Breakfast at Pudu Wai Sik Kai – hakka mee, yong tau foo,

yong tau foo at wai sik kai pudu

I’ve stayed away from noodles for while now.
This low carb lifestyle of mine ensures the abs and leanness that I want but it also means wolfing down pasta/rice/noodles is a no-no.

Still, cheat days are possible! 🙂

Recently I was in the Pudu area early in the morning.
My stomach called out for an indulgent breakfast, and feeling well, indulgent that morning, I decided a bowl of carbs and fat won’t harm.

This Hakka Mee stall (Tai Bu Hakka Noodles) is a business currently in its 4th generation of ownership and the highlight of this traditional Hakka dish is the springy noodles doused with fragrant pork lard and mixed with their special sauce.
As a result, the noodles are flavourful enough on its own but naturally even better with the toppings of savoury mince pork, char siew and wantan (pork dumplings).

pudu wai sik kai - morning hakka mee noodles-001

It wasn’t my first time eating it and I remembered not liking it much when I first tried it about 4 years back.
And this round, after a few bites, I decided that I didn’t like it any better now.

Hakka mee at pudu wai sik kai - morning hakka mee

Don’t get me wrong.
I can understand why is it so popular. It is no doubt a tasty bowl of noodles, but perhaps just way too oily and salty for me.

The stall:

pudu wai sik kai - morning curry mee-001

Opening hours and price of the Tai Bu mee:

pudu wai sik kai - morning tai bu mee

Now what I enjoyed that morning was the Yong Tau foo.

yong tau foo at wai sik kai pudu

The key to good Yong Tau Foo is the fish paste. Some stuffing may be a mixture of meat (usually pork) and fish.
Whichever it is, a good ratio of fish meat to the other seasoning and (perhaps) flour makes all the difference.
Preferably no flour were added at all of course.

The Yong Tau Foo is made fresh by a group of ladies seated behind the stall and they are quite friendly so you are welcome to observe them while they work. Take a video too if you wish!

pudu wai sik kai - morning yong tau foo-002

The variety is small, but it covers the basic yong tau foo types; fishballs, meatballs and paste stuffed into brinjal, bittergourd, okra, chilli, beancurd and beancurd sheets.
There are some fried items too.

pudu wai sik kai - morning yong tau foo-001

The Yong Tau Foo stall is in the inner lane, further down from the Hakka Mee one. It is less popular, which is sad, as I thought it deserved way more business.
I’m definitely a repeat customer for one!

pudu wai sik kai - morning yong tau foo

pudu wai sik kai - morning yong tau fu

pudu wai sik kai - morning yong tau fu-001

Getting to Pudu Wai Sik Kai:
Address: Jalan Sayur off Jalan Pudu
Refer map:

pudu wai sik kai - morning hakka mee noodles

How to get there (Recommended mode): Take the train (RapidKL LRT – Ampang Line) to Pudu Station. Walk from Pudu Station. Exit the station, look for the sign that says “Jalan Pudu” and walk toward Jalan Pudu. When you come to the busy main road, cross it and turn left.
Walk til you see the busy stalls.

What to wear: Light clothing, shoes.
What to expect: Local spot. Expect a busy food street market.

Operational hours: 7am til late.
Hakka stall: Closed on Mondays and 1st and 15th of the month in Lunar calendar.
Yong Tau Foo: No fixed day.
Other stalls: NA

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  1. Chin swing kwong

    What the fuck ? That’s the traditional food which is going to fade… The oily is so precious during old days, what a disgrace for Chinese , always jut show Abs

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