Brotzeit – German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Mid Valley

UPDATED: Pork Medallions, Sausage, the value SET LUNCH at RM28++ HERE !

Brotzeit opened with a bang on its 1st day yesterday.
And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s GOOD ok! Here are some people who went to try the food during dinner..

twitter wernshen
Chan Wern Shen (wernshen) on Twitter - Google Chrome 6102010 120006 PM.bmp

For me, I happened to be in Mid Valley for a meeting during lunch & was given the opportunity to sample some of their signature dishes, thanks to Leonard Foong & the outlet manager Mr Mohan. 😉

Brotzeit Mid valley

What can be better on a hot afternoon than a glass of super cool & smooth Paulaner yea? :yes:


My focus was more on the FOOD of course. Super hungry after my meeting, I personally polished off half of this “fladen” , a special baked thin crust dark dough bread with toppings. The dark dough actually imparts a different flavour than the normal pizza dough. I loved the brittle crust and the gourmet toppings of PORK bacon, cheese and vined-ripened sherry small tomatoes. The chillis (bird eyes chillis!) packs a nice fiery punch. Definitely a great snack to go with beers!

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen 1

Below: Gourmet ingredients that made all the difference.

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen

Understandably, the PORK KNUCKLE is Brotzeit’s signature dish. I’m no German food lover; yet I enjoyed it heaps!  It helps of course, to douse the tender meat with the full bodied, rich gravy.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle big

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle

Portions are huge & definitely meant to be shared. The sides were delicious on their own; the Sauerkraut (braised white German cabbage) was well balanced in taste – something commendable, as most Sauerkraut I’ve eaten either had way too much salt (and not necessarily good salt at that) or it’s too mushy. The lovely potatoes salads/mash was sourish appetizing & the fragrant fried onion rings on top were a nice added touch.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle 2

The pork knuckle itself? Lovely crackly skin sheathing tender meat & melt-on-tongue fats within. Not bad for the 1st pork knuckle to be served at Brotzeit!

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle 1

Good food with fine beers are one thing, comfort & ambiance is another.
But no worries about that at Brotzeit as the management has devoted necessary attention for that aspect.
Brotzeit’s interior is welcoming with a ‘feel -good openness’ cleverly achieved by low tables and comfortable long chairs, unlike other restaurants that favours high back chairs and round tables, which tends to obscure the ability to see the whole area at once.

Dining tables are well spaced out too, providing ample walkway between the dining area & the bar for patrons to move about and socialise. Cute drawings on the wallboards added an element of playfulness, enough to elicit a grin & remind oneself to chill & relax.

Brotzeit Mid valley - interior

The bar.

Brotzeit Mid valley - beers

Al fresco area outside the outlet.

Brotzeit Mid valley - al fresco

High chairs & tables at the open air walkway, a much better choice than having it inside.

Brotzeit Mid valley - al fresco 1

Brotzeit seems to be the place-to-be in Mid Valley for its variant amount of German brews, great sausages and authentic German cuisine.  I’m aiming for the goulash and sausages next! 😉

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh)
Lot G (E) – 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.

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    1. rebeccasaw

      This a new row on the al fresco side that is non – halal.

  1. J the chocoholic

    Oh man, what a difference between your post and Sean’s… It’s almost like you r blogging about different places – hopefully soon this restaurant can even out and become more consistent…. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, same principle can be applied to invited reviews no?

  2. JLean

    Wow, nice one there Becky. Will try out this place one day. Must find Leonard if he’s there. lolz.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes! Leonard is there mostly in the evenings 😉

  3. unkaleong

    Hmmm..Pork and beer, you just can’t go wrong there 🙂

  4. Leo

    Alamak!! I found pork pizza at last!!!
    did you meet Sean there? It seems that he had gone there as well

    1. Rebecca

      Porky pizza available at Dave’s Pasta Old Wing 1U as well 😉
      Pretty good!

      And no, I went in the afternoon. Sean was there at night . hehe..

  5. Pureglutton

    Definitely will try this place as MV is a fave family-outing place…but must give it some time to “settle in” first! Great – porky porky stuff!
    Aiyor Becky – i dunno why your Comments overlap your blogpost?? Does it happen to my comp only?!

  6. Hot

    Its hot there man.

    New place but very hot especially today 7/10/2010 for an afternoon lunch.

    I skipped this place and went to the one beside it. Its much cooler inside that chinese modern cafe.

    The only got side is that they have paulaner and is the 1st german restaurant in mdv.

  7. Hot

    I meant “The only GOOD thing is that they have paulaner…..”

    Not to be an @SS but i predict they will close within 8month if they keep using the alfresco dining style from the inside to the outside. Tell the owner to buy some air cond and cover up the front entrance.

  8. mimid3vils

    Oh, I just passby this last weekend! It’s a new porky place!

  9. Leonard Foong

    Thank you for the lovely post Becky!

    J the chocoholic,
    As with any new restaurant, there will always be “teething issues”. We’d be most humbled if people would just give us a break as we didn’t expect such a large crowd that night, our first night. There were no invitations. We just blasted to the public that we were open for business so the we weren’t expecting the overwhelming response. As for Sean, he was with a bunch of very negative people that night. I was thinking to myself why they were such sour puss’es. Father died or something? They were all complaining about every thing from the prices to the food, picking at everything.
    Also, Sean forgot to mention, we actually got the Executive Chef to personally come out and apologize to them and served them a complimentary plate of Kaiserschmarrn with plum sauce. Tell me which Bar would go to that extent for you?

    We actually submitted plans to build a canopy and timber deck for the alfresco area. Mid Valley has their own plans so we are waiting for that to materialize. We do actually close up our doors during lunch hours but because this is a bar, people tend to associate bars = smoking inside. So we open them up so that it will not be stuffy and smoky.
    Air conditioning is supplied by the mall and we are not allowed to tamper, add, or modify them. Sitting inside, I think it’s cool enough, even on a pretty hot day. And what is better than having a nice cold bier on a hot day?
    I do not think the only good thing is the Paulaner bier. I believe our food excellent too. Have you tried any of our dishes? Saying we will close down in 8 months is not a nice thing to say. Everyone has worked very hard and it would be very sad to see all the work go down the drain.

    To all,
    I really appreciate your constructive criticisms but unless you have started your own businesses, or have been in any of the directors or owners shoes, dishing out comments is as easy as the click of a button. Of course we will always strive to improve the quality of our food, service and the Brotzeit experience. Don’t be too quick to judge.

    “teething issues”

    1. Hot


      I liked your response. Today 8/10/2010, i did pass by BrotZeit and there were contractor worker building a foldable sliding door there.

      Finally, u got air-cond. I will personally dine there this month.

      I m working inside Mid Valley City , i can say that i have ate at 95% of all the food & beverage shop inside MDV. Saying that u guys will close down within 8month may sound harsh but i did see a lot of cafe , restaurant and bar come n go within Mid Valley & The Garden. Now that you got air-cond, things will be different.


      1. Leonard Foong

        Finally I have air-cond? If I wasn’t clear in my first comment, Mid Valley Megamall regulates the air conditioning. It’s from a central ducting and tenants are not allowed to tamper or modify those. So all the while, I had air-conditioning, it’s just that on a hot day, I cannot turn it up. Also, I have always had foldable sliding doors. How else am I going to lock up at night?

        Whoa, good job buddy, eating at 95% of the food and beverage in Mid Valley… You should ask them to give you an award for it….

        Seeing restaurants come and go in Mid Valley and The Gardens doesn’t make you business savy or an entrepreneur. Unless you own your own business, or businesses like myself, I would refrain for making such statements and just shut my gap. Otherwise you’d just look plain stupid.

  10. Sean

    Hi Leonard, Becky pointed out your comment to me. I think brotzeit will continue to do really well, and it’s clear that you’ve put a lot of hard work and thought into the place. Thank you as well for hearing out both the praise and the criticism; I realize it’s not easy to be criticized about something you’ve poured your heart into.
    But I’m afraid you’ve got me confused with some other guy. I was here with only one friend, not a bunch of friends. The two of us sat peacefully at a table by the side, and we did not voice any of the complaints that you mentioned. The Chef did not come to our table, and we did not ask for or receive any complimentary food.

  11. Leonard Foong

    My apologies. There was a group where you sat whom one claimed to be a blogger with a bunch of friends who were a pain in the ass. Very demanding, unwilling to spend, super critical.
    I do apologize for mistaking you for that bunch of sour puss’es. They were very difficult. I’m sorry you didn’t have a pleasant experience at Brotzeit. Do give us another chance to provide you with the best experience possible here on your next visit. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to look for myself, or Mr. Saravanan, my restaurant manager.

  12. Sean

    Leonard, thanks very much for the clarification. Sorry to hear you had to deal with such awful customers that night. But yep, no worries, am definitely planning to be back to try the other items on your menu (and the desserts, which we somehow didn’t notice!). Best wishes for the weeks ahead!

  13. foodbin

    the pork knuckle with such a crispy skin is a sure winner!

  14. Eevon

    I love Brotzeit! Frequently visit the one in Singapore, Vivocity. Looks and feels exactly the same. RM85 for the pork knuckles sounds a little expensive but pork and beer = perfect! Come to think of it, if I convert RM85 to SGD, it’s very affordable. *winks* It’s been a while since I last had a chill out beer session at Broitzet so am not sure if they serve this yummylookin delight in SG. Hope they do. Shall make a trip down soon. Anyway all the best to Brotzeit in Mid Valley! Can’t wait to meet my blogger/twitter peeps in KL!

  15. EatFREE

    do blogger really pay for the food at brotzeit? I always c them eat 4 free at everywhere. The only thing they ever pay for is the dslr camera. I want 2 b a cheapstake too, goin 2 buy a dslr and eat 4 free 4ever

  16. Ramesh S. Sundram

    “Father died or something?”

    What a thing to say, Leonard, especially when you’re in the hospitality industry? Here’s some free advice: grow a thick skin and learn to keep a civil tongue.

    “Unless you own your own business, or businesses like myself, I would refrain for making such statements and just shut my gap. Otherwise you’d just look plain stupid.”

    These people are paying customers and the first rule of service is that the customer is always right. The next time you want to call someone stupid look in the mirror and speak loudly.

    1. Leonard Foong

      He wasn’t a ‘paying’ customer. He mentioned he ‘skipped’ and went next door instead. I have not obligation to treat him as one, neither do I to you.

      Sorry, but some people forget that although I may be the one serving you, I do not believe one’s integrity to be worth more than mine and give you, ‘the customer’ the right to put me down and ridicule me and my business. Just because I am serving you doesn’t mean you are of a higher social status than I am and give you consent to make vulgar remarks.

      I treat all my customers with respect and try to give them the best experience possible. However, I don’t believe the customer is always right and difficult customers, I would rather not do their business at all. You can say I am arrogant or foolish but I am a business man, not your butler. I wasn’t born to serve anyone and do anyone’s bidding.
      Unfortunately, I am a straightforward person and I say what I think or feel. If you have a problem with that, no one is asking you to patronize me or my businesses.

      Thank you for your advice, now let me give you some of mine… “Make somebody happy today. Mind your own business.”

      1. Jeffrey

        I do agree on the manner than customers are NOT always right but i do not agree that a good “business man” like yourself would articulate as what you mentioned. You are not a butler but in the service industry, you are obligated to your guests and customers. No paying customers means no money which in turn means NO BROTZEIT!

        By the way, some things are best left unsaid, Mr Leonard Foong.

  17. restaurant hallal

    Its not my first time to visit this website, i am browsing this website dailly and get nice facts from here everyday.

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