and sour? Braised? Steamed? In soy sauce?
Spicy? Non spicy?
Vegan? Pescetarian? I’m sure you can still consume your money’s worth.

Icing on the cake?
The price includes steamboat as well, with 2 soup base to select from; chicken stock or a perennial favourite; the tom yam.
Ingredients for the steamboat includes mud CRABS (I told you it would be worth your cash right?), premium fishes (no, not dory!) , mussels plus the ubiquitous seafood and meatballs.


Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-016

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-017

DIM SUM spread: Yes, adding to the over 60 ala-carte dishes and 22 steamboat items with 2 base soups, you can gorge yourself silly on over 69 types of pork-free dim sum, starting with the basics of meat and seafood dumplings to fluffy baos and rice rolls.
And I repeat, all for RM118 nett. 

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby1

I love these gyoza-like dumplings, which came in many sizes and cooked in various ways; sichuan, cream, in soups and fried.

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby2


The fried items are so good too; non -greasy and these shrimp and chicken patties are delicious. Do keep a lookout for the almond crusted shrimp patties!

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby4

Nourish yourself with a bowl of soup, and bite into crunchy Deep-fried Mermaid Fish in “Thai” sauce, unique Stewed Duck Wings and chew on “Tossed Chicken Feet Skin in “Siamese” Style.

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby5

Carbs lovers should try the rice rolls, especially the one drenched in black pepper and mushroom sauce; something of a bit of the east and west. The simple Pan Fried Carrot Cake is commendable too.
The “Steamed China Treasures Glutinous Rice with Chicken” and “Steamed Mini Lotus Leaf Rice” are definitely worth ordering (well, it won’t cost you more since this is a buffet) for “chang” fans; for the alluring flavours of soft chewy glutinous grains coupled with the savoury richness of the meat fillings is something I myself crave once in a while.

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby3

RAMADAN China Treasures Sime Darby

Like I’ve mentioned, there are over 70 dishes in the ala-carte menu. Just how big are the prawns? Or the fish? What to expect?

Well, here you go; these are some of the dishes we sampled during the preview. Looks promising no? For RM118 nett?

Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup.

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby

HUGE tiger prawns: Deep fried prawns Portuguese Sauce – combination of sweet and sour.

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-013

Steamed Tiger Prawns with Egg Whites. This is finger licking good, for the natural sweetness of the prawns shone.

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-004

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-001

And the rest – Chicken (5 styles), Fish (steamed, baked, stir fried, fillet), Pei Pa Duck, Aromatic Duck with Plum Sauce and 3 preparations of beef; stir fried, tom yam as well as 2 venison dishes.

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-011

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-010

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-009

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-008

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-005

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-002

And of course, vegetables.

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-015

Buka puasa chinese food - China Treasures - Sime Darby-014

Good deal yes? I think so too! 🙂
I certainly won’t mind breaking fast with such choices for RM118 nett.

Ramadhan Dinner Indulgence at China Treasures
Buffet Dim Sum, Hot Pot Steamboat and All-You- Can- Eat ala minute dishes at only RM118nett (Adult), RM59nett (Children)
Daily: 6.30pm to 10.30pm.
From 19 June 2015 to 16 July 2015.

For reservation, please contact 03-2089 3788 / 03 2089 3688 or email to [email protected].

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  1. Zulkifli Aris


    I was browsing through for buka puasa and saw your writing about Dim Sum for Buka Puasa and it looks very interesting and very pricy 😉 …
    May I know the location of the place? Could you confirm that it is halal right?
    Thank you so much and have a good day!


    1. Rebecca Saw

      It does look promising doesn’t it!
      The price should be fair if you eat a lot lol
      As for the halal certification, it’s best you contact the hotel directly. 🙂

      Happy Ramadan!

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