Boon Signature Roast Pork, Damansara Jaya – good siew yok (roast pork belly)

The art of making the “perfect” (perfect is subjective to preferences) siew yok (roast pork belly) and char siew (BBQ pork belly) is a revered skill that I’ve not mastered.
Besides, it is an arduous and tedious process that I do not care for with my current commitments.
Thus whenever I caught news of recommended outlets/stalls to enjoy good char siew or siew yok, I would make an effort to visit and try them personally.

Images of Boon Signature Roast Pork was making its rounds on social media recently. A few of my friends said it’s the “best siew yok” that they had had.
Since the location in Damansara Jaya isn’t far from home, I’ve made 2 separate lunch trips so far, during which I’ve shared different dishes with my friends. Both friends from both visits didn’t enjoy their meal though personally I did like the siew yok.

There were little inconsistencies which marred the eating experience, but perhaps it is forgivable since they are new.
In short, it was good for the siew yok, but nothing else. That’s just my personal recommendation of course.

Oh, exercise patience when dining here because service is slow and the staff hardly helpful.

Why was the siew yok good?
The obvious difference of Boon’s signature roast pork from the common “Chinese” version was the thicker, puffy, pork-croutons lookalike, except that these are still attached to the meat.

The overall taste would remind you more of the Western style preparation of roast pork belly, minus five spice powder.
The ratio of crunchy skin, soft fats and lean meat was pretty spot-on, fulfilling you with an ideal combination of crunch, juiciness and bite with every piece.
I’ve always had issues with roast pork that are overly salty and thus was glad that this wasn’t so. And the rice – I just love it. It was fragrant, not overly greasy and due to the ‘Japanese pearl rice’ (basically better quality than the standard cheap broken rice) served, the grains possessed a nice bite to them.
The red chilli condiment was decent. Do not bother with the side of Braised Pork (on the menu under ‘OTHER’, code 005) RM4.00+.

Signature Roast Pork Rice: RM8.90+ 
Verdict: Recommended – lovely crunchy skin, juicy fats and not overly salty meat.

Signature Char Siew Rice: RM8.90+ 
Verdict: Not bad. Nice caramelization, charred edges plus soft fats. Not overly sweet too.
Personally I would still head to Toast & Roast or Kong Yam Kong Sek for my char siew fix. This would be my 3rd choice though. 

The complimentary soup: This was unique and tasty so I enjoyed it on my first visit. Unfortunately on my second visit it has a weird smell. That was sad as I was really looking forward to the soup!

Premium Char Siew Bamboo Noodles – RM9.90+
Verdict: We enjoyed the texture of the noodles but felt that the gravy was just one dimensionally salty and not flavourful/tasty enough. 

Signature Roast Chicken Rice – RM7.90 +
Verdict: Chicken isn’t Boon’s forte. Enough said. 


Boon Signature Recipe
G Floor, #75, SS22/19, Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya 47400
OPENING HOURS: 08:30am – 03:30pm
Contact: +60 3 7731 8169
PRICE: RM8.90 (as a start) for a meal, minus drinks.


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