Breakfast @ Kompleks Niaga Limbongan – best roti canai, chicken rice ball, curry laksa

The Kompleks Niaga Limbongan is alike a foodcourt.
Think of it as a muhibbah foodcourt where you can indulge in chicken rice balls, Nyonya laksa as well as roti canai and mee goreng in the early hours of the morning.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - best roti canai

So what would it be for you?
Crispy, fragrant roti canai hot off the grill or sticky chicken-essence infused rice balls with soft poached chicken?

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - roti canai kambingmelaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-004

Else something as simple but would-never-fail-to-satisfy like half-boiled eggs with toast and a cup of coffee?

soft boiled eggs toast - limbongan food court  melaka-001

Well, like I said, all that can be enjoyed under ONE roof at Kompleks Niaga Limbongan from as early as 7am.

If you are in the mood for “Chinese” fair, then sit around this “Limbongan Hailam Kopitiam” stall which offers sells chicken rice balls, chee cheong fun and Nyonya Laksa as well as drinks.

Look out for this: Limbongan Hailam Kopitiam.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - best roti canai-001

At this stage I’ll have to make clear that as “muhibbah” as this place may be, for commercial reasons the seating arrangements are split according to your choice of breakfast.

If you wish to indulge in eggs, toast and chicken rice balls, then select your table at Limbongan Hailam Kopitiam. If roti canai is what you are after, then park yourself over at Sofia Ismail or Faizal Mohd Yusof stall.

BELOW: The roti canai section : Sofia Ismail or Faizal Mohd Yusof.

roti canai - kari pari - limbongan food court  melaka

Since I wanted to try both, I had to make 2 separate trips.
Here are the offerings from Limbongan Hailam Kopitiamchee cheong fun, steamed pumpkin kuih/cake, Nyonya laksa, toast with butter and kaya as well as soft boiled eggs and chicken rice balls and poached chicken.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-004

Both the chicken rice balls and poached chicken were decent; the meat a bit chewy, the chilli good, the rice balls fairly big and sticky.
It is usually sold out by 11am, so yes, even at “decent” standards (my personal yardstick) it is still popular!

BELOW: Chicken Rice Ball set for 1 pax: RM4.00. 5 balls and quite a fair portion of chicken.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-003

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice

So if you are hankering for Melaka chicken rice balls in the morning and do not fancy queuing like a silly cow at Chung Wah, this could be a viable alternative.
The service is efficient and you avoid paying good money to be treated with disdain and having to put up with uncomfortable (hot, packed and having other waiting patrons staring you down to hurry up so they can take your table) dining environment (over at Chung Wah).


While the chicken rice ball was ok, the Nyonya Laksa (RM4.50) was value for money considering the amount of ingredients thrown in.
We are looking at cockles (shriveled as they may be), cucumber, beancurd puffs, half a boiled egg, sheets of beancurd and beansprouts.
The unfortunate element?
The flat, bland tasting gravy. Sad isn’t it? It looks promising here but it could do with some salt and perhaps additional chilli.
But of course, it could be that we (4 of us shared this meal) were overly fussy and this is a good bowl of Nyonya Laksa. Try it yourself and let me know of your verdict.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - best roti canai-003

This is uncommon anywhere else but in Melaka I presume?
Because I haven’t ate/seen chee cheong with steamed pumpkin kuih anywhere else but in a few coffeeshops in Melaka.
Tastewise both chee cheong fun and pumpkin kuih wasn’t particularly memorable.
RM3.00 for this dish. 

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-002

Well, at least the toast was acceptable and the kopi ais (iced coffee) is a solid boost of caffeine!
RM1.70 for toast and RM1.60 for kopi ais. 

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - best roti canai-002

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-001


On my next visit we headed for the Roti Canai stall.
Said to be one of the best roti canai in Melaka, Faizal Mohd Yusof roti canai stall offers roti canai that are delightfully crispy and soft all at once with a myriad of curries not commonly available elsewhere.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - kambing roti canai-001

You can opt for the basic dhall or fish curry or you can upgrade your meal with a side of mutton, pari (stingray) and siakap (Asian seabass) and sotong.

Roti canai : RM0.80 each.
Asian seabass (siakap) RM5.00 (meat/fillet), Siakap Fishhead (RM7.00).
Pari (stingray) RM4.50.
Sotong (cuttlefish) RM3.50.
Kambing (Mutton) RM4.50. 

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-005

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - hailam chicken rice-006


My favourite is the mutton! It was tender and flavourful, obviously cooked for a long long time in the curry.
The fishes (both siakap and stingray) were fresh and flaky and the cuttlefish soft with a good bite.
All in all, we enjoyed all 4 variations of curries.

melaka - kompleks niaga limbongan - kambing roti canai

Even minus the frills, the roti canai alone deserves mention. On its own it is crispy and buttery. Dipped, as it should be, into one of the curries or dhals the roti soaks up the gravy which adds a fantastic array of flavors to the palate.


The drinks from their stall are good as well; thick and not overly sweet.


Conclusion: Great place for breakfast as it offers a good variety of food. I plan to order from the other stalls on my next visit just to check out what else is good here, but for now both the roti canai and Hailam stalls are the most popular options.


Kompleks Niaga Limbongan: 
Closed on Mondays.
5 Jalan Limbongan, Melaka.
Waze: “Limbongan Roti Canai” .

1. StallLimbongan Hailam Kopitiam
Closed on Mon. 
Hours: 5am – 1.30pm.
2. StallFaizal Mohd Yusof roti canai
Closed on Mon. 
Hours: 7am – 12.00pm

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