BK Pumpkin Burger @ Burger King Japan – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Konichiwa from Japan! How are you celebrating Halloween? As you know might know, I’m in Japan currently.

Halloween is a big thing in Japan. I was in Tokyo since 25th Oct and from pastry shops to Burger King and kiosks at the subway stations there are Halloween inspired merchandise on sale. The pastry and cakes shops here displays really cute cakes, cookies, puddings, tarts and confectioneries with pumpkin designs.


halloween pumpkin

I couldn’t resist this BK Halloween special – a pumpkin burger!
No, it’s not a pumpkin patty but a beef burger with grilled pumpkin rings. Topping it was 2 bacon streaks. All for Yen 290 – RM11.15 ( I got a cut out coupon that entitles me to 20 Yen off). Normal price is Yen 310 – RM11.90.

*Source of picture below: Google.

burger-king-pumpkin-burger 1

BK Pumpkin - Burger King Ikebukuro Japan (3)

Burger King Japan will be selling this seasonal BK Pumpkin Burger for a limited time only. BK Pumpkin consisted of 2 slices of grilled kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin) stacked atop 2 streaky bacon, lettuce, a beef patty topped with a special sauce made from sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts.

Even the bun is pumpkin-shaped (see the indentations across the bun?), and asking for a “Pumpkin Bomb” will get you 8 extra slices of kabocha.

BK Pumpkin - Burger King Ikebukuro Japan (4)

Taste wise?
The patty is pretty much as dry and cardboard-like as what you get back in Malaysia. Anyhow that’s  just the beef patty alone. The added Japanese pumpkin rings and pork bacon did help to elevate the overall taste a bit!

BK Pumpkin - Burger King Ikebukuro Japan (5)

BK Pumpkin - Burger King Ikebukuro Japan (1)

I love trying out fast food in other countries just so I can compare their menu to ours. In Japan, other than the BK Pumpkin, the specials ones are the Teriyaki Burger, the Roast Chicken Sandwich, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, DOUBLE PORK BBQ and the BK Double Bacon and Cheese! I was distracted by the pumpkin or else I would have tried the Double Pork BBQ for sure! 🙂

BK Pumpkin - Burger King Ikebukuro Japan (2)

Any of one tried Burger King/McDs/KFC in other countries? Which burger was most memorable to you? 🙂

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  1. Sean

    oooh, hopefully the BK pumpkin beef burger will be available in Malaysia some other year. i actually kinda like BK’s patties. well, relatively, compared to its competitors, heh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      MOS burgers are the best! 😛
      But yup, if you have to choose, BK is good. Else Carls Jrs.

  2. ulric

    Yea…BK patties r nicer than the big M’s…hehe =)

  3. tj

    Darn..why do we only have one burger king here in HCMC? Can’t believe I missed the BK pumpkin :s Great post, btw! That was my birthday too, u know! 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG happy belated birthday girl!
      Have a good trip ok, I’ll follow you via your blog 🙂

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