Breakfast buffet @ Contango, Majestic Hotel KL

Breakfast buffets at hotels are always a nice treat isn’t it?

The variety, being waited on, having eggs on demand in your preferred form (sunny side up, scrambled, poached – the eggs that you can never get right at home) and no dishes to wash after.

And that’s just a few of the draw of hotel breakfasts.
The ambiance plays a part too; beautifully laid out cutleries, comfortable sofa, air conditioned environment and sometimes, even soothing music.

After staying at many hotels, I have always known my preference; which is as much natural sunlight as possible since I hate any dim-lighted environment, a good western spread, Japanese sushi, great pastries/desserts and a broad selection at the cereal section.

Rebecca saw - majestic hotel - KL

Contango at Majestic Hotel KL has a section where the windows are from the ceiling to floor.
This allows warmth and natural light in and it is great for photography. In fact, it became my favourite spot and the staff are sure to sit me at this particular table whenever I dine here.

I also had the good fortune of being a guest at the Majestic Hotel KL for a few days so besides dining, I slept, played pool, got myself a massage and explored the hotel to my heart’s content for the duration of my stay.

In return, I left with a better understanding of why Majestic Hotel KL is the only hotel in Kuala Lumpur to be included in the Leading Hotels of the World luxury hotel collection, and how it is deserving so.

Majestic Hotel - breakfast - contango-001

Contango is the “coffee house” of Majestic Hotel KL, which boost of an open kitchen interactive dining concept. The daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are served here and the selection for each session is notably different.

Rebecca saw - breakfast majestic hotel KL-003

The spread covers the usual cereals, fruits, breads, egg station, western savouries such as the bacon, ham and sausages.
I always start my day with a bowl of muesli, and my ritual remained unchanged here.
The muesli and fruit compote are served in individual bowls, pre-soaked.
Small tubs of Nestle yogurt are provided and you can add nuts, granolas, confectioneries or fruits to your cereals.
For milk, choose from full cream, low fat or soya.

Majestic Hotel - breakfast - contango-004

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Majestic Hotel - breakfast - contango-007

The savouries of beef ham, chicken sausages and a fried corn beef with mushrooms dish were good. A lover of Japanese food, I was thrilled to see fresh sushi at the Japanese section.
For cold cuts we have smoked salmon, mackerel, chicken, duck breast and a small selection of cheese, perfect with salad or breads.
The Chinese table offers dim sum (prawn dumplings, meat dumplings and steamed buns), noodles and plain or fish porridge. Some local delicacies like kuih and nasi lemak with curry ensured that the buffet covers a multitude of cuisine and flavours to suit everyone’s palate.

Majestic Hotel - breakfast2

Majestic Hotel - breakfast1

Freshly baked breads, a waffle and pancake station with fruits in syrup and several selection of spreads, muffins, pastries and doughnuts are some of the tantalizing baked items on offer.


Majestic Hotel - breakfast - contango-003


For the health nuts/vegans, you can knock yourself out at the salad bar.


Can’t decide between french toast, waffle or a pancake?
Have all 3. It’s a buffet after all.

Rebecca saw - breakfast majestic hotel KL-002

A must try?
Well I can tell you TWO.

First up; the nasi lemak.
Majestic Hotel serves a superb version of our beloved Malaysian favourite. This little treasure pack opens up to offer diners aromatic, fluffy coconut rice with fiery sambal, a wedge of egg and peanuts.

Rebecca saw - breakfast majestic hotel KL-004

After the nasi lemak, grab yourself some CRONUTs. This is a sinful, sweet, flaky indulgence made famous by Chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by his Bakery in New York City.
A cronut is essentially a hybrid of croissant and donuts, so it marries the character of both pastries into one sinful pastry.

You can’t find cronuts at many (or any at all?) places in KL/Malaysia so do enjoy as many as you can here at Contango.


Majestic Hotel - breakfast

Price per pax for breakfast buffet: TBC.
Time: 630am to 10:30am daily.

breakfast at Contango Majestic Hotel

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+603 2785 8000
[email protected]

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  1. Stephanie M

    Hi there,

    Stumbled on your blog while trying to find out more about the breakfast buffet at Majestic, KL.

    I won’t be staying at the hotel, but am keen to go for a meal there. How much is the breakfast buffet for Majestic? Says TBC in your blog. Curious f you’ve found out.

    Thank you

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Stephanie!
      It’s RM58++/pax. 🙂
      I hope u enjoy your breakfast here!

  2. Mohd Zarin

    I started to love your blog. Beautiful pictures and nice writeup.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Awww Thank Zarin!
      That’s such a nice message to wake up and read! Happy Wednesday!

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