Brotzeit, Mid Valley – RM28++ SET LUNCH, Sausages, Apple Strudels & Pork Medallions!!!

This post adds together all the food I have consumed over numerous trips. And to answer a particular commenter in my previous post HERE; yes, we do pay for our meals. Leonard Foong is a friend & we (bloggers) are there to support him in the business, not leaching complimentary meals each time we are at Brotzeit!

This particular visit was a late dinner, hence the bad lighting & less than perfect pics.

A round of beer to start the night..


Pork knuckles (RM85), are a must.

brotzeit - pork knuckle

No German F& B outlet is complete without sausages in its menu & we took the platter (Wurstelplatte) consisting of spicy chicken sausages, pork bratwurst, mini pork cheese sausages, weisswurst  sausage, garlic sausage + sauerkraut as an all round tasting platter of what Brotzeit has to offer from its repertoire of sausages. (RM78)

brotzeit - sausage platter

All the sausages were scrumptious (as in you taste actual meat than flour/fillers!), and thankfully none was overly salty. One can definitely discern the quality of the blend of spices & meat that went into each casing of the sausage! If you are looking into trying out a variety of gourmet sausages on a plate, this would be a wise choice.


Kaiserschmarrn with plum sauce. It’s German pancakes cut up & served with sweet plum sauce. I love pancakes in general & this one is fluffy & sweet; good enough on its own or with the luscious plum sauce that came with actual plums.


Apple Strudel. RM22. My favourite dessert! A thin outer flaky layer encasing a nicely- balanced sweet stewed apples and almonds nibs. The best apple strudel so far for me, unless anyone care to suggest otherwise? 😉



Another visit, this time during lunch & I discovered that Brotzeit have lunch sets now! Pretty pocket friendly at RM28++, portions are hearty & options simple.

brotzeit MV - set lunch menu

But no meal here is complete without the pork knuckle (RM85). Good God, I’m always here with different groups of people each time, hence I’m really knuckle-fied by now!

Brotzeit MV - pork knckle

Crackly skin & soft fats.. absolutely sinful but who really cares? 😉

Brotzeit MV - pork knuckle fats

I chose the wholesome carrot soup as my appetiser, which was creamy & smooth with fresh flavour of carrots.

Brotzeit MV - carrot soup

Main was Pork fillet slices in herb cream sauce accompanied with homemade egg noodles. The homemade noodles/pasta looked like cute wriggly tadpole shaped dough & was al dente & creamy. The pork fillets were tender. Overall I was very pleased with my main.

Brotzeit MV - pork fillets with homemade noodles

Brotzeit MV - pork fillets with homemade noodles 1

Nothing to complain about the dessert, for I’m appreciative of the fact that desserts at Brotzeit are not overly sweet. The Bavarian Vanilla Creme w chocolate sauce & almonds has a texture almost alike panna cotta.


Knoblauchwurst/ Smoked Pork Garlic Sausages. RM38.
2 smoked pork garlic sausages with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut.

Brotzeit MV - smoked spicy sausages

It was only slightly spicy for my standards, but overly salty. Generally, I try to avoid anything “smoked” since I have low tolerance for sodium.

Brotzeit MV - smoked spicy pork sausage

We had the spicy pork bacon pizza again.

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen 1

Lastly, Dessert on the house, The Chef’s Special.

Brotzeit MV - chef's special


Another dinner before our movie screening last week..

Here’s the whole bunch of us supporting Brotzeit again! :heart:

advertlets at brotzeit

Some beer and the Samsung Tab to play with..

paulaner and samsung tab

Schweinemedallions/Pork Medallions. RM44. Grilled pork fillet medallions wrapped in smoked bacon served with fries & sauteed mixed vege.

Even the simple sides of fries were really good;very fresh & crisp with dustings of paprika. Worried at first that the meat might be salty due to the bacon wrap, I was pleased to report that I worried for nothing.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork medallions-1

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork medallions

Brotzeit Brot/ Bread. RM36.
Leg ham, belly bacon, emmenthaler cheese, onions, mixed bell peppers, boiled eggs, pickles, cocktail onions & tomatoes served on multi grain bread.


Simply put, it’s delicious gourmet sandwiches!

Brotzeit Mid valley - sandwich

Brotzeit Bretti/Best of Brotzeit Cold Cuts Platter.RM82.
Typical Bavarian mixed cold platter served on wooden board with pork belly, leg ham, hunter sausage, smoked chicken ham, obatzda cheese, mild green peppers & gherkins served with a selection of German breads.

Brotzeit Mid valley

Wonderfully rustic fresh bread to match the marvellous cold cuts.


Pork Bacon Pizza again!

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork pizza

I love spinach. Even more if it’s pizza-fied. Unfortunately it was an order for another table. I almost wailed when they took away. ;-(

Brotzeit Mid valley - spinach pizza-1

Ok, I was just joking there. But I would want to try this soon!

Brotzeit Mid valley - spinach pizza

Pricing is certainly on the higher side & going in a group on sharing basis is definitely advisable. End of the day, the price is justified by the ingredients & the taste of the food served.

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Delicious, Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh)
Lot G (E) – 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.

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  1. Simon Seow

    Yeah. Now I know where to find a porky meal in Mid Valley City lol.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Save up 1st! LOL. Wait for ur NN/CC paycheck thn go treat urself k :bye:

  2. babe_kl

    I wish I could have a cold cold Paulaner now!

  3. Leo

    OMG!! The pork pizza again 😛
    It seems that there were heated conversations in your previous blog! Anyway, I’ll just drop by un-announced, eat, take pictures, pay money and leave… and will give my opinion after that!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Tht’s should be the way!! I’m sure you have experienced it yrself..

  4. foodbin

    The Samsung Tab is a great gadget.

  5. ai wei

    oh! porky meal!!! i din know there is this place in mv @@

  6. hitomi

    OMG, so sinful! But i want to try…but their portion is so big! how much each of u have to pay for those finger licking dishes?

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s good to go and share cos it’s pricey, but u get what u pay for 😉
      It’s min RM50 per pax..

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    Hard to believe you only ate 1/3 of the menu. If you didn’t mention that, I would have thought you tried EVERYTHING on the menu!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Shows that Brotzeit’s menu is pretty extensive yea!

  8. Jeffrey

    Serioualy you guys akk have to get a life. You guys sound like green horns. Maybe just a couple of retards. :scratch:

  9. Corrine Eckmeyer

    The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

  10. Khean

    Question. The pork knuckle is big enough for how many persons. Erm..moderate eaters.

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