Brekkie at The Pink Sage

A weekend doesn’t get any better than this.
A cool breezy morning, perfect for a stroll or in my case, a jog in the park, followed by a darn good brunch.

Yup, I’m easy to please 😉

Especially if you serve me these….

*Poke at ’em yolk and let it flow baby...*


Rich tangy Hollandaise sauce rained over fresh smoked salmon and orbs of wobbly perfectly done poached eggs.

egg benedict

The Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon@ RM12.50 is awesomely good.
We mopped the plate clean with the French Village bread, soaking up with the Hollandaise sauce and the lava of runny yolks…aaahhhhhLovely.

egg benedict2

And here’s another shot, just to make sure that you know how freaking good this is ;p


Off to a good start, I eyed our order of The Stacked Breakfast (RM17.50 ) eagerly when it arrived.

Stacked breakfast

We chose lamb sausage (other options includes chicken & beef) and scrambled eggs (over sunny side up and hard boiled) and was mighty pleased with our choice.

Juicy & meaty, the perfectly seasoned lamb sausage (not too salty, yeah!) and soft scrambled eggs (albeit a little plain tasting) really hit the spot.

lamb sausage

The red beans was nicely stewed, soft, slightly mushy and sweet.
Fried at the perfect temperature, the gorgeous hash brown didn’t reek of grease & its outerior remained crispy all the way through our meal of 2 hours.

The highlight of the dish, for me, would be the beef brisket.
This is amazingly good, not fatty and yet both crispy & chewy. Definitely a better choice than a slice of fatty bacon.

Unka loved the mushrooms, done very minimalistic-ly (if there is such a word!), just with a dash of salt and sauteed in olive oil. Perfect to bring forth the earthy robust flavour of the funghi.

Hmmm… I’m positive that this was supposed to come with roast potatoes, but since the kitchen was busy that morning I didn’t press them for it.

beef brisket

Unka was hankering for the Meatballs Linguini the moment he saw it on the blackboard menu outside.

As it was a lunch item, we had to wait til it was 12pm before they could dish it out. Which was fine by us, as we heartily tucked away at our orders above.

Meat ball Linguinni

It certainly didn’t disappoint.
The sharp tangy sauce assured us this ain’t the bottled kind. The sauce clung gently to the perfectly al dente linguini and packs a full fresh flavour to the pasta. With 4 bouncy meatballs; all tender and raw-ish inside, this was splendid.
(note: Unka was really thirsty after polishing it off, which leads him to suspect that they might have been a little heavy handed on the seasoning)

What is brekkie without coffee.. Cappuccino, RM7.50 for Unka.


A great place for a meal, serving quality ingredients at reasonable pricing with ample parking and little traffic; which makes for a nice CHILLAX experience. We are definitely coming back!

ps: I had their signature cheese burger on my previous visit; which was marvellous as well and I can’t wait to staple their pancakes after reading raving reviews from AWOL !

The Pink Sage
12 Jalan Dang Wangi
GF Wisma RA
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2693 6000

Closed on Mondays.
Operational hours: 7am to 10pm

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  1. UnkaLeong

    Yeah..meenachi was asking, "where are the pancakes?" ROFL. Definitely worth a second visit, or in your case a fourth? Heheheh…

  2. vialentino

    wah…very nice breakfast….wah, u makan so nice food than me leh….darn….long time i dun have american breakfast liow….

  3. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Yum…the eggs benedict with smoked salmon looks scrumptious! Love the runny yolk.

  4. Sean

    hearty and so yummy-looking! and to think that i've only been here once (for lunch), even though it's a 5-minute walk from my office. wonder what's good on their dinner menu…

  5. thule a.k.a leo

    Jenn is going to drool at the sight of Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon 🙂 like you, she loves how the eggs to be done this way!
    So where will you be this coming weekend?

  6. thenomadGourmand

    unkaleong: yes yes pancakes for me this comin Sun!

    vialentino: i luvvv American brekkies!
    Here they do it so well! Hardly any grease!
    Wan to join us this Sun?

    LL: I know! *slurps* !!

    Sean: I'm sure their pastas are better than Trattoria! LOL.

    thule: Sun 11am. Comin? 😉

  7. thule a.k.a leo

    LOL… let me arrange it with Jenn 1st ok??

  8. 550ml jar of faith

    My eyes! My eyes! All that flowing yolky goodness is blinding me!

  9. Selba

    I would love to try them all! Looks totally delicious…

  10. ai wei

    i wan a nice breakkie or brunch-ie at pink sage!!! Awwww. they are real tempting!

  11. worldwindows

    My version of western breakfast – smoked salmon with anything! Wow.

  12. qwazymonkey

    apasal tak try pancake? Told ya it was nice din I? LOL

  13. biz319

    While I don't like runny eggs, my husband adores them.

    Hollandaise sauce is still my enemy, I have yet to make a good one!

  14. New Kid on the Blog

    why can't find find such good cafe in Penang one ah??? grrrr….

  15. J2Kfm

    this place looks promising. remembered last time jotted down this place for brekkie from Lemongrass' post.

    but somehow forgot bout this. near to Yut Kee?

  16. Eve

    Yum…but I am not a morning person, I'll go for brunch.:P

  17. Nic (KHKL)

    i must be the ONLY one in the group that have not visited this place..haha! the smoke salmon bruschetta-like thingy looks gor-orange-ous! yummy!

  18. Steven Goh

    u are easy to pleased? I don't think so leh…. I know that you always criticized a lot on food. Especially there is slight mistake 🙂

  19. Chong

    u n ur runny egg yolks… haha

  20. cariso

    I will go for Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon!!! Got sense of "jap" in there mah! 🙂

  21. thenomadGourmand

    Thule: yups.

    550ml: Haha..we both are impartial to runny yolks huh?

    selba: we are jz waitin for u to hit our shores honey..

    ai wei: brunchies are better 😉 Can order their lunch menu items and brekkie options are all day long..

    ww: Yesss…!

    qwazymonkey: haha..too much carbs on the table di..

    biz139: it that hard to make??

    nktb: u think this type of cafe can survive in Pg?

    J2kfm: yups..across the road.

    eve: No fret, the brekkie options are avail all-day thru..

    nic: LOL. well..ya not comin back til Raya.. but do make it a pt to head there when ya here!

    Steven: aiyoo.. u know me too well!! ;p

    chong: Hehe.. die

    cariso: Jap?? err.. i guess..from the presence of salmon!

  22. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    aiyoh every1 also go visit d..i also want to go liao..!

  23. Bangsar-bAbE

    When you taking me there?? =D

  24. CUMI & CIKI

    sounds so damn scrumptious no need to try la.. just read ur review, enuf. LOL!

  25. burpandslurp

    "Poke at 'em yolk and let it flow baby…"
    HAHAHAHA! I recognize that phrase! Glad you got your golden nectar moment…but MAD that you didn't invite me leh!

  26. ~Christine~Leng

    I like the name 🙂 Pink Sage. Sounds classy. maybe 'cos I love Pink! haha.
    Those breakfast/ brunch looks really hearty. would love to drop by, but not so soon I guess. Overdosed in UK. lol. I shall ask Chris to bring me here next time 🙂

  27. mimid3vils

    Tried lamb sausages at Yaki-Yaki b4, really fall in love with it, I think the Pink Sage version must taste better than that!!

  28. thule a.k.a leo

    this sunday on?? I'm Ok 🙂 sms me ok?

  29. thenomadGourmand

    JOE: come come! tis Sun wan ah?

    BB: can join us la on Sun wan ah?

    c&c: worries, u and LL can 'pak toh' here!

    burpandslurp: hehe..u got jz the perfect phrase for it! Eh..invite ya frm LA? How?? ;p

    christine: ;p yes i knw ya craving Msian food rite!!

    mimid3vils: oh i think it would be!

    leo: cool! ok!

  30. backStreetGluttons

    It does get a bit dicey and dangerous when a fit fanatic gets closer to a travelling gourmand …
    but never mind lah as along as many people are happy

  31. My Taste Heaven

    great restaurant with great food. i will certainly pay this place a visit asap.
    thanks for sharing~~~

  32. PureGlutton

    Those runny yolks and pink salmon sure look tempting! Been quite a while since i had me some western brekkie – can i join u guys this Sun??

  33. Allie

    Eggs Benedict! I'm coming!!!!
    It looks so freaking good la!

  34. Buzzingbee

    what a scrumptious breakkie!!! Won't mind losing some sleep over this! 😛

  35. thenomadGourmand

    bsg – Wht la u! Me also a fit fanatic what!

    My Taste heaven – Love to share places w good food and cakes! ;p Hope u ll enjoy it as much as i did!

    PureGlutton: Come!

    Allie: Hehe..Pg no got horr..?

    buzzingbee: I knw wht u mean *wink* !

  36. Win Sing

    Loved to read your blog pages. I would prefer to recommend you that visitors display most people look over blogs on Mondays. So it should preferably encourage bloggers to create new write ups above the weekend primarily.

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