Bingsu Cafe – Uptown Damansara

Teatime on a Sunday: I had this enjoyable bingsu at the new Bingsu Cafe at Damansara Uptown yesterday.
It was the best respite from the sweltering heat though it was a costly one.

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara 5

The basic Injeolmi Bingsu (peanuts, soy powder, almonds & rice cakes (I think) & shaved ice cost RM12.90.
RM12 – 14 is pretty much equivalent to an affogato at most cafe, and by comparison I guess a bingsu is “more worth it”  since it comes with more toppings.
However I added a scoop of durian ice cream since I was hungry. The extra scoop cost RM9.40 (see the receipt – RM7.90 + RM1.50) so in total this bowl cost me RM22+.

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara 3

But the durian ice cream is gloriously pungent and rich. In fact I suspect that it is from a local ice cream outlet as it tasted very familiar! 🙂

In comparison this Blueberry Cheese Bingsu is RM17.90 (not mine). You can check out the image of the menu that I’ve attached at the bottom of this post for an idea of the offerings here and its prices.


My partner had an Affogato, which was served with the coffee already poured in. I felt that they should have served the coffee shot and ice cream separately for by the time the affogato reached us, it was already a glass of melted ice cream and coffee.

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara 1

The bill:

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara 6

The menu: What would your choice be? 🙂

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara

Location: Same row as POKC and Rekindle, facing the LDP highway.

bingsu cafe - uptown damansara 2


Bingsu Cafe,
No, 28 Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Uptown, PJ.
Tel: +603 – 7733 3086

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