Bintulu Day 1: Evacuating the plane, getting lost, throwing up – all in my “experiencing Bintulu weekend”!

Reminiscing Bintulu…

(this was a while back 😉 )

As you may know, it was my virginal trip to Sarawak just a few weeks ago for the Bintulu Tune Hotels launch. Accomodation & itinerary was all taken care of by Tune Hotels and the local travel agent.

The trip itself was exciting enough, since it’s my first time to Sarawak & Bintulu. A planned itinerary which includes a belacan (shrimp paste) making factory tour & Similajau jungle trek seems my cup of tea.

But the real drama started as soon as we boarded our plane. All rev-ed up for take-off, we were all suddenly told to evacuate the plane as one of the engines were facing problems!

Darn, we had to evacuate the plane and ended up stuck in LCCT boarding gate for the next 2 hours. When the plane finally took off, I was famished and darn glad to be served Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak on board Air Asia.
The Nasi Lemak  itself came in a pretty good portion and tastewise; well, can’t complain for airline food.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip

We landed at Bintulu airport an hour later.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-1

Bintulu Airport – small, clean and pretty modern.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-2

A quick pick-up from the chartered buses got us to Tune Hotels, Bintulu.

tune hotel bintulu sarawak (2)

Tune Hotels Bintulu,
Address: No.203, Lot 7923, Assyakirin Commerce Square, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak.
GPS coordinates: N03° 11.83′, E113° 03.34′

After a quick check-in, (read about the hotel HERE) , we were bundled off in the chartered vans again bound for Tatau, where we will be taking the boat to the longhouse.
The longhouse we were visiting belonged to the last remaining Tatau tribe of Sarawak. Our boat were supposed to depart from the Tatau jetty, and this was where the 2nd drama starts. The blur guide took us on a 1.5 hours journey to Sebauh, and only realized we are at the wrong jetty when we were waiting for the boat!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-4

Damn hopeless right? I haven’t had any food since the nasi lemak on board the flight, and it was nearly 330pm. I went into one of the closes shops, and vomitted my guts out. By then I was breaking out in cold sweat; dizzy from the heat & long ride & almost passing out from hunger. I’m not overdramatizing here, it was really that bad! 😥

Below: Very old school shoplots in Bintulu, one of which I was in the washroom vomitting my guts out.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-6

Anyway, to cut a long painful story short, we detoured and made the 3 hours reverse journey to Tatau.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-5

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-3

The “jetty” here actually has a schedule. It makes sense, when later in the evening, we saw groups of school students taking the boat back to their respective homes. For others, the boat is their primary mode of transportation back & fro from the jungle to town for food, supplies & etc.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-7

The boat is ..well, a boat powered by a basic motor. It feels like it can easily be overturned. And they were telling us that there are crocodiles in the river. Oh good god! 😉

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-8

Next thing we know, we were gliding through the murky waters of Sungei Tatau towards our destination; the last remaining Tatau longhouse in the Sarawak/Malaysia.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-9

Below: Sights along the way. An occasionally jetty or two, and mostly just green lush jungle on both sides of the river.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-10

After about 30mins or so, we caught sight of the Tatau Longhouse. YAY!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-11

A very warm welcome awaited us, and I felt better instantly! 😉

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-12

I was also pleasantly surprised that the Tatau tribe took the trouble to dress up in their traditional outfits for our entourage. Truly it was all about giving us the real, “authentic” experience!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-13

Even better, they greeted us with tuak, the Sarawak alcohol aka fermented rice wine.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-15

The heady sweet wine was really nice, and deceivingly pleasant to drink hence the tendency for one to down glass after glass. Next thing you know, you are already slightly tipsy; which was what happened to some of the guys in our entourage!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-14

A longhouse, as most of you are familiar with, is basically a communal housing that is home to almost 15-20 families at any one time.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-16

The entire length of the “living room”; which the area that meets you the moment you enter the longhouse, is for gatherings, festivals, performances and general community activities.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-17

We were served lunch, albeit a very late one; and everyone agreed that this was as authentic as it gets for a tribal experience!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-28

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-33

This is the very famous manok pansuh. Tender chicken meat infused with scent and flavours of lemongrass & ginger, which are some of the spices used for the preparation of this Sarawakian delicacy.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-46

They had the fish version as well.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-45

Meals are simple, where on normal days it’s just rice, one meat dish and vegetables.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-27

For us, they prepared so much more, of which we were all very grateful.
This is a sort of bamboo & jungle fern soup.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-22

And this is the typical vegetable dish, of which I can’t remember the name by now. Oopss..

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-24

All that was followed by some traditional desserts & snacks, which was all made in-house.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-29

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-30

It’s expected since they are the jungle tribe; and thus they are self- sustainable, growing their own crops, rice, and farming their own poultry.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-32

Drinks were funky too, with some that are not even available in Peninsular Malaysia. And yes, the Dester can below is beer!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-31

The kind Tatau tribe threw in some entertainment as well. This is little girl is a natural born performer. 😉

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-26

I roamed around the longhouse, and got myself educated with the structure of this traditional & time tested abode.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-44

From the communal living area, the inner domain of the longhouse is separated into private dwelling space for each family. Each of the doors above opens to a living room. Naturally, each living quarters are decorated differently, as it belongs to different families.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-38

Example: Home No.1

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-39

Example: Home No.2

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-25

Yes, it is quite modern. They do have TVs, proper sofas and cabinets. I was most tempted to ask if they’ve got satellite TV, but that would be just me being cheeky. Heh..

I moved on to the back of the house.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-19

The dining area (as above) is pretty spacious, and they have a separate cooking are further to the back (below).
Awesome isn’t it? They used actual firewood to cook!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-20

And bamboos!

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-21

A separate laundry/utility area. Yup, piped water is available.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-18

I stumbled upon this room, where jars of tuak are being fermented.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-23

Obviously I wanted to check out the toilet. And this shack below is it. Right at the end of the house. It wasn’t part of the longhouse and is a separate “unit”. I was stunned for while, staring at the door of the toilet and the chicken coop right beside it.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-34

And I was greeted by this sight upon shoving the door open. At this point Iwas just glad to see a toilet bowl & not a hole in the ground. Hahhaha….

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-35

Enough of the longhouse.
I ventured outside to enjoy the lush jungle and absolutely crisp air. It doesn’t take a city girl like myself to feel the difference. This is place that is almost never populated by vehicle exhaust fumes.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-36

Got myself a picture for rememberance. 😉

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-37

So patriotic. It was January when I was there and this flag was still flying high. I think it might actually be a permanent fixture.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-40

BBQ pit at the front of the longhouse. Not bad eh?

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-41

As the sun sets, we made our way back to Tatau jetty. ..

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-42

… in the same little motorboat over the same murky crocodile infested waters.

bintulu jan2011 Tune Hotel trip-43

All in all, my few hours in the longhouse made the minor drama in the earlier part of the day seems distant and insignificant. A long day it has been indeed, but a fruitful one nonetheless.

Thank you Tune Hotels for the absolutely eye-opening tribal experience!  😉

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  1. Sean

    Thank goodness for nice food and friendly hosts at the end of the first day! Hope u all scolded the guide properly for taking u to the wrong place! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha i want to do more than scold tht lady but she was lucky I was so weak! ;p

  2. FeeQ

    As usual, the photo turn out superb!

  3. J the chocoholic

    Poor thing – what a bad start to your trip but thank goodness it got better. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      I know right! But thank god lodgings at Tune Hotels was clean and comfortable. Imagine if I had to stay in that longhouse! Arghhh! Hehehehe……

  4. junsern

    haha looks fun! gotta make a trip there!

    1. rebeccasaw

      U sure?? But stay at Tunes. Around that area is pretty condusive.

  5. hitomi

    a total money-cant-buy experience in the almost tarnished traditional culture.

    GOodness hope you feel alright after throwing up. You looked so pale in the pic

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah indeed $ can’t buy!
      Yea..I looked damn pale right? And that was already after a few hours & I was quite recovered by then. Imaging me green in face durin the ride there!

  6. joycescapade

    The fern is called midin. 🙂 Midin Belacan is one of my favorite hometown dishes. 😉

  7. Elvi

    Hello, may I know which agency you have used to join the Tatau long house tour in Bintulu? What is the price?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Elvi,
      I think you emailed me on this right?

  8. Elvi

    Hi Rebecca,

    Did you reply me on email? Maybe I have overlooked it.

    Could you share with me how go you get to Tatau Long house from Bintulu Town? Because I am going there, wondering if the Tatau tribe will welcome us if we don’t have special arrangement. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Elvi

    Thank you. But I still didn’t receive it, not sure what’s wrong. I have subscribed to your blog and thought that I could get your reply. 🙂

    Anyway please re-send if this is not too much trouble for you, appreciated.

    Have a nice day.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sure sure I will. sending from my company email..

  10. khai

    Hi, may I also know which agency you have used to join the Tatau long house tour? and what about the price?

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