Bored of the ordinary? Try some beggars’ food!

Now RM212 isn’t exactly a beggar’s budget. But get together 9 fellow wacko beggars and it might just be 2 day’s begging work.
Plus you’ll get a Saturday night out of boring civilization, good food & (depending on who you invite), an absolutely glorious MAD time out.


The FAMOUS New Beggar’s Delicious Restaurant @IJOK.
Where some say it is in some twilight zone. . .

Surroundin area

but fear not though, for with the advancement of technology, no ‘ulu‘ area is too ‘ulu‘ for accessibility.
Here are the GPS coordinates; & it does gets you to the front steps of this place.
N: 101 25′ 8.7″
E: 3 18′ 24.0

If all fails, just head towards Sg Buloh towards Kuala Selangor on the highway, (we took NKVE) and lookout for Ijok. Once you are in the town of Kuala Selangor (which is not as backward as you think, for we were actually caught in a traffic jam at 530pm on a Sat!), it is a mere 30 mins straight drive till you see a signboard that says “New Beggars Delicious Restaurant” on your left.
Seriously, it is that simple & the GPS might not even be necessary.

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant

above bottom right: Unisex lavatory on the outer grounds, with a working flush & THICK toilet paper. Put some of our shopping malls’ sheer wipes to shame really.

Kitchen is a typical tai-chow kind of layout; for this place does dish out your typical vegetables, seafood & steamed fish preparations.


A large enclosed area, the perimeters of the restaurant is used for, among other things, rearing of fresh water fishes (we are not sure if those poor fishies ended up on the diners plates every night) and the the foliage of greens all round soothes the city weary souls in us.

fish pond

Seated at the open air dining area with a thatched roof over our heads, the place is quiet at 630pm, the air is fresh & the cooling breeze eased off any heavy thoughts that we may have carried with us from civilization.


Below: Well mannered hunks who got all the little details covered without the hostess having to ask.
The pre-ordered food were called for, the tea steeped & served, the ice ordered, the cutlery & plates distributed & chillies, garlic etc all laid out. Definitely on my invitees list for more food adventures ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Famed for its beggar chicken @RM41, I ordered one, though pictures & text from blogs I’ve have read had warned of its mediocrity & predictably, it turned exactly as such.
Beggar Chicken

the chic was stuffed within with some herbs & tasted exactly like the common herbal chicken

The duck @RM45 was a stellar diversion of our initial disappointment. Flavourful, yet retained a hint of its signature gamey taste, we loved this. The stuffing of abalone mushrooms was much appreciated & we slurped up the gravy too.

Beggar Duck

I remembered requesting for a less fatty Pork dish & since I don’t speak Cantonese, I asked a fellow blogger to order all the dishes a day before. She definitely told the lady boss “not so much fat” but we still ended up with a VERY fatty Pork Knuckle @RM41.

Pork Knuckle

But it was freaking awesome… awesomely good!
Glorious melt in the mouth fat…. all soft gelatinous fat!!!… (with some meat la) sent us all the way to high heaven.
The cubes of yam at the sides left us in bafflement as to what was it exactly for, but they definitely did a good job soaking up all the ‘juices’ of the pork & its marinate, & we fought for the yams & mushrooms as hard we did for a piece of the knuckle.

I hesitated in ordering the Glutinous Rice @RM30 at first. But when more confirmed their attendance for the trip, I gave a quick call to add 2 more dishes (while we were on the way!) and was thankful that the restaurant obliged.

This huge orb of very fragrant, glutinous rice is actually a delicious “bak chang” ( glutinous rice dumpling) in a bigger form.

Glutinous Rice

The amount of salted egg yolks in it is not for the cholesterol conscious. However, for the bunch of us, we barely acknowledge the existence of cholesterol.
As it becomes drier as it cools, do please lap it up while it’s hot. I personally liked it though, for it wasn’t too oily & every grain of rice was soft.

The Stuffed Fish @RM33 is worth ordering even if it is just for the sake of marveling at how the heck did they manage to stuff all that paste into the fish skin and yet it still look exactly like a fish?? The fins, skin, tail & head are all still intact!

Look ma, no bones!!

Stuffed Fish

Squeeze the lime over the fish & eat each slice dipped generously into the sweet spicy chili. It’s Yong Tau Fu wrapped in a fish, though we had to admit it’s appearance supersede its taste ๐Ÿ˜‰

The aftermath. *BURP*.


To placate the guilt in SOME of us (I didn’t feel any guilt at all) for the onslaught of fat & protein, we added an order of vegetables @RM8 AFTER we finished all the above.


And they were really fresh & glorious greens which tasted as if it was just plucked out of the soil moments before it hit the wok.

We ventured into the beggar’s den.

which is at the back of the whole area…

Beggar Chic CookArea2

The firewood used is supplier by their contact, so no, they do not go chopping down trees in the wild.

See the below; The “oven”, where the firewood goes underneath & heats up the clay & soil , etc.
The poultry & pork packages are placed on the top & covered in more clay/mud?.

Beggar Chic CookArea

Our chicken, duck & pork knuckle came from the “oven” via a wheelbarrow. The boss will personally crack the outer mud layer, revealing another few layers of brown papers and unwrapping it like a gift to reveal the last layer of foil encasing our chicken/duck/pork knuckle.

Unwrapping Beggar Chicken

The fish, chicken & pork were pre-ordered a day before. I added a duck & glutinous rice just 30mins (while we were on the way) before we arrived so that shows last minute orders is possible. Seafood & vegetables are the other dishes that can be ordered on the spot.
Number to call is 03 – 3279 1936 or 019 317 3687.

By the way, do note that they do call you back to ‘scold’ you if you ordered and didn’t turn up!
It happened to me, cos they thought I didn’t come. Once I was there, I was too busy running around taking pictures & delegated the task of getting the food served to one of the guys. Reservations were remembered by mobile numbers, & we were served the exact food we ordered so I don’t see how the misunderstanding came about.

Another FUN outing organised by thenomadGourmand – CHECK. ;p
Value for money – at RM24/pax – CHECK.

This place is recommended for those who had never eaten beggar’s chicken/duck etc before & is game for a short ride out of town, especially if you have a group of friends/family joining you.
It wasn’t super great, (especially the chicken itself) but at least it is authentic (baked in clay/mud and all).

Our free-flow tea was RM5, plus RM1 for the ice.
They asked if we would like to have some fruits, & the food intoxicated bunch of us agreed.
For RM6, we got like 6-7 cubes of pineapples & watermelons, so yeah, you might want to skip the fruits.

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  1. Sean

    oh yeah, the duck and pork DO look even yummier than the chicken. but everything looks mouthwatering!
    hmmm is that a black dog (or a pig?!) in one of your pics sniffing at the leftovers of the beggars chicken?

  2. ai wei

    this is the one simon talked bout. ahaha… i think i was here before. can't remember…

  3. Pureglutton

    Oh yes, their duck is definitely better than their chicken! Their pig stomach soup is awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Chaokar

    ah, so that's what i missed.
    i'm so craving for the glutinous rice now.

  5. cariso

    Explore the back kitchen , so great! I like to see the making process! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. kampungboycitygal

    haha i saw my ipoh fren there. one of the 'hunk'. ah putt

  7. kampungboycitygal

    haha i saw my ipoh fren there. one of the 'hunk'. ah putt

  8. Simon Seow

    I think from my house 45 mins can reach liao. No need to go through NKVE somemore lol. Pork knuckle yum yum. Such a sinful meal.

  9. AugustDiners

    poor chickie died in vain. it went thru so much torture with the oven, mud, wraps only to be sold for RM41 ๐Ÿ™

    Nice visuals though, love how u present the making of beggar chicken

  10. Tummy Rumble

    darn.. I should have been there… sorry for ffk(ing)… father was suppose to celebrate an early birthday.. but then they changed to next week at the last minute… it seemed u guys enjoyed urself..

  11. hApPy HaPpY

    I have never been here before even though I have heard about it. Will take my family there after seeing your posting. Thanks.

  12. backStreetGluttons

    At his rate, this beggarly place shall soon be known as the Emperor's Nest of Malaysia, beating Jugra into 3rd spot ! One place a few of us haven't tried but some did but as usual cannot recall anything other than near the estate lah
    lol !

  13. J

    TNG! So mean! never invite wan. Now I am drooling all over my computer without any means of satiating my craving for that lovely looking chicken+pork+rice!
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  14. allie

    Used to visit this place when I was studying at KL. You remind me of the beggar chicken taste and how young I was that time ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Duckie

    wow everything looks good!!!

  16. mynjayz

    oh damn i miss this !! and it looks so nice even on photos !

  17. CUMI & CIKI

    "absolutely glorious MAD time out.." haha in caps summore. I think we getz the idea:)

    c&c like this place.. good to know it still rocks.

  18. Stupe

    Makes me wonder why i never stop to eat when i cycled past or drive on way to Lumut.

    Wait- it was the seafood at pasir penampang that is why!

  19. ahputt

    hihi kampungboycitygal…

  20. ck lam

    A place that I would like to visit. Nice sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. foodbin

    the glutinous rice looks so sinfully good.

  22. thenomadGourmand

    Sean: Hahaha..its a dog. Good hor for him? got beggars chic to eat!

    ai wei: Can't rmbr??

    PureGlutton: ya lorr..I didnt dare to order too much!

    Chaokar: Haha..then how? Go buy a ba chang?

    cariso: Heh, whn u come to KL we will take you there!

    KBCG: He is such a good makan partner & a great fellow to talk to!

    Simon: Glad u enjoyed the outing with us.

    AugustDiners: Hello! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My photo taking skills leaves much to be desired ;(
    but I do love documenting the process of makin the food i eat.
    And yeah, sad that their signature dish didnt make the cut.

  23. thenomadGourmand

    tummy Rumble: Oh yes we did enjoyed ourselves! Aiyo if last min u can, do gimme a call nx time.

    happy happy: yes yes! It wuld make a good family outing!

    bsg: 3rd spot? whr's the 1st spot???

    J : ;p

    allie: U tried before?? I think its much better back then?

    duckie: It is!

    mynjayz: Nx makan trip yea?

    c&c: It was something different to try ๐Ÿ˜‰

    stupe: Ohhh…did I sniff atr makan place to chk out???

    ahputt: Oh hi Ah Putt!!! ;p

    ck lam: Good to un-earth some interesting eateries!

    foodbin: It was!

  24. mimid3vils

    very secluded place indeed =.="

  25. qwazymonkey

    I see you're getting very good at organising fun day outs. Good job!

  26. FeeQ

    No…. I miss the great trip T.T

  27. UnkaLeong

    Is that Leroy I spy in the first pic? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i got a feeling we whacked more than u guys the time we went. and we had 3 guys and 4 girls wonder my meal didnt come up to rm24!

  29. vialentino

    Ijok…is it at Banting there one?

    i miss beggars chicken a lot….thou exp but nice to eat ler…

  30. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    Is this the same place features in Axian?

  31. thenomadGourmand

    mimid3vils: It did looked tht way, but its not far really!

    Qwazymonkey: Haha. Love it!

    FeeQ: No worries, nx one coming up! ;p

    Unkaleong: Yups, he's alws good company!

    Joe: I believe in moderation.

    vialentino: Not banting, Ijok!

    food paradise: idea. Thot tht show is crap.

  32. sophia

    daaaaang….I would dominate that glutinous rice thing. You and your carbs! We both love carbs, that must be why I love you so much, lol.

    That beggar chicken is a cheap imitation of our Korean Sam Gye Tang!!! >:-(

  33. sc

    excellent looking stuff, sorry that the famed chicken turn out most mediocre.. well, at least the rest of the dishes were good!
    nice to have bump into you that day- yes plan for makan at aman suria soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Steven Goh

    RM212 for beggar food, very expensive dee. Some more the food where the dog eat even worst. hahah…. btw, I can see the chicken looks nice. For 10 sharing with such price is very reasonable.

  35. Kevin

    Alright, just as i promised, here's my 2cents worth:

    Chicken: Closest feeling that describes this dish is like watching a movie where the main star got outshone by the extras… Chicken was cooked beautifully, but the herbs ratio was off… mottainai…

    Duck: Perfect harmony of the flavours, with the duck taste being there as compared to somehow erased at other places…

    Pork: Didn't manage to get a fair share of the meat but the flavour's there in the scraps that managed to make its way to my palate… wish there's more sauce there…

    Rice: "Bak Chang" reinterpreted… too bad it dried out fast though… otherwise it's worth the 2 weeks or so from your expiry date from the cholesterol…

    Fish: Wished there was more of the actual fish meat… but a nice upgraded version of yong tau foo… impressive, til it reaches your palate…

    Vege: Perfected simplicity… need I say more?

    Tea and fruits: one of the times where just plain water will do nicely, and have another vege dish…

  36. sophia

    Yay Becca!!!! Love your new blog, very clean and fresh…but which IDIOT doesn’t know what Nomad or Gourmand means? Seriously…can those people even read? Probably just to drool over your pictures…;-)

  37. J2Kfm

    Great new blog Becks!!! Happy for you. Clean layout and simple to navigate.
    I’ll update my blogroll later.

  38. cna training

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

    1. dna

      try the one in singapore at 5 guillemard rd lor.8 this shop uses flour instead of mud. opens evening till 11 pm call 96634568 for take away as it is often sold out

  39. Foodie on foot

    Nice! I found your blog through google while i was researching for beggars chicken. Worth the drive eh? I will check it out! Thank god for GPS coodinates!

  40. Calvin

    Will not go there again… went there for dinner at 6pm…begger chicken is not really superb as compared to other dishes…pig stomach soup was super expensive…with too too way too much of pepper which destroy watever u will be testing later…the worse part is…FLIES….i end up got food poisoning… will not go there again… ๐Ÿ™

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG!! Oh dear.. I agree that the chic is not as nice as the duck, but we didn’t notice flies or anything like that!

      1. dna

        try beggars chicken wrapped in flour instead of mud in singapore 5 guillemard rd lor.8 h/p 96634568

      2. rebeccasaw

        Thanks for the tip! I will if I’m in Sg! ๐Ÿ™‚

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