Brunch in Singapore: Social in Club Street

After contemplating over about 45 cafes in Singapore, we settled for Social on Club Street for our Sunday brunch.
I can’t say we made the best choice, for breakfast was insipid at best, though service was warm and chirpy.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -008

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -004

Eating here is almost like eating in a coffeeshop. Heck, at least in your neighbourhood coffeeshop you can hang around after your meal.
The perpetual queue and fast moving dining crowd means you can’t linger. And you will get the feeling of being harried to finish your meal and to leave after you’re done.

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I wouldn’t have mind so much if food was worth the hassle. But it wasn’t. Not by a far mile.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -001

The Breakfast Menu gives you 6 options; granola, scrambled eggs, bacon panini, ciabatta toast, french toast, truffled toast.
Now if you were to dissect that, it means only ONE proper breakfast set, 2 toasts, 1 sandwich and 1 granola.

There were 3 of us, and none of us ordered the granola. Naturally.

scrambled eggs, fontina, chives, toast SGD12. Added pork sausage and bacon for SGD4 EACH.
So that’s SGD20 for this plate.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street

The eggs barely passed muster and the bacon could do with extra frying time for it to be crispy. Instead what we got was chewy tough strips of bacon. The toast were sad thin slices of bread sans the ends.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -006

I had a burger instead. After all, if I’m paying SGD20 for a breakfast set which my friend is already ordering, I might as well make my hard earned SGD work the extra mile.
My “social’s burger, fontina, truffle mayo, mesclun salad“. SGD20.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -009

This wasn’t too bad. The patty was tasty and juicy. The truffle mayo and fontina cheese did perk up the overall flavour of the burger. Generous rocket leaves, thick slices of tomatoes and a nice soft bun made this a passable burger.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -002

truffled toast, fontina, runny yolks SGD14. Additional charges appiles for the salmon though.
We were thankful for the truffle oil, for apart from that, this was just a thick slab of bread plus 2 yolks.
And oh, slices of smoked salmon and some greens on the side.

Brunch in Singapore - Social in Club Street -003

I heard the real draw is the drinks; where an impressive range of Old and New World wines ($13-$15 per glass) as well as the bespoke cocktails by its owner Min Chan keeps the crowd happy every evening.
Well, I hope so, because the food is certainly just serviceable and not worth the hype that this place seems to have amassed.

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069261
6225 5043

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  1. Gregory Loh

    Well said. Definitely wasn’t worth all the hype. I wonder what the Singaporean bloggers thinking of when they actually rate this place highly

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, i guess the burger is the best bet here … paired with a nice glass of red wine from the restaurant’s stock! 😀

  3. Veron

    Where’s the wines babe!

  4. Amber

    That thick toast and egg yolks looks so good!!!

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