Breakfast @ Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort – FEAST Restaurant

Hotel breakfasts are a big thing to me. In fact besides service, price and the accommodation (whatever the room layout may be – suite, standard, etc) the food served at a resort plays a huge role in my final assessment of the hotel. Maybe it’s because I’m a foodie? 🙂

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-010

My first meal in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort was dinner at Bene, the Italian trattoria where Executive Chef Rossano stuffed us silly with an Italian meal to remember. I went to bed telling myself to go easy on breakfast, but fat chance of that really, since all thoughts of a small breakfast vanished as I navigate my way around the breakfast buffet. Oh my; wholesome, healthy, indulgent, or outright playful, there’s something for everyone at Feast!

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-002

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-005

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-006


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-013

While a good spread in hotel buffets is a given thing, Feast offers 20-30% more variety per section; meaning 8-10 different kinds of breads (rolls, loaves, slices) just for the breads section alone not including cakes & pastries, 6-8 different cold cuts versus the usual 3-4 types, 7 cereals, 6-7 types of fresh fruits and so forth.


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-007

“Sealed” bottles of milk (skimmed, full fat and chocolate) instead of open jugs ensures freshness and hygiene.

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-008

Cold cuts – Bier wurst, Bierschinken, Kalbsleberwurst, Beef pastrami, Chicken meatloaf, Paprika lyoner, Deli salami. Frankly, I haven’t heard of half of these but now I can say I ate them all! 🙂

1 breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST

Wholemeal brown, cereal, muesli, white, bagels, sesame bagels, pumpernickel and sourdough to go with honey, Nutella,  peanut butter, Marmite, butter, assorted jams and preserves.

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-004


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-007

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST2


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-006


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-011


1 breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-004

Instead of the commercial yogurts, Chef Rossano makes his own yogurt and yogurt ice cream. Selected buffet items are in cute individual serving, ensuring hygiene and visual stimulation.

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-004

My little muesli jar above is from this selection of single servings of muesli, plain, apple, mango and raspberry yogurts in petite sealed jars.

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-009

Ice cream is made healthier in the version of Vanilla, Blueberry, Mix berry, First berry and Passion fruit yogurt ice cream.

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-012

It was convenient not to mention that oxidation are slowed as the fresh juices are in individual bottles as well. Choose from orange, apple, mango, soursop, pineapple, guava for a healthier start to your day!

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-003


sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast

In Feast, I got acquainted with Sheraton’s wellness philosophy Color Your Plate by Sheraton Fitness, a dining program that makes it easy for travelers to eat healthy on the road. All it takes is adding three colors from fruits and vegetables to your plate to help stay in shape and increase energy while travelling. The new menus are also great for your waistline – all featured items are 500 calories or less. The program is the latest extension of Sheraton Fitness programmed by Core Performance and is now available at more than 400 hotels worldwide.

color your plate

More about Sheraton’s Color Your Plate –> HERE.

color your plate breakfast at Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST

Overall I did find the spread at FEAST,  Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, to be engaging on this principle. There were plenty of greens and fruits and even healthy gelato of every colour! :DD

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-012

On a more serious note, a small section of the buffet seems to be specifically catered for this concept. Here I found assorted fruit cocktails (NOT the alcoholic types mind you), papaya compote, pineapple chutney, fresh juices and colourful salads.

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST1

1 breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-001

I stayed in Sheraton for 2 nights so I had breakfast here twice. Over 70% of the buffet items were dissimilar to the previous day. In fact, even the presentation changed, one day the hot food was served in aluminium/stainless steel food warmers and the next day it was in these heavy cast iron pots.

DAY 1 – stainless steel food warmers.

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST7

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-005

DAY 2: Cast iron pots.

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-004

And on the 2nd day, the Colour Your Plate selection was these instead.

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-009

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-008


These fabulous thick salmon were cured in-house and wasn’t overly salty. I took several helpings! 🙂

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-007

The Japanese section – sushi and miso soup were very good too, especially the miso. It was cold dish surprisingly, as miso soups are usually served hot but the umami-ness totally hits the spot.

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-006

1 breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-002

Other than American western and Japanese, there were a Chinese and Indian section as well. Finding idli, bhatura, chola and chutneys in a hotel in Bali was unexpected!

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST3

Chinese: Congee, noodle station and dim sum.

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST6

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST5

I had 2 hours breakfast everyday because I had to wait for round 1 & 2 to digest before proceeding to round 3 & 4!:)

1 breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-005


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-010

Sheraton - iphone

Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST4

breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-012

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-002


breakfast - Sheraton Bali Kuta FEAST-008

One of my favourites of the breakfast buffet are the quiches!

sheraton bali kuta resort - beach -006


And of course, I did Colour My Plate. 😀

sheraton bali kuta resort - breakfast-001

I stole some kiddy burgers from the kids’s section. Thankfully no kid cried.

Sheraton General Pics 2




Thank you Sheraton Bali Kuta for making mornings wonderful! 🙂

sheraton bali kuta resort - beach -001

FEAST, Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort
Jalan Pantai Kuta · Kuta, IDB 80361 · Indonesia
Phone:  (62)(361) 846 5555

Attire: Resort Casual
Hours: 6.30 am until 10.30 pm
Setting: Air Conditioning and Open Air; direct access to beachwalk

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  1. Choi Yen

    me too looks seriously into hotel’s breakfast too 🙂

  2. Sean

    ooo, i see churros! 😀

  3. Federick

    Oh my, you did eat a lot! LOL. I’ll take your word for it that food is fab here!

  4. Clare

    I’ll Colour My Plate like you did too 🙂

  5. Brenna

    I judge a resort by its breakfast spread too! And the toiletries! 🙂

  6. May

    The spread looks good. Not many hotels I have stayed have good breakfast spread. Always end up going out of the hotel to look for better breakfast 🙁

  7. Rami Ali

    its very nice presentation and reach food buffet and very good teast looks

    1. Rebecca Saw

      It is Rami.

      I think the breakfast here is truly one of the best in the area of KUTA. 🙂

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