Brunch & Munch @ GVillage, Jalan Desa Pandan

The latest hotspot for all things porky is at Brunch & Munch GVillage.

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We dined on plenty of swine and washed them all down with litres of champagne and cocktails during their soft launch this week.

Based on what we sampled, Brunch & Munch’s menu revealed high potential to be a great porky joint on this side of town. I like how almost every component are prepared in-house and the injection of unexpected local ingredients in some of the western dishes.
In fact B & M sources and serves seasonal locally fresh produce in support of our local communities and environment whenever possible.

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The event was a merry one and the kitchen was kept busy feeding almost 100 invited guests.
Most of the dishes we tried was on sharing plates and some in sampling portions. Thus I’ve decided to share the pictures here to give you an idea of what to expect but I won’t be giving in-depth review for each dish.

In fact I’ve had higher expectations of the food since this is under the same team from GTower Hotel (Tan & Tan Developments) that manages Bread Lounge, Tanzini Restaurant, Upper Deck Fine Dining, View Rooftop Bar and the Bridge Bar.
Some of the dishes sampled during the event was below par but it is possible that under normal circumstances the food could potentially be sterling.

Shakshuka (RM26) : Tunisia Egg-pan Dish w’ Pork & Tomatoes, Assorted Vegetables w’ Garlic & Spices.

Brunch & Munch

“Sea”-ghetti (RM26): Spaghetti in Cauliflower-Miso Cream, Tosaka, Seaweed, Salmon.

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-011

The “Pig”-za (RM20): Ham, Chorizo, Shredded Pork, “Bak Kua”, “Lap Cheong”, Tomato Concasse, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese, Red Onion, English Mustard Mayo.

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-010

Scottish Eggs (RM18): Soft-boiled Eggs in Spiced Pork, Sweet Hot Sauce & Pickled Cucumber.

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-009

B&M Cabonara (RM25): Cabonara Style Tagliatelle, Pork Belly & Bacon Aged Cheese, Mushrooms, Sous-Vide Egg.

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Fret not though, the burger patty is excellent and I’ll be back soon for a whole burger all to myself. And of course, a few more items that I have my eyes on.
You can check out their menu and prices here –>

B&M Cheese “Boar”-ger (RM30): House-Made BBQ Pork Patty, “Lap Cheoung”, Bacon, Sunny Egg, Aged Cheddar, Pineapple Relish, Tomato, Gherkin, Lettuce & Coleslaw.

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The space is definitely a well-thought out venue with a unique raised private dining room inside and another near the entrance where the bar-like “workspace” takes 2 lengths of the room.

This is also where the bar is at, and guests can peep at the award winning mixologists while they shake, stir and mix their cocktails.
Powerplugs are plenty and lighting is much conducive here (in comparison to the space inside) so should you find a cocktail in hand a much needed aid to slam that overdue presentation to your client, Brunch & Munch is where you should be at.

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-003

BELOW: Yes, this is how we can work here. A chilled bubbly at the side while you hammer away on your laptop.

brunch munch gvillage

In the inner spectrum an iconic 7 feet tall 3-dimensional egg sculpture leaves diners in no doubt of the focus of the menu. All that’s missing is a chubby swine somewhere.

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs

Desserts and fresh delicious bakes are from GTower’s Bread Lounge.
I’ve written about them HERE (link) and I was glad to be able to savour the Green tea & Bunga Kantan Opera again during the launch event.
It is one of my favourite cake of 2015.  The multitude of textures and flavours came from alternating layers of green tea joconde (almond sponge cake), Valrhona Guanaja & Bunga Kantan (torch ginger flower) ganache and green tea butter cream (made with raw milk butter churned in Tanzini’s kitchen).

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-013

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-001

Once again, congratulations to the Brunch & Munch team!

brunch & munch Gvillage - pork brunch, burger, pork ribs-006

In addition to the daily menu, on weekends B & M’s menu will feature Chandon sparking wine at RM145/bottle on every weekend which include snacks.
The Bar will have happy hour drinks and snacks as well for the ambient chill out experience.

Brunch and Munch
Lot G-05, G Village,
G Residence Condo, Jalan Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 am-10:00 pm
Contact: +60 3-4065 0860

WIFI: Yes.
Coffee : RGB Coffee.
Halal: No. Serves alcohol.
Tax: 10% + 6 %.
Service: Warm and helpful. Your orders are served to you.
Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.
Outdoor seating: No.
Powerpoints for charging: No.
Parking : Currently there are plenty of space available at the basement parking.

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