Bubble Tea at Bubbles Telawi, Bangsar

Bubble Tea at Bubbles Bangsar. Now that’s a mouthful isn’t it?
Creative name aside, Bubbles menu also sports some originative blends such as durian and kumquat.

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As briefly mentioned in my previous post on Cameron Valley Tea Bangsar, the very owners of Cameron Valley Tea established Bubbles as well, not long after the opening of Cameron Tea Valley.

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It was a savvy business move really, since they already had the upperhand of owning their own plantation and cultivating their own tea.
For Bubbles, this means complete control of the base of every bubble tea cup; which is the tea. Unfortunately their syrups and powders as well as toppings are still outsourced but we were assured that the very best were used.

The interior was as cheery as the colours of the name and the same can be said of their staff here. Ever patient and warm, they took time to explain and recommend the teas from the menu; which was sectioned to 3 main bases; Milk Tea Series, Fruit Tea Series (choose black or green tea) and Local Delight Series.

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Take you pick from 2 sizes, SMALL (500ml) for RM4.90 or REGULAR (700ml) for RM5.90.
Toppings for the drinks are available for RM1 onwards and the gamut of choices available are as below:

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Our orders:
Kamquat with yogurt pearls (RM5.90 + RM1.00 for topping)
Milo Ais Bubble Tea with Yogurt Pearl (RM5.90 + RM1.00 for topping)
Strawberry Milk Tea with Rainbow Jelly (RM5.90 + RM1.00 for topping)

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There’s no limit to the toppings as long you have no limit on your wallet. Just add RM1.00 per chosen topping! :DD

The group of us in a mad bubble tea-ing session.

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I like the bubble tea here but I have to admit I’m no expert. I avoid bubble teas in general as I find them a waste of money (RM8-10 for one cup??) as the price of each cup is equivalent to one hawker meal. But the primary reason was due to my stomach sensitivity. I have the unfortunately tendency of getting gastric whenever I drink tea. Like I said before, perhaps those were made from tea of poorer quality, since I had absolutely no problems that day after my ‘tastea’ session at Cameron Valley Tea followed by a kumquat bubble tea at Bubbles.

Our general consensus was Bubbles is value for money since a 500ml cup starts at RM4.90 without any taxes. Besides, the pearls (one of the main differentiation factor for the bubble tea competitors) is pleasantly chewier with a better mouthfeel.
Another topping; the yogurt pearls were a firm favourite as well as each sphere bursted to squirt sweet yogurt into the mouth. Unhealthy levels of saccharine which was also a concern when consuming bubble teas weren’t an issue that day since our drinks were all prepared with a good balance of sugar, without us having to request for less sugar.

For my next gym session in Bangsar, I shall treat myself to a Durian Tea with Aloe Vera topping. That’s one flavour that I haven’t been able to purge from my mind. I just have to know how it taste like! 😀

No. 23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
Bangsar Kuala Lumpur 59100

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BubblesBubbleTeaRules

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  1. June Tan

    I don’t like bubble teas with pearls, don’t know why already feel boring with that… perhaps a drink without ingredients taste better for me. ^_^

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, enjoy the milky roasty taste of the tea and creamy milk is good enough too actually!

  2. ulric

    Who are the lovely ladies flanking u?…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh my… ahem.. first time hearing u talking abt chicks! Always food only! 😛

      1. ulric

        Wei…u din answer my question lar 😛

      2. rebeccasaw

        What to tell u?? U dont know them also! Oh wait, we gossip over dins on Sat 😛

      3. ulric

        Ooooo….the anticipation! 😛

  3. The Yum List

    As much as I’ve tried, I still can’t get used to chunks in my drinks! :-0

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohhh? We liked the chunks! We actually ask to add more 😛
      But it can be omitted if u request!

  4. Sean

    oooh, i’m waiting for someone to open an alcoholic bubble tea outlet! i’d go for that one 😀 rum-infused, heheh

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhmm..come to think abt it, how come no one has??

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