Brekkie at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

A quick and fast post this time 😉 since tomorrow is the weekend already.

brekkie platter

Also cos we only had one dish before I got distracted by the Sun paper and dragged Unka to hunt for the next location as featured in METRO ;p
(this one is next next post ok!)

Back to our brekkie; the picture above pretty much sums up the breakfast platter, with one fat pork sausage, crispy slightly charred bacon and fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

Let’s start with the bacon.
Smoky, charred and crispy. Nice streaky layers of fat and meat. This is good, really good.

The sausage, now that’s another level of “good” altogether. I am still salivating thinking and looking at this pic now.


Should I say awesome? Lip smacking delicious?
I don’t know.
It’s just so so good!!

Look at the sausage above..

& imagine this..

Taut, crisp casing.
One bite.
Resistance….then………… the skin cracks.
Moist, sweet lava of meat juices burst into your mouth cavity.
Proceed to chew.
More juices, coupled with hot cheese and gritty smoky meat floods the sensory palate.
Savour & swallow with absolute satisfaction.

Note to oneself: I really need to know where they got their sausages from!

Having said all that, the rest of the platter wasn’t that drool-worthy. I find the scrambled eggs a bit overdone.


The coffee was generic.


And lastly, the pancakes failed to impress, it was a bit burnt at the sides and ain’t fluffy enough. I would say The Pink Sage does a better version.
Anyhow, Eve says the pancakes are meant to be that way. So I guess I will have to make a special request the next time I order their pancakes! No burnt edges for me please!

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  1. Sean

    wow. that's seriously the best _ the ABSOLUTE best _ description i've ever read of the perfect sausage! 😀
    waiting to see how u'll describe the lamb marrow =)

  2. 550ml jar of faith @minchow

    Agree with Sean! And to think, it's just processed meat at the end of the day but it sounds like love!!

  3. SimpleGirl

    so, it's a must go place for sausage lover!!!thinking of one for breakfast…LOL!

  4. burpandslurp

    Wow. Was that like a haiku of SAUSAGE? Man, it totally made me DROOL like crazy!!!
    And haha, I like burnt pancakes! 😉

  5. foodbin

    my son like the meatloaf that they served -those are the real authentic type of sausage.

  6. mimid3vils

    A must visit place for me!!! Totally my favourite breakfast!!!

  7. vialentino

    wahsei….u everyday have this kind of breakfast ah?

    i nowadays also dun dare to take fried foods….

    next time i organize a pot luck / bbq at my house…will let u know

  8. Sin Tai Lim

    i just can imagine how my teeth are going to burst the sausage skin b4 my tongue starts to enjoy the taste…will try will try..

  9. UnkaLeong

    I like my pancakes nice and fluffy w/o the burnt after taste…thank you very much 😉

  10. CUMI & CIKI

    ooo.. yummie.. nice to know you are back in the PINK of health;)

  11. J2Kfm

    wah … almost drooling liao.
    so descriptive?!! i can imagine, no fret.

    i like my pancakes with crispy edges though. a little burnt is good.

  12. thenomadGourmand

    sean: Haha..thank u thank u! Was getting a "writer's block" so I tried point form instead!

    550ml: I hate those processed meat stuffs too but this was quite meaty!

    simplegirl: u are?? Whn u come to KL I'be your food guide and bring u ard ya!

    burpandslurp: burnt pancake? kinda kills the delicate taste of pancakes with the strong charred aroma rite?

    foodbin: hear hear! Glad u enjoyed the food there!

    mimid3vils: go go go! Tell Betty if you have any special request! She's very accommodating.

    vialentino: not everyday laa! Once a week 😉
    Yes yes, will definitely come!

    Sin Tai Lim: Hehe..then blog abt it!

    unkaLeong: at least u finished yours. I left mine on the plate.

    c&c: Yes yes, so… when are we goin makan? ;p

    J2kfm: Oh..burnt pancakes are an acquired taste then i guess! cos I do hv some ppl tellin me they like theirs burnt too.

  13. Chong

    No runny egg yolks this time? 😛

  14. Chicago Brunch Blog

    Damn, that sausage and bacon look divine!

  15. Ariel Harger

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

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