Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant, Aman Suria – really good fusion food!

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant is my current favourite makan place right now in Aman Suria area.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-008

I usually have my meals around this area as I lived nearby and though not popularly known, Aman Suria does offer a good variety of cuisine. I’m sure everyone’s familiar with Kayu, the porky-licious Betty’s Midwest Kitchen and that one of the best pork burger in town can be found right here at Andes BYO.
My usual chap fun coffee shop is in Aman Suria as well.
So yes, if you are in Aman Suria area, do holla me on twitter.🙂

I think Bird Man deserves a shout out for it’s excellent and creative cuisine. Each dish has a myriad of unlikely ingredients but so cleverly infused that it compliments one another. In fact, it makes each dish intriguingly contrasting in taste & texture.

Take this Unagi & Pork Sausage Omelette Rice (RM19.90 ) for example.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-004

The quality and the preparation of the eel was good for its price. It was in actual fact, marginally better than some Japanese chain restaurants I’ve been to!

I love the wonderful play of flavours and textures here; savoury porcine oiliness from the pork sausages, smoky glazed eel, briny popping ebiko (fish eggs), spicy & sour kimchi and creamy runny egg. The rice was basted in their customised sweet teriyaki sauce.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-005

That’s not all. Dig deeper into the rice and unfold crispy fried garlic, which adds pungency and aroma to the rice. Can you now imagine the taste of this once you mix all the ingredients up?
Utter deliciousness! 🙂

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-006

Bird Man also specialised in ramen and a range of almost 10 different preparation of ramen bowls gave us good reason to return again and again, especially when each bowl that we tried was well above satisfactory levels, even to my fussy standards.

The Korean Smoked Duck Ramen in Kimuchi Soup – ( RM20.90) didn’t give us any reason to complain. The usual flaws of overly salty smoked duck was thankfully absent here. The broth has a good balance of piquancy and spiciness.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-002

This is the Roasted Chicken Ramen in Miso Soup (RM13.90).  Only complain I have for the ramen here is the eggs, which is served hard boiled. I guess their kitchen is not equipped to make the “hanjuku” eggs — like the ones authentically found in more serious ramen joint like Marutama.

bird man cafe & restaurant-003

The broth was pleasantly savoury and flavourful; not too salty or overly strongly seasoned. Noodles are big in portion and deliciously springy.

bird man cafe & restaurant-004

If only they could have thrown in a properly made hanjuku egg; soft white and runny yolks…..that would have made all the ramen here perfect!
Anyhow, one can’t really complain. Each dish was worth the prices paid.

Ambiance -wise, it’s an ideal gathering place for friends, couples, family or among colleagues for a relax and delicious meal. Most importantly for me, there’s speedy, free WiFi!
For the hardcore readers. hardcopies of magazines are available too.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-007

Our usual order for drinks are the carrot, apple, mango, pear combo (RM6.90), (yes, only RM6.90!) which is not overly sweet with no water added. It’s a lovely drink, healthy and a quite an out-of-the-ordinary combo.
For the caffeine addict, Bird Man’s Iced White Coffee – RM3.80 is strong and thick enough to please.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-001

bird man cafe & restaurant-002

Other combos:

bird man cafe & restaurant-001

Shabu – Shabu Beef Rice – RM9.90. Takeaway is convenient wth these sturdy and reusable bowls. Yes, we take away a lot, since our work is primarily stuck to the front of the laptop and we are just too lazy to pack and unpack our workstations at times.

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-009

Their Shabu Beef Rice is one of the most worthy dish here. For RM9.90, beef is plentiful and there’s a whole egg, some vegetables, piquant kimchi plus a huge portion of rice!

Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant-012

Japanese Beef Ramen in Pork Soup – RM13.90 is hghly recommendable as well. Unfortunately, the picture is missing. No worries, I’ll order it again & take a picture soon!

Once I ordered their French Toast as a snack during a meeting and it ended up to be a meal on its own.  2 slices of french toast with 2 half boiled eggs, doused in cream sauce with pork bacon bits on top; all for about +- RM6!

birdman (1)

There were some misses in the menu though, such as this “Garlic buns with sesame seeds in sweet sauce”. Not recommended at all!

birdman (2)

Once I decided the Western menu a go.

This is my porkchop set, about RM20+-.

bird man cafe & restaurant-005

Overall the dish was a bit oily for me. The bun came with this rich sauce with cucumber cubes. It’s not mayo per se (almost sour-cream like, and it’s actually pretty nice, just that I’m very adverse to fatty sauces like this.

bird man cafe & restaurant-007

Besides french fries (which was very well fried and non-greasy), one of the sides is a big portion of potatoes smothered in Bird Man’s special sauce. It was very tasty, very well made potato salad but just too rich for me.

bird man cafe & restaurant-006

The pork itself is moist and juicy. Portion is huge too. Order this if you’re famished!

bird man cafe & restaurant-009

So if you’re ever in Aman Suria, do hop in to the Bird Man cafe! 🙂

The Bird Man Cafe & Restaurant (same row as Chatime & Kayu)
Aman Suria
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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  1. Sean

    oooh, so it’s like Japanese-Chinese-American fusion food! very brave! the french toast here looks wonderful, and i’m wondering whether a fusion french toast someday would be possible somewhere. french toast topped with unagi, foie gras & fish roe! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      unagi, foie gras and fish roe.. yums!! 😀

  2. ulric

    I heart d Unagi & Pork Sausage Omelette Rice, Roasted Chicken Ramen in Miso Soup and the Pork Chop set 🙂

    Their French Toast looks awesomely eggy 😀

    Yes…the combo of carrot, apple, mango, pear combo is unique…I like 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes yes.. when you’re in Aman Suria area again do let me know. And we can get tht Nelly’s pork burger too

    1. rebeccasaw

      Go many times or bring a whole gang with ya! 😀

  3. Choi Yen

    There is The Bird Restaurant at Kepong, don’t know they are related or not?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm.. I duno!
      Is the menu the same?
      I knw there is one in Kota Damansara

  4. Nekocane

    tried the bento set and unagi sausage omelette rice, love it .. pasta also one of my favorite, new shop located same row first floor above Watson. Best recommended japanese cuisine in Aman Suria.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh i havent gone back in a long long while! So they relocated!

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