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With all the hype and the on-going mushrooming of cafes and brunch outlets, I actually have a difficult time recommending a good brunch venue to my friends who cared to ask me for recommendations.
The ones who ask are those who are like me; after spending their hard earned cash on mediocre big breakfast platters and enduring silly queues at some popular brunch joints only to be served overpriced, badly prepared eggs and canned red beans, and had wondered if there is actually a decent joint in KL/PJ that knows how proper poached/scrambled/baked eggs are supposed to be like.

fancy breakfast club bangsar review (2)

Today I came home happy and satiated after a RM60 brunch at homely and cozy venue in Bangsar.
Food was well prepared – much care and detail is apparent and it resonates in the meal.

fancy breakfast club bangsar review

The poached egg with my potatoes and scallops was perfect. A slight prod from my fork yields rich, creamy yolk that tells me even the eggs used here are not of the ordinary kind.
Of course the scallop were seared to the right degree as well, and the overall flavours of the dish was savoury enough to please but not overwhelming.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-004

However my preference still goes to the 6 hours braised brisket. That came with a sunny side up egg on top of a slice of toast. If it’s your first visit to Fancy Breakfast Club, go for this.

The other main for this 3 option brunch menu is a vegetarian baked eggs, one of which I look forward to order on my next visit.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-007

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-008

At the mini buffet, tender and nicely seasoned chicken, salami, grilled vegetables, bread rolls (lovely breads!), a soft and a hard cheese plus fresh and dried fruits were laid out for unlimited consumption.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-002

And don’t disregard the creamy homemade yogurt, delicious muesli (yes, good tasting oats is possible!) and homebaked cakes and pastries. All of these deserves your attention and stomach space.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-003

My friend and I chatted away without a care for a good 2-3 hours and refilled our plates and cups leisurely from the buffet. There was no jostling for food and no considerate buffet hoarders (you know those cheapskate type of people commonly found at buffets?).
There wasn’t a worry about parking, nor did we have impatient diners hovering over our tables waiting for our seat. We didn’t have to deal with forgotten orders, harried wait staff and inconsistent food from an overwhelmed kitchen.
We were seated comfortably; not in a cramped space with barely any space to maneuver around because the owners needed every inch of the eatery to be occupied for the sake of his P & L.
And happily, everyone was considerate and conversation was kept low and easy. I can’t tell you how much I hate the bustle at most eateries that requires us to shout to be heard.
I don’t want to drive out of my home, go to an eatery, pay for a sloppily put together meal and get stressed on my weekends.

Everything ran smooth because the Fancy Breakfast Club team knows exactly what to expect since they know the numbers of reserved pax and because the team care about their diners’ experience.

And no, this is not an invited review and we paid for our meal.
Like all my other reviews/blogposts, I tell it as it is.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-001

So was the food mind-blowing? No.
But was it worth the price paid and was it good? That’s a definite YES.


Yogurt Panna Cotta With Lavender Honey And Toasted Walnut.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-005

Pancakes with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Brunch in Bangsar - Fancy Breakfast Club-006

Weekdays from 8AM – 11AM, Tuesdays through Friday.
A prix fixe (it’s French ok, just in case you think it’s typo) menu of RM30 includes a main course of your choice and free roam on their mini buffet spread.
No reservations are required for weekday brunches, but if you want to be assured of a seat or if you’re visiting in a big group, please do call them at +60122004301.

Weekends from 11am – 2pm. Sat and Sundays.
A prix fixe menu of RM60 includes a main course of your choice and free roam on their mini buffet spread.
Reservations required.

Jalan Limau Purut, Bangsar, 59000
+6012-200 4301
Email:[email protected]

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  1. Vernon

    This, my dear, is excellent. Will definitely give it a shot.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Portions may be small but refill your plates frm the buffet table ya!
      No pork unfortunately 😛

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    beautiful photos of the setting and the food … i think you really captured the charm of a morning here 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      I hope so! Hehehe!
      I love the colours, the way things are put together. I think it’s because I don’t hv a family/home.. and things like this just grabs and holds me.
      For some, this might not affect them as much. hhahaha!

  3. Lilli

    Such a lovely concept & lovely pics Becky! Your photos are gorgeous

  4. Andrew

    Thanks for this. I enjoyed my brunch here

  5. Natasha

    Keep the address and wanna go for it soon!! Yummy nom nom

  6. Andrew

    Saw the new menu / looks quite good & will be heading there soon! Thx for the heads up.
    Like you I’ll go for quality over quantity anytime

  7. Veron

    Oh the new menu is good! Just checked out their site.
    You heading here again anytime soon?

  8. Carl

    Fancy breakfast club because they serve fancy food? 🙂

  9. George

    Hmmm no such thing here in SG . Bring me there when im in KL next month?

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