Big Hug Burger @ SS15 Subang Square – what’s so good about it?

Onions imported from the Netherlands, fresh greens from an organic farm, 100% Australian beef, house baked buns, sauces made from scratch and food only cooked by professional chefs, not part timers.
All that and all I got was a bad taste in my mouth after visiting twice and eating a total of 7 burgers, even repeating their signature Big Hug Burger and Marios’ since I couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t the slightest bit impressed with it after my initial visit.

** The professional chefs remark was from their FB page – posted on 24th May 2013.
By the way I’m in support of the fair remarks made by How Kam Hing and Ong Wei Juin. 🙂

big hug burgers - SS15 subang facebook.bmp

big hug burgers - SS15 subang facebook.bmp-001

But of course, we must credit the owners for reassuring their customers that food here is prepared with highest quality control. Just like how some of us would mind having our hawker food cooked by foreign workers, I guess knowing that professionals chefs are handling my burgers did somewhat bolstered my confidence in this joint a little.
I mean, I do appreciate such dedication. You know professionals do not mess up your food.
Or so I thought.

My first visit was on 16th May 2013, a week before this FB status was posted. I didn’t know then my subpar burgers were prepared by professional chefs. Or perhaps they had part timers then?
Oh wait, they NEVER hire part-timers as cooks. My bad.

My Big Hug Burger – RM23 for set.
Impressive in size. And that’s about it.


Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-002

I would recommend the Big Hug Burger if you’re a person looking for a value meal. No doubt it would fill you up quite well.


Personally for me it wasn’t anywhere near “value for money”. Bite after bite it turned out to be merely mouthfuls of dough and batter from the deep fried chicken. I don’t deny there was chicken meat underneath all that flour, but please don’t be deceived that the actual chicken is as pictured.

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-008

The fries were heavily dusted with herbs resulting in very strong fragrance of herbs which gave me the initial impression that it would be as good as its looks. Regrettably they turned out to be were pretty bland and badly in need of salt.
Perhaps low-salt is in accordance with the philosophy of healthy eating by Big Hug, but healthy doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless right?
It could be argued that those fries are meant to be eaten with their housemade sauce, which indeed would have helped, if the sauce itself didn’t turn out as dismal as the fries. The sauce tasted too much like mayo for comfort.

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-005

While all the top domes of their buns here are nice and fluffy (trust me I would know after eating 7 of Big Hug Burgers’ burgers), the bottom part of the buns are a little dense and doughy, a sign that perhaps it wasn’t thoroughly baked through or a tweak in temperature/recipe is needed. A pastry chef friend of mine suggested that it could be due to proofing time.
Funny, considering that they only hire professionals in the kitchen. One would think they could get a simple bun recipe right.

We couldn’t finish the fries, nor the bun. The chicken wasn’t a problem, considering that there wasn’t much meat to begin with!

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-009

I love my greens and fruits, but bland tomatoes and hard pineapple slices were tough to swallow. I wouldn’t have minded sweet, ripe tangy pineapples.


My Mario’s Beef Burger (RM21 for set) was another set-back. If there’s any consolation, all the burgers does look appetizing. My only regret is the taste doesn’t quite match its appearance!

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-004

The Mario’s came with onion rings (which wasn’t one of the ingredients listed on the menu) and the sauteed shitake mushrooms were missing. I’m guessing one is to substitute for the other.
I would appreciate it if they have told us about the swap beforehand. I was expecting mushrooms and was surprised with the appearance of onion rings.
Nevertheless, I realized how lucky I was to have missed the shitake mushrooms this round, for during my 2nd visit my Mario’s was brimming with shitake mushrooms and they didn’t taste the slightest bit good!

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-006

I’m a fussy carnivore and I find the patty lacking in beefy flavour. Since they claimed that they uses Australian beef I suspect the grade and cut was the issue. It was also a tad on the dry side and in between some bites I even got bits of meat (suspected tendons) that just won’t disintegrate though I chewed rather laboriously.


My friend and I struggled through our burgers and both of us were perplexed. Such raving reviews online and those pictures of happy diners of Facebook – surely it was just an off day today? Even professionals have their low days right?

And so we spent another RM92 on 5 more burgers yesterday. And ate every single one of them with a bunch of burger loving friends just to be sure.

Big Hug Burger @ SS15 Subang Square

The Big Hug Burger was consistent. Large bun, more batter than chicken; except that this time I got a softer, sweeter piece of pineapple – thank God!
My complaints for the fries remained the same; a little bit more salt would really help. And no, the homemade sauce (that was packed for us in little tubs) didn’t make it any better.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-003

We cut this into 4 to share. One particular quarter was just batter. As pictured below, there wasn’t much meat to justify the price paid.

the Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-011

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-013

My Mario’s Beef Burger finally had sauteed shitake mushrooms and no onion rings, just as how it was described on the menu.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-005

I wished they had kept the onions rings instead. The shitake mushrooms tasted like dried Chinese stir-fried mushrooms commonly used in chinese cuisine and totally wrecked the taste profile of the burger. I love mushrooms and I think mushrooms in burgers are fabulous, but a different type of mushroom or a different recipe for cooking these shitake may have worked better.
Anyhow that’s just my 2 cents. After all Big Hug Burger are manned by professional chefs. One wouldn’t want to argue with the pros.


Remember the lower part of the buns that I mentioned earlier that was a bit dense and doughy? I have them highlighted as below just in case you missed my point.

marios beef - Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-008

The same can be seen on the Lamb Burger we bought. The top domes fluffy but bottom flat and dense.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-007

And yes, the lamb burger. Which didn’t taste anything like lamb. And one of my fans on my FB page thinks so too.

big hug burger comment.bmp

Just like he said, the onions were too sweet. And the professional chefs of Big Hug Burger finds it necessary to add copious amount of it in every burger. Even the salmon one. Which again, totally killed the taste of the overall burger. Especially when such a meager portion of salmon was tucked in between the buns.
The result? All I tasted was bread and onions. This Salmon Burger cost us RM14.00 by the way.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-009

And since I’m complaining, I would like to add that the onions were not really caramelized, but tasted more like it was pan fried. For all it’s worth, I don’t think you need onions from the Netherlands to make good caramelized onions.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-010

The saving grace? The Crispy Fish Burger – RM12.00. Minus the offensive mushrooms and onions. Heck, that’s probably why it tasted good.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-001

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-012

The onion rings weren’t too bad either since there were actual onions inside. If I were to nitpick I would add that it was too greasy and for some of the rings the onions itself wouldn’t disintegrate as I chewed, leaving behind a stringy filament in my mouth which I had to dispose of into my napkin.

Big Hug Burger at SS15 Subang Square-006

While I offer due respect to the owners for their unwavering passion for providing good food using quality ingredients and spreading love and homeliness with their outlet, I have to say that overall it came across as more hype than anything.
I won’t deny that the ingredients are fresh, but the cooking/preparation methods and choice of components within a burger could probably do with some tweaking. And please, those mushrooms.. really.

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-001

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang

To be fair, I didn’t quite fall in love with Burger Junkyard’s burgers immediately but with their current improved recipes and new burgers, BJ had since became one of my favourite burger joints so who knows, I might have a change of heart for Big Hug Burger too.
Since I have sampled the chicken, beef, lamb and both fish burgers, I’ll won’t be revisiting anytime soon but I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for anything new from them that might be worth trying.



If you have been here and enjoyed the burgers, do let me know if your burger were anything like mine. Any feedback; positive or otherwise – I’ll like to hear it from you! 🙂

Big Hug Burger
CT-G-03, Subang Square Corporate Tower
Jalan SS 15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Hours: 12.30pm – 10.30pm. Close on Sundays.
NOTE: Its within the building that houses the MiddleSex University.

Big Hug Burger - SS15 Subang Square - burgers in subang-010


All the hate comments down here? They are FAKE! 🙂
Post: Follow up visit: 3rd round for The Big Hug Burger
The TROLLS – I think it’s ONE delusional and bitter person. Can you guess who? 

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  1. Kevin

    i’ve tried 2 of their burgers, the honolulu and mario beef. I would say that its better than the grind, but falls short comparing to burger junkyard and myburgerlab. However what irked me was that the manager told me that her burgers are prepared by prof chef, not students, like myburgerlab.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Kevin
      Thank you for leaving a comment! I really appreciate hearing from people such as yourself who had actually ate at a few burger joints and thus are well informed to make comparisons.
      Beef to beef I still prefer the Grind as it wasn’t so dry and at the Grind i didnt get tendons and chewy parts. As for chicken, I havent tried the Teriyaki one at The Grind (there was only one chic burger the last few times I went).
      And for that part-timers remark; i didn’t think it was nice either of her to say it. Did she actually mention myburgerlab when she said it to you?

      1. Kevin

        yes, she mentioned myburgerlab when making the students remark.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Not so professional. Maybe only her chefs are professionals! 😛
        Anyways, thanks for commenting! Follow me on my burger -eating adventures! I got to know 2 more outlets are opening soon *wink*.
        One at SS!5 also, another in Bangsar!
        Let’s eat burgers and be merry 😀

      3. Kevin

        Yea I will definitely follow your blog for more burger adventures. In fact your blog has helped me quite a bit in my burger hunt, have tried more than 50 burgers in KL, hope to double that amount by the end of this year.

    2. Sam

      professional chefs couldn’t even top a bunch of students. memalukan wei

      1. rebeccasaw

        Anyways, which bunch of students are we talking about here? LOL.

      2. Sam

        The bunch of students that started the charcoal burger craze 😉

      3. rebeccasaw

        Hahah we all know who’s the original of this charcoal burger craze right? 😛

  2. Mic

    I went with a bunch of friends just now. But the taste of the cheezy Chicken Big Hug is awesome. I’m not a cheezy lover but that was so nice. The place is comfortable as well. We had our celebration there and that place was definitely a very nice place to chill around Subang.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Mic, I’m glad you guys enjoyed your time there! I totally agree the ambiance is ideal for friends and family gatherings over some burgers. I don’t think the Big Hug has cheese – it was some curry like sauce wasn’t it?

      1. Mic

        Nope.. Is big hug cheesy chicken 🙂 have a try on that. Is really awesome

      2. rebeccasaw

        Glad tat you liked it!
        That should be my next order perhaps 🙂

      3. Tom Tom

        Curry like sauce? You must be a real dumb ass !Cannot even differentiate cheese and curry sauce.Your brain must be in your asshole!

      4. ulric

        There’s a curry-like taste to the the deep-fried chicken batter…who’s d dumbass now? Ur asshole must be in ur brain…u bloody troll! 😛

  3. ulric

    Unfortunately they are not getting any big hugs from me…the only reason I would go there is for their dory fish burger…by god their Mario’s beef burger really pales in comparison to even those served in porky Burgertory n The Grind Burger Bar…not even in d same stratosphere as MyBurgerLab n Burger Junkyard! :p

    1. rebeccasaw

      After all the burgers u had, you would know!
      And yes, Big Hug shouldn’t be compared to MyBurgerLab or Burger Junkyard! Not for now anyways.

  4. Jay

    One of the myburgerlab staff told me that they use MSG and tenderizer for their burger patties, it is not good for health..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Whoa! That’s not good. But ermmm I don’t work at myburgerlab so I won’t know. And why would their staff tell u such things?? LOL

      1. RenYi

        Hi Jay,
        I am Renyi, co founder of myBurgerLab. Let me 1st clarify that we do not use artificial MSG or tenderizers in processing our meat.

        However, to say one’s food does not contain MSG of any form is a lie. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids in our daily food. It is the same chemical that creates the fifth taste: Umami.

        Look up about Umami flavours and you will find that as long as we consume Tomatoes, Seaweed, Parmesan Cheese, Mushrooms, Prawns, Carrots, Potatoes (the list can go on), we will be consuming MSG in its NATURAL form, which of course is safe to consume.
        The bad rap that MSG gets in general is when one consumes too much of it. But like everything else, too much of a good thing can be bad (ie sugar, salt).

        Although we do not use tenderizers in our meat. It is also good to know that tenderizers too are a naturally occurring chemical in fruits and vegetables. One good example is Pineapple, marinate your beef or chicken in real pineapple bits for a couple of hours and get the softest/juiciest steak/chicken ever.

        I trust that your source of information must have miscommunicated. But at least now you know.
        #ScienceRocks #GeeksAreAwesome

        The Lab Geek.

      2. Mel

        LOL..Don’t believe a word u wrote.U are such a liar .My friend used to work for you as a part-timer. Your burgers are like Shit and nothing compared to many burger joints. Even Kaw kaw burgers on the roadside are better than burgers in my burgerlab.

      3. Sam

        Dear Mel,

        let the amount of patrons at myburgerlab speak for itself. 🙂

    2. Terrorist from pakistan

      IF u ever talk bad about MBL ever ever again, I will find u out and kill u!! if u dont like sth dont be jealous, get a fucking life, LULULELO!!!!

  5. Jay

    Hehe.. Burgerlab employ a lot of part timers leh.. Many of them go round spreading what they do.

    1. Jason

      I am a college student from Taylor’s , I too was told tt burgerlab use a lot of artificial substance like tenderizer to make their meat soft and a lot of msg . Burgerlab burgers are so so only la and unlike d burgers we eat in junkyard ,crayon or big hug . Plenty of seats and you don’t have people standing at your table waiting for u to finish your burger and the service is so bad! Big hug burgers are a niche man!

      1. ulric

        I am sorry to say that the beef n chicken burgers at Burger Junkyard, Burgertory and The Grind Burger Bar tasted way better than Big Hug’s…but MyBurgerLab is still No. 1 in my book…so go figure! 😛

  6. Marcus91

    Hey, u are such a sour grape blogger who purposely messed up bighug burger food and took pics of them and bad mouth their food. I saw ur blogs.. Are u paid by my burgerlab ? U was asked to go and eat 8 burgers! Waloa! Piggy bitch! Joking joking

    1. ulric

      Telling a person that she’s a piggy bitch and saying that u r joking…is tat all you can think off? Such childish n trollish behaviour…tsk tsk tsk!

      1. Kayden

        Buah cempedak di atas pagar,
        Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
        Dia budak kolej baru belajar,
        Kalau salah, Ulric tolong tunjukkan

  7. AlexChin

    You are such an unprofessional blogger who say bad things on bighug burger. My whole family love coming to bighug and their food is not what u wrote .U must be a terrible eater who know nothing about healthy food. Boycott Rebeccasaw.. How do you like it? My son and all his friends love going to big hug and we went to quite number of burger joints and we hate to line up in burgerlab and their burgers are lousy , bread so dry and their awesome fries are not so awesome,greasy are like mcd..the pics u put up are tampered and u are such a terrible blogger. Take it fr an uncle who have travelled all over the world . My advice to you is you better watch what u write. Spreading scandals is a no no thing!

    1. ck

      since she is spreading the scandals..boycott her!!

      1. ulric

        Since I was the walk-in customer accompanying this blogger and took my own photos of their burgers…are you saying my photos sucks too? O.o

        The burgers and fries are lousy at MyBurgerLab? Are you sure you went to the correct one since I’ve tried 10 of their burgers and liked them all…along with their fries =)

        I smell a troll in you…a Big Hug teddy troll! 😛

      2. rizal

        My sayang love the big teddy , do u smell a troll, toyol u! Stop calling people names .Not only your photos sucks, bet your toyol muka sucks too..rebecca look sexy in her pics

      3. ulric

        Dear rizal…if u sayang d teddy…u r not a troll…if u throw insults…then u r a troll…since u never seen my photos…it looks like u r a foolish n childish troll…how can u criticise if u have never seen d photos…lolz!

    2. Kayden

      Dear Alex,
      Calling Becky unprofessional, you should take a look at your own post. It is unprofessional of you to be dissing another person’s opinion. I am sure Becky has eaten at FAR more places than you. And being someone who has also tasted their burgers, I would say it’s just so-so. But again, I respect your opinion and that you love the place to bits, both you and your family. And, by saying that Ulric tampered with his pics to make them look bad, now it really shows that you are being biased AND unprofessional. Uncle, due to work, studies and clinical training, I have traveled to over 40 countries and resided in 10 of them including the US (the country with the best burgers), I can tell you that being well traveled and being able to comment on food are two very different things. If you are a tour group junkie uncle who goes to where the guide brings you, then sad to say, you cannot call yourself a gourmet.
      And please, don’t WARN people to watch what they write, it’s her own goddamn opinion so respect that. What you going to do? Sue her? Or spank her with your favorite salted fish?

      1. hazel

        Calling uncle salt fish? At least he is honest and not only to him , but to many of us , even though we are still in college, many of us personally feel that u and ur troll snd cronies are biased and opinionated . Just my opinion.

      2. ulric

        Dear hazel…the dear uncle comment starts of giving constructive criticism but ends with threats n insults…do u condone tat?

      3. Kayden

        The problem with English and kids nowadays. Hazel, I asked Uncle Alex whether he would like to spank Becky with a piece of salted fish since he disagrees with her thoughts on this matter, I DID NOT call him Uncle Salted Fish (both very different connotations). I respect his honesty, but what I do not respect are his threats.
        In regards to me being biased, yes, I am biased towards good service and good food (can’t blame me for that), and about being opinionated, I have been told that as well but you know, anyone nowadays has an opinion. It’s just a matter of whether you respect mine. If you don’t, then don’t offer yours. Learn to give and take, it brings you places in life, kiddo.

  8. Susan

    I quite agree with what Alex wrote. If you know the owner who run Big hug, You will love her. She used to run an Art school , kindi and also a before and after school. She is well known for her charitable heart for she used to feed many hungry single parents kids and kids from broken homes. She still goes to the Orphanages to hug babies ,hence Big hug is the name of her restaurant. My friends and I run restaurants in Bangsar and in the Klang valley and we went to her place a week ago and ate her burgers.We are impressed and her chef even cooked us a vegetarian burger which was not on their menu.Rebeccasaw, you are just a small fry in the food industry. Be proffessional, and don’t be too hasty in giving your comments and until and unless you have proven yourself , SHUT UP!

    1. ulric

      Telling people to SHUT UP when people are voicing their opinions is professional? Tat something new to me. O.o

      I m a walk-in customer who went with tis blogger to try 5 of their burgers…and only found their dory fish burger and onion rings to be good…the Big Hug Chicken burger was ok…but their lamb, beef and salmon burgers were disappointing…I had high hopes for them =(

      Since her review was after 2 visits…hasty does not come into mind…food consistency does!

      People who are kind-hearted do not make negative and adverse comments on their competition…go figure!

      1. Cindy Tong

        Ulric, i have to agree that the lamb, beef n salmon not quite there… And yes onion rings and dory are good…well there more room for inprovement for big hug and im sure she will do something about it!

      2. ulric

        Here’s hoping that they will…instead of wasting energy putting down their competition…they shud focus on how to make their burgers better…if they do I will definitely try their lamb burger again! =)

      3. Cindy Tong

        yes it would be great if they start putting effort to make improvement!

    2. rain

      Dear Susan,
      What Rebecca had expressed was her honest&sincere opinions on the burgers that she had bought from big hug burger,not the person.I do not see any relevance on your comment pertaining to this post that shes has written.Besides,Any individual that strive to be better everytime will know how to take criticisms constructively,think about it,and make improvements/solutions on the matter.
      *taste,level of expectations,texture&quality judgements differs from each one of us.

      1. ninento

        Looks more like the pictures taken had been tampered to make the burgers look bad..not like the pictures that had been sent on instangrams and foursquares sent by my friends who love their burgers to bits!Like, Susan, my friends and I know the owner and we are not trolls( lol) but we personally feel that what Rebecca has done is unjustified…long live big hug..hehe

      2. ulric

        The photos were not tampered with cose I took my own photos when I walked-in with tis blogger to get d 5 burgers…and my definition of trolls is when commenters start calling and insulting bloggers just bcose their fav restaurant received a bad review…constructive criticism pls…not name calling! =)

  9. Jon

    Big Hug cronies butthurt. ^

    1. ninento

      U cronie of…??

      1. ulric

        We are cronies of MyBurgerLab, Burger Junkyard, The Grind Burger, Burgetory etc…so figure it out =)

      2. ninento

        U troll and wonder..u call everyone like u .My 2 cents worth only la..still learning from u.College ma.

      3. ulric

        Dear ninento…if u like Big Hug…u r neither a troll or a crony…if u r throwing insults n calling people bad names…then u better check in d mirror…btw I did say I liked their Crispy Fish Burger n Onion Rings…tat does make me a crony…a crony of Big Hug?

  10. tristupe

    the chicken burger looked like something from KFC.

    Did they get the chef (full timer) from KFC?

  11. IcedNyior

    Big Hug, big butthurt?

    Food is subjective thing. some might like it, some might not. Rebecca already wrote what she likes and prefers. Its just too bad Big Hug doesn’t match up to her preference and expectations. Im sure everyone has their favourite burger joint and will “defend it to the death” but slamming one blogger is hardly the way to go. LOL

    1. ulric

      Yep…food is a subjective thing and you can’t form opinions if you have not tried the other burger joints…I did…and I enjoyed the experience…but not the teddy trolls tat Big Hug sent to this blog…hehe =)

  12. Wilson

    Reviews are reviews man. Best to go and try it out on our own. First hand experience rulezzzzz

    1. ulric

      Agreed! Pls try Big Hug, MyBurgerLab, Burger Junkyard, The Grind Burger Bar, Crayon Burger and the others and let us know wat u think…I m sure u will find positives in all of them…I sure did…but sadly Big Hug is not so huggy after all based on the trolls they’ve sent out to tis blog…hehe 😛

  13. Kelly

    There are a few valid points she made and we can clearly see in the photos: eg. Chicken patty mostly batter little meat, dense bottom buns, not-very-caramelized onions etc. Taste can be subjective but the basics components should be easily perfected since they only hire professionals/full-timers right? P/S: I think the energy is best spent on improving the burgers, than sending out the troops to attack one honest review.

  14. troll

    i wonder if “professional” equals to be Michelin Star qualified…
    Lots of politicians did charity too 😀

  15. Fui

    Big Hug burger didn’t hire any part timer for cooking, but hire bunch of part timers for spamming and trolling? LOL

  16. triplexpresso

    Individual’s tastes differ greatly. I for one don’t think that the street food in Penang is that great. You can find equally good stuff anywhere in Malaysia. Having said that, I don’t expect everyone to share my views. In fact, most Malaysians I know don’t and brand me a blasphemer of street food.

    I am very sure it took Becky a long time to edit and recompose this post again and again so as to state her views in a very methodological way and to ensure that there are no baseless claims. I don’t see why there’s all this hate going on.

    Chill people, some swear by Kin kin chili pan mee while there will be others who insist that Super kitchen has the best version. Celebrate our diversity (tastebuds, race, culture etc.) instead of creating animosity. Peace out 😀

  17. nizman

    Stop bickering bro..we want to frainchise big hug..and are waiting for them to come back.Love their concept.

    1. ulric

      Good luck in ur franchising effort! =)

      1. alfonso

        Thanks bro..we love that place and want to franchise. Still waiting for their answer.Been there on 4 times , always packed .

      2. troll

        if you judge a place based on its crowd (in your sentence – always packed), then MyBurgerLab won it hands down, months ago =D

  18. InsightfulCritic

    Interesting topic we have here. I for one have been to most of the named burger places here. Also, Ive been keeping an eye on this new fnb industry for fun’s sake.
    To be fair, as some of the people here pointed out, taste IS a matter of preference. And everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they have the facts to back it up.
    While this review may not be favorable to BigHug, so what? Work harder to have 20 more favorable reviews. Bickering here and name calling has no place in today’s society.
    I for one, enjoy BigHug’s burgers (Damn good chicken burgers!). But guess what? I also happen to enjoy BurgerLab’s burgers too. WOW, big surprise right? Not really. At the end of the day, it’s burgers we are debating here, not fine dining.

    But let’s not forget something. BurgerLab started the trend (in this case, we are talking about gourmet burger joints not street burger). They have since stayed humble and courteous to their legion of fans, and also ‘trend followers’.
    We wouldn’t be enjoying Burgertory, BigHug, Junkyard burgers if not for them. I personally thank them for the choices given to us the public.

    So, let’s stop bickering and enjoy life and good burgers! Cheers!

    On a side note: I have been observing BurgerLab’s social media interaction which I have to say, they are the most humble business I’ve come across. Here is an example of how you do good social media: (

    1. ulric

      Agreed! Sending big teddy trolls to comment attack on unfavourable blogs is a no-no in social media interaction…btw I enjoyed Big Hug’s Crispy Dory Fish Burger =)

  19. Trolls?

    Hi Rebecca 🙂

    I visited Big Hug today and tasted their lamb burger. Because I’m not a picky eater and I can’t claim myself as a PROFESSIONAL, here’s my two cents on Big Hug burgers.

    I ordered their lamb burger and I’m very satisfied with it. The charcoal bun was fluffy for both top and bottom (not as dense as you stated). The patty was really juicy with the cheese and mayo. Not to forget the cherry tomatoes,fresh lettuce and super awesome onion rings. Full of flavor in every bites. The fries itself were all in their best state and not as greasy as other burger joints I had.

    Two of my friends had their chicken and fish burgers and they love it too. I had try Burgertory and Fat Boy Burger but not BurgerLab or Junkyard Burger hence I dont think it’s good to compare since Burgertory and FatBoy served pork burgers which are pretty much different.

    What i love most about Big Hug is their really nice and friendly staff which includes the owner herself. She will be in the store everyday to make sure of the quality of their burgers are top. And the ambience of the whole restaurant is just too cosy! I’m sure you will agree with me on that.

    I had my time at Big Hug, and I hope you will in the future. Cause every friends that visited the restaurant really tell me lots of good feedbacks of them. I will certainly looking forward for more reviews from you.

    PS: I think it will be nice of you to ask your friend “Ulric” (if he is), to stop calling people names like TROLLS. It’s not nice to be called names you know. And we are certainly not trolls. We are just readers who wanna share our opinions. No one is ever right or wrong. And I’m sure no one likes to be judge just because of our comments. You are a blogger yourself and I’m sure you will know how it feels. I think we need more respect here.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    1. NotATrollToo!

      Lol. So the ‘trolls’ calling her a bitch is ok? Don’t be so double standard la! Surprised you criticized Ulric and not the other name callers. You are obviously related to the owner trying to buy some grace back for her. TOO LATE. The owners of the store obviously put up a front for the general public but behave otherwise when they can hide their identity.

      1. Trolls?

        Aww! It’s so sad that everyone try to become a keyboard warrior by criticizing and judging other honest readers 🙁 Even being honest in the blogosphere is wrong nowadays. Why can’t I voice out my opinions without being bash? I said NOTHING about Rebecca because i respect her as a blogger. As for Ulric, it’s just that I cant stand how he commented like everyone who wrote about Big Hug are trolls. I did not once mention that calling name are good and i disagree with those who call the blogger a “bitch”. It’s unethical. Writing my personal opinion and immediately I am related to the owner?? So can I say everyone who agree with Ulric or Rebecca are their cousin’s sister’s brother’s friend’s father’s son?

      2. NotATrollToo!

        Lol. Welcome to the Internet.

      3. ulric

        Honest readers do not call n insult the blogger tat they r reading their articles from…give constructive criticism…once u start calling n insulting people…tats a definition of a troll…dun expect respect if u dun give respect…nuff said =)

    2. Kayden

      Dear Trolls and Not a troll,
      If you DO NOT want to be labelled a troll, at least use your first name to post.
      For a guy, it shows you have balls. For a girl, it shows you have ovaries.
      All it takes is an IP sniffer to see that some comments are posted from the same computer

    3. selvester

      You hv my respect! And you have said it well ..

  20. Jiamin

    Dear Rebecca,
    They hire part-timers but just not for the related things because they believe in quality control.
    And honestly, hadn’t quite an amount of us experienced this before? Going to a restaurant then later on when we go back there for the second round…the taste was different. I’ve experienced this many times…and I believe it’s just how owners choose the alternative of going the low-budget way and save cost from hiring part-timers and foreigners…and when one leaves or a new batch come in…the taste of the food changes again just like those franchise restaurants.
    I believe that their point of not hiring part-timers as chef is a way of ensuring quality control in the food they produce.
    And secondly… I wasn’t sure how your lower bun tasted like but if you were having thoughts of the bun not being baked thoroughly or so, why dint you go and tell them or asked them about it and kept silently? And the same goes to the onion rings and mushrooms too..If your order wasn’t right why you go ahead and tell them about it? I believe in customer rights and I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely on who’s fault but…if you found out that wasn’t what you order you should’ve voiced out, in my personal point of view.
    And I personally think no matter’s not so much of who who had started it.
    Charcoal bun existed loooong ago before BurgerLab started having charcoal buns but it was a hit because charcoal buns were one of their main selling point? Timeline flooded with black buns.
    But.. I really do think…it really comes back to..which taste better and not who started it.
    I’m a big fan of food..and I love to eat so so so much…especially when it comes to burgers.
    I don’t know about others..but having the thought that there’s no preservatives, tenderizers in my burgers gives me an extra confidence in whatever im eating. And the one thing I like about big hug is they use olive oil…not to say that burger is a healthy meal in comparison to all the other food.
    But…if I had a choice to pick between a healthier one and a maybe not so healthy one…I might opt for the healthier one.
    I love food and I believe that a lot of us Malaysians love food as well and I believe that everyone have their personal liking on how they want their food to be and I’m entirely not against Rebecca on how she’s writing it because I believe she own her taste buds as well. I’m just voicing out my personal opinions here on what I think about what she had wrote above.

    1. ulric

      Dear Jiamin…tis is wat is needed…constructive criticism…not name-calling n insult after insult from teddy trolls…if u have been following tis blogger…u will know tat we are burger freaks…but in d end our opinions n taste is our own…no one is gonna change tat =)

      1. Jiamin

        Dear Ulric,
        Okay…teddy trolls? Okay…end of the is something really subjective…everyone have different views and comments about it. And at the same time..if one choose to take sides, it’s their choice because they personally liked it so much that they got attached to it.
        At the same point, just like how Rebecca personally likes BurgerLab more than the others. It’s not a fault, end of the day…the food still goes into your decides whether you like or not.
        Everyone personally had taken sides on food stalls they like and it’s just a natural instinct to protect what you like. The same theory applies to everything else, just like how we often prefer one stall over another and visit that one store at a more frequent basis.
        And reading the posts and comments I personally just thought it’s a little mean to call other ‘Teddy Tolls’ just because they had choose to take their sides on what they personally likes.

      2. ulric

        Dear Jiamin…I got no prob with people taking sides…but I GOT a problem when people start throwing insults, threats and name-calling…’teddy trolls’ is a little mean compared to the other names being thrown about here? U sure? =)

      3. Jiamin

        Yeah..that’s why I said previously when people go overboard and take sides then it’s not nice.
        Teddy Trolls and other like “Bi***” etc etc are all name calling as well.Just because other did so doesn’t mean the others should be influenced to do so too.

        Just saying that…when it comes to food critic, people can just say all the want..end of the day it’s still the food quality that counts.

        No hate dude, cheers 🙂

      4. ulric

        Dear Jiamin…agreed tat we all are able to find positives from all the burger joints we have visited…but as u can see from the latest comments below…some people just dun get it and deserve to be called ‘teddy trolls’ by the way they insult and call names just bcose they disagree on tis blogger’s opinion…as u said…in the end it’s ur own preference tat counts! =)

    2. InsightfulCritic

      “They hire part-timers but just not for the related things because they believe in quality control.”
      “I don’t know about others..but having the thought that there’s no preservatives, tenderizers in my burgers gives me an extra confidence in whatever im eating. And the one thing I like about big hug is they use olive oil…not to say that burger is a healthy meal in comparison to all the other food.”

      >This is a good point you made. Indeed it’s true what you say, quality control is a rare thing these days. And for BigHug, hiring chefs is a smart way to go, and it shows in their food. I get it, they are proud of their chefs, but how they come across while trying to promote their chef’s capability is something I cannot fathom. Read on.

      Unfortunately, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to share this part of my experience at BigHug, but here goes: We were approached by the lady owner mid-meal asking how the burgers were. We responded kindly and she then proceeded to explain in detail ingredients they used and how professional their chefs are. This was all fine by us until, she started mentioning Burgerlab (just as she did to Kevin on the 1st post^: “However what irked me was that the manager told me that her burgers are prepared by prof chef, not students, like myburgerlab”). As I recall, she mentioned to us 3 things: “Burgerlab hires part timers who don’t know what they are doing. Also, they use msg and other ingredients which are not healthy. And finally Burgerlab owners are jealous of them.”

      We were taken aback by her random bashing of a competition to us that we just kept quiet. She then proceeded to check on other tables and in the same manner decided to take swipes at BurgerLab whenever she could.

      From our own experience, we felt it was completely unethical and unprofessional. So, yes, BigHug burger, you serve good burgers using good chefs. Be confident in that! Why on earth are you comparing yourself to a bunch of part timers in BurgerLab!?

      As far as I know, given our experience above, I would only trust this lady in regards to her opinions about her own chefs. Clearly, she, for whatever reason it is, has a clear vendetta on BurgerLab and I’ll take her claims of BurgerLab to be with a huge grain of salt.

      Just like Gregory, it was due to her claims that I took an extra interest in BurgerLab and looked up on them, and the more I found out about them, the more I was impressed by what they do and how they handle themselves.
      If she had just kept things to herself, I could have been a more regular customer at BigHug (cause I really can’t stand that crazy queue at BurgerLab).

      Anyway I wish both businesses best of luck and may they both find peace in what they do.

      1. Kevin

        I agree with what you have said. Big Hug might serve good burgers, but the burgerlab-bashing is totally uncalled for. Stay professional.

      2. Kayden

        To the owner of Big Hug (who am I sure will be reading this since you are the new LDG-that’s referring to the Les Deux Garcons fiasco), I hope what the poster wrote was untrue. I am a neurosurgeon, and I never badmouth another doctor, in particular another surgeon’s handiwork although I do drop hints if things were not done adequately/properly since a person’s life is at stake, not a burger. You don’t go around telling your customers THE OTHER place uses such and such ingredients, who they hire etc. For me, I feel that the honorary title of “Artisan Burger Pioneer” of Malaysia should be The Daily Grind, with Burgerlab simply creating the needed fad, with a special mention for Ramly Burger. No matter how good your burgers are, you are just on par with the other shops like Burgertory, Kaw Kaw Burger etc.
        So, don’t hate. Create a great product and people will keep coming back

      3. Jiamin

        Dear Insightful critic,

        I’ve never came across such description before from the Manager, Aidelle and so from there I can’t say anything regarding your experience at BigHug.
        But if that was the scenario happened during your visit, I’ll have to say that clear out comparison example on quality and services is not entirely but having the name hanged up in the examples given is actually something very normal in other countries.(Maybe not in Malaysia)
        I have seen advertisements from so many other brands, especially automobiles having their names stated and mentioned with all their specs then an in-depth comparison. I think it’s just one’s individual of how a person takes on the critic. And as long you are confident with your product why not let others critic? I personally think critic is what brings improvements in a way.

        But back to the point, I wasn’t there during your visit and I couldn’t judge or comment on how was it..tone..expressions and it all plays a big role. But If you were to say plain comparison between one brand and another, I think it’s a healthy competition. Why Burgerlab? Because it’s easy..admit that they were probably the first one to started out the burger in burgers exist long ago but they were the first to come up with ‘ONLY BURGER’ kind of thing in Malaysia (minus fast food chains).

        But..when it comes to critics and comments…it’s all of personal point of views.
        And it’s not about who started and all…but it’s who makes the best 
        Just like the Taiwanese big fried chicken chop fad quite a while ago..which has now subside a little…end of the day..what people opt for is the one they personally like better. Same applies to bubble tea as well 
        Simple…reading all the posts above..and all the previous comments…I just don’t see why the hate? As in…everyone own their taste buds and we can’t judge one about another person’s views on what they personally think about the food. But reading the blog post and what Rebecca had previously commented, regarding the imported ingredients and …full time chefs just gave me a different thought. I’m not commenting about her taste of burgers and all’s just how she approached the issue wasn’t quite right.

      4. ulric

        Dear Jiamin…I would like to point out that the imported ingredients and full-time chefs statements were loudly proclaimed by Big Hug…if you proclaim such things loudly…make sure you live up to it…just my 2 cents worth =)

      5. jojo

        Sage words, Jiamin..d way rebeccasaw approahed the whole issue is totally just not right and people are not ill informed and by googling her blog, one would think that she is paid by yunno who la..or she has something against d owner of the restaurant..looked like a plotted attack to many who loves that place esp. the ambiance and their burgers are really superlicious !’?Notice that many are proffessionals and they all seem to know the owner and her husband. Orders and reservations were made way ahead and could see that the owner of the place is a warm and dedicated person .Overhead one customer teasing her, could be her associate that it is just her hobby. Nice place to hangout! Go burgers!

    3. terrence

      Totally agree ! Well said.

      1. terrence

        Jiamin is a level headed person and has phrased it all.Salute !Totally agree.You have my respect 🙂

  21. Gregory

    When a restaurant gets a bad review, it is understadable that it would be a gut wrenching experience for the owners. After all, with all that sweat and tears and not to mention oodles of money pumped into their baby which restauranteur will ever want to risk serving their customers bad food?

    They will be enveloped in a whole gamut of emotions. Anger, betrayal and most of all, fear. The fear that one bad review will totally jeopardize their business venture. The bad news is this is not the first nor will it be the last time a restaurant will get a bad review here or anywhere. There are many sites on the internet that offers advice to restaurant owners on what to do if they get a bad review.

    This one is written by a Media company:

    and this by a local Media consultant:

    The good news? One bad review never, ever puts a restaurant on the death row. Despite a grilling by the influential NYT, Guy Fieri’s at Times Square still stands.

    The only thing that douses a restaurant is when the owners are deluded enough to think they already serve the best food in the world and offers themselves no chance to improve. Take every negative review as a learning experience and a chance to take stock and review weaknesses if there are any.

    As for the trollers posting rude comments on this review, please have some respect for yourselves. Rebecca never used words like asshole, piggy bitch and boycott in her post. She doesn’t have to be called names just because she didn’t like some burgers. She is entitled to an opinion and having had more burgers that I did, I would think that her opinion matters.

    I am doubtful that the owner of Big Hug would be foolish enough to commit social media hara kiri by asking you to flame this post. At best, you are probably well meaning fans, but you do realise that by blowing this out of proportion you are harming Big Hug’s business. Please leave myBurgerlab out of this. This does not concern them at all. You are only ampifying their professionalism and social media savvy. I have never been to Burgerlab, but now you are making me want to check them out.

    1. ulric

      Well said Gregory! =)

    2. Kayden

      Good reply la, bro! The problem now with cyberspace is that there is no enforcement, any idiot with 5% of a brain and a wifi signal can post irresponsible,name-calling comments with not an iota of conscience on what it does to businesses and people who read it. And unfortunately, people tend to believe that online and Facebook news is the news. Honestly speaking, I feel that Burgerlab has started a burger fad in Malaysia with some many outlets popping up, but unfortunately, some are just posers out to make a quick buck. At the end of the day, a burger is a burger, and I prefer an actual meal.
      Just my two cents worth.

      1. terrence

        Sure you doc? Don’t seem or act like one leh

      2. Kayden

        You want my APC number?

  22. Kayden

    Looks like the DAP Red Bean Army has decided to invade Becky’s Blog in view of recent clampdowns in cyberspace/since election is over. So typical of the comments left on pro-BN blogs and on Facebook, thrashing anyone who actually HAS an own opinion.
    Come on guys/girls/trolls/people who can’t type with proper grammar/college kids who should be studying instead of trolling another person’s blog: One man’s meat is another man’s poison (go Google if you do not know what this proverb means).
    Like in regards to what I just wrote above, some of you would probably hate caviar or foie gras because you do not know how to appreciate it.
    Respect what Becky has to say, it’s her opinion, if she doesn’t like the food, she has the right to say it since it is her blog. You clowns read it, and form your own opinion. No need to say that her brain is in her arse (and she does have a nice one to boot:-))
    With that said, the food industry can be brutal, and at the end of the day, you may be the nicest, Nobel peace-prize winning person but if your food sucks, it sucks. Standards have to be followed in terms of food preparation and consistency, regardless of who you hire.
    To the owners of My Big Hug Burger, you are selling a piece of meat sandwiched between 2 pieces of bread for an average of more than RM15 so it is only right for people to expect slightly more than McD.
    And to the owners of Burgerlab, it seems like you have a bunch of disgruntled former workers. MSG and meat tenderizers, they have been a part of Malaysian food DNA for ages so don’t be so anal about it when people do use it.
    So in summary, some of you should get a life, eat less burgers, be fair and respect another’s opinion.
    And go Becky!

  23. RenYi

    Dear all,

    It’s a huge market and there’s enough business for everyone. Why do we need to resort to all this hatred? myBurgerLab’s stance is clear, we just want to serve simple good cheeseburgers to anyone that cares to give us a try.
    Everyone has their own uniqueness in their venture. I have tried BigHug burger and have personally told Ms Aidelle and Mr Terrison that they have good products on their hands and wished them best of luck in their business.
    I am friends with the awesome guys from Burger Junkyard and we still visit each others business from time to time, exchanging ideas on how to do things better.
    I’ve met William from Burgertory and he is a friendly chap too! I adore their porky creations.
    I can’t wait to be friends with the guys from Big Chomp ss15 and KGB Bangsar too.
    Honestly, take a chill pill y’all. It would benefit all of us more if we work hard at our own products and giving better service to our guests/customers. Isn’t that the reason why we are in this industry?

    Thanks for reading and have a good day everyone.


    1. Kayden

      Bravo RenYi, looks like you’re the bigger person here. It takes guts to smile and have a chat with someone who has been badmouthing your company behind your back (though I would look at the evidence with a pinch of salt since it was posted online, and you know the rubbish people write these days when they forgot their meds).
      Do draw a line though, when people are actually spreading lies and half truths which may lead to severe consequences ie. a visit from the health department.

      1. yenyou

        Something fishy here..this renyi we know is a very siew hei guy who cannot take it if others are doing better than him and will do anything to sabotage , my good friend used to work for him and started his own burger joint and he said he copied him..walao..he beh tahan people do better than him and think he is the best..he liar, boaster and he like to talk bad about others.We used to work part time in burgerlab and we all know him through and through la…he same same like rebecca and he pretend to be good guy, behind he stab you.Watch out for this guy.!

      2. ulric

        Hey…did u meet Rebecca before? If u din…please refrain urself from making such an inane statement…”same same” indeed…I smell crayons in the air 😛

      3. Ren

        Literally LOLed XD
        the something fishy part and the behind stab u part. and i amazed that this commented by someone that “worked” in mBL before.

      4. pancake

        Yes ! BRAVO , bloke..put on masks , act like a cool dude , but inside boiling like hot oil..sabotaging and messing up any one who does better than you, making up stories, spreading lies..we all kena la from you! Say, making us like one big family in mBL but all for u and your othet 2 bullshits partners benefit.Forcing us to eat your damn burgers everyday as our meals.Now trying to mess up people’s bussiness just bcoz u cannot take it that others make better burgers than you.We all noe u very well.You hv many haters.Take it.Eat your own burger! or look for more colourful ones to spice up ur dull life!

      5. ulric

        I sense a personal attack going on here…and tis blog post is abt Big Hug…take a look in d mirror…do u think u r a better person bcose of tis?

      6. bengteng

        We don’t need to meet rebecca but from her blog and the way she posted the pics and lies she wrote tell us she is just a blogger who wud do anything just to be paid..hehe.
        We don’t buy wat she write..our college friends all feel that she is just too biased and champion for her fave burger in seapark..We went there twice but never going back aftr eating nicer ones here in Subang.There are many nice Burgers here.For porky, we go to a porky joint, for colorful ones, we hang out in kaw kaw,crayon, bighug , mcd or roadsides..the taste is in the pudding.Rebeccasaw..go fly kite!

      7. ulric

        She has alway posted her photos like tis at all the burger joints she visited…I doubt tat u have even looked at her other burger posts…for u ignorant is bliss…but for me u r just a bloody troll who needs to fly a kite…nuff said =)

      8. exmbl staff

        Renyi, d bigger person.He is the worst boss on planet earth and son of satan..haha .That was what was whispered by many of us who used to work part time in mbl..he not only swears but curse and is a slanderer and one who like to gossip about others. NOTsurprising if he put in masks as he has many different masks , he puts on different masks but behind the mask, he is the real devil.Many hate him and he will one day be hit if he is not careful as he create many enemies. He has attitude problem.

    2. selvester

      Renyi, you now become so famous and you do have many disgrunted haters who used to work for you..hehe..You are not a very nice person , it seems.Heard from many that you cannot take it when u think others are better than you and you are a slander and gossip mongrel..crayon burgers are good and not as what u told many..they copy nothing from you.Take off that cap of yours and don’t pretend to be a good guy when you are the real culprit behind all these.

      1. selvester

        You started all these when you spread lies about many things about others and cooked up stories and too bad rebecca was linked to you and was inadvertedly been misconstrued ..RENYI..the world is not your oyster and take it that you are not the best.

  24. Maggie

    I hav tried few burgers in big hug…their burgers r so so so nice! We all know Rebecca is a commercial blogger, she is paid to write anything..dun believe in this kind of stupid blog.. U all should visit big hug n try the burgers urself, n u all will know Rebecca is a big liar! Boycott boycott!

    1. ulric

      Yes Rebecca is a commercial blogger…but she also has a gang of burger kakis who with her has forked out their hard-earned cash to go to these burger places…so dun try to over-generalise please! =)

      1. Kayden

        Ulric: This is what happens when you don’t earn your own money but instead rely on your parents’ money to buy food ie burgers. You tend to appreciate it less. People like us use OUR own hard earned money for our food, so it does mean that we expect more than the usual run of the mill products.
        Dear Maggie, you’ve probably read Becky’s blog a couple of times and have probably visited some of the places which she mentioned, so I really doubt you nor your pre-pubescent friends will stop reading her blog. I think the places suggested by other food blogs may not be too friendly on your pockets. Nor would you appreciate fine dining.

      2. royston

        Kayden must be a real quak brain surgeon to like burgers in mBL ..he must be a part timer there too..hehe coz mBL give free burger as our meals..he so free meh to make so many comments.What happen to that sexy becky ? No comments fr her .? Suddenly she hide .What is so good about rebecca saw? We are just a bunch of students who think she has nice boobs and sexy body ..hehehe

      3. ulric

        Dear royston…she’s too busy to reply to sexist trolls like u =)

      4. Maggie

        Haha..stop argue la..our tongue will taste the truth!! Stupid blogger stupid blog.. I will ask all of my frens to boycott Rebecca!

      5. ulric

        Hey…stop calling people stupid just bcose their opinions differs from urs…only a real idiot calls other people idiots…and I tot u r boycotting tis blog…or u talk talk only?

      6. Kayden

        Sigh, looks like I need to go down to your lowly level, Maggie..wait..wait..let my Tourette’s meds wear off..
        Hoi! Cakap nak boikot, boikot lah! Nak datang sini post post lagi! B*d*h!

      7. rain

        maggie,thats really inconsiderate of you to label Rebecca.Unless u know her personally,its best that u dont make such hasty comments.Makes yourself look like a noob.

      8. bengteng

        Paid to paint ugly pictures ..sure got £$¥ to eat many burgers lor…not many bloggers do that..she one of it’ s kind.Just my 2 sens..

      9. ulric

        I took my own photos and they ain’t photoshopped…check ur own inside to see the ugliness in u…instead of 2 cents we r getting an insult…if u like Big Hug…go ahead and enjoy urself…just dun throw insults! =)

    2. Ren

      When Rebecca 1st visited mBL, I wanted to buy burgers for her. she’s my friend for quite sometime and know she will blog about it. but she insisted that she pay for her own burgers. she don’t want to be bias and will only write the truth. I admire that bit of her. we become closer friend and do hunt for other food around KL sometimes after that. Liar or not, u can shout all you want 🙂 Rebecca had been writing her blog for years now. if she did not stay true to herself, she wont be surviving in the blogsphere until now. the more you attack, the more attention you will draw to this blog, and at the end, only the name of this burger joint will be affected, not Rebecca herself. why not leave it be for now. as rebecca mentioned she will visit again in future, and if she found things have been improve that time, i believe she will write good thing about it 🙂

      1. yenyou

        Wow! trying to be a good guy again but behind d scene u are d real devil..many hd bn attacked by ur vicious poison..always put on masks and behind people’s back, badmouth and always hide in tt cap of urs..tsk tsk! Go get a life and stop playing games.So wat ? My friends and I are great fans of crayonand his burgers ate colourful and not as black as u. BLACK buns only ! Black heart? Dude !Rebecca champion for much u pay her?

      2. ulric

        If u like Crayon and Big Hug…like away…whose stopping u…do u need to resort to insults to get ur point across…I think it is u who need to get a life…a life free of insults and anger =)

      3. Ren

        Please read the name carefully, my name is Ren, not Renyi 🙂 and this would be my last comment~ peace out~ gonna have a walk here. it’s a sunny day in Bristol, UK, lalala

      4. jojo

        Rebeccasaw has bn widely critisized by a lot of bloggers and many of us bloggers personally feel that she is an ambassador of yunno who as many of us googled her blog and think that she’s not only unproffessional but also make herself so unpopular and she should hv approach the owner of the restaurant if she has issues with the food and not being nasty in her statement ” What is so good about big hug unless she has vested agendas , she has landed herself in hot soup as many bloggers are now talking about her.Just my 2 cents worth.

    3. cinderella

      My college friends and I fr Monash live hanging out in Big hug and we love d burgers there and d owner is super nice . The other day, my friend did not have enough and fell short of 3 dollars, she said it is ok. SO PLEASE STOP all these nonsences..kaylen a doctor who is crazy over mBL burgers must be a kookoo doc.All of us took a cab there , lined up for 1/2 hour, full of expectation but sorely dissappointed.What is so awesome about their awesome stringly fries so dry and nothing near to awesome at all ! Felt so cheated.Bun so dried up and d old.Never going back to mBL!

      1. ulric

        My dear cinderella…u like Big Hug and dislike MBL…we get it…just dun insult other people’s likes and dislikes =)

      2. rain

        hey cinderella,
        u are definitely missing the whole point here! this blog is about the quality of the burgers being served,not the dining experience nor the owner herself.on my first visit to mbl,i was WOWed by one of their burger creation.

  25. yenyou

    Wow! trying to be a good guy again but behind d scene u are d real devil..many hd bn attacked by ur vicious poison..always put on masks and behind people’s back, badmouth and always hide in tt cap of urs..tsk tsk! Go get a life and stop playing games.So wat ? My friends and I are great fans of crayonand his burgers ate colourful and not as black as u. BLACK buns only ! Black heart? Dude !Rebecca champion for much u pay her?

    1. ulric

      Ooo…clearly a double-post…which I will dignify with the following quote from ur first post:

      “If u like Crayon and Big Hug…like away…whose stopping u…do u need to resort to insults to get ur point across…I think it is u who need to get a life…a life free of insults and anger =)”

    2. YongYao

      Crayon fans will not going to MBL but other burger joints! coz MBL always think their burgers r the best n keep attacking other burger joints.. Wat a bad attitude..

      1. ulric

        Oh! Who is having a bad attitude? Big Hug…who insulted the part-timers working at MBL or u…who has some issues with MBL and chose to air it in a post about Big Hug?

      2. YongYao

        From these conversation, I think ulric = Rebecca/MBL’s dog.. Brainless!

      3. ulric

        Ooo…another insult…calling me a dog…how abt u? I think I could classify u as a rabid dog…full of anger…n barking at everyone who disagrees with u! =)

      4. boy

        Ulric , u are such a sore loser. Totally agree with Yongyao..brainless and ur bark is so noisy.

      5. rain

        Dogs bark if they dont know the person. 😉

      6. boy

        Doggie ulric..tongue out of mouth..salivating.Another dog of mbl ? Renyi ma chai ? See what will happen Renyi sniffs at u and think u betray him..and start your own burger joint and send his troops to spread malicious lies and evil about u!

      7. ulric

        Dear boy…yongyao insulted me first…apparently u support those who insult and call people names…is tat so?

      8. ulric

        Dear rain…tats true…hahahaha =)

      9. ulric

        Dear boy again…I have been to MBL once and tried 10 of their burgers and their portobello with a group of six peeps…I ask u a simple question: If people start calling u a dog…do u stand back and not respond…please set honesty to on to answer this?

      10. zian

        MBL always think they are the best and cannot take it that others are better than them.They are just a bunch of “boys” who like to make up stories and friends and I went to big hug in Subang Square for dinner and the restaurant was so crowded and the owner and her staff were so friendly and we enjoyed ourselves there tremendously..the owner husband is a well established bussinessman who made us feel so at home. Service was excellent and burgers were delicious.Will definetely come back for more.:)

      11. ulric

        Dear zian…glad u enjoyed ur dinner at Big Hug…I too enjoyed their Crispy Fish Burger and their Onion Rings…but I need to ask u some questions: Did u go to MBL before? If so, did u like their burgers? How do u know the MBL are envious of Big Hug? =)

      12. zian

        Yes, twice but hate d crampy place and not a nice place to hang out.Burgers ok ok only. One of our friends from.Taylors commented that mbl always think they serve the best burgers!

      13. ulric

        Yep…agree with u on the crampy resto and tat u smell of burgers after u leave…tats why I almost always go to Burger Junkyard in KD…also visited The Grind Burger Bar in SS17 PJ and Burgertory in SS15 Subang Jaya a few times each =)

        Ahhhh…so is it only from hearsay tat u know tat MBL is envious of Big Hug…true?

      14. zian

        Do hv some friends who worked part time in mbl..d boss sucks esp that renyi chap.Was told that he cannot accept people more better than

      15. ulric

        Oic…tat must be reason why MBL was brought up in a post about Big Hug…isn’t it? Truly perplexing to me =)

      16. SayNo2MBL

        MBL boss sux! I was a part timer at MBL.. I can tell u all that many workers in MBL r not happy to work with him! We should call him “Mr. Kia su”, super kia su and very bad attitude.. He always foul mouth to competitors like crayon, big hug etc..FUNNY! Who care? We know who r good!

        Dear all burger lovers,

        Pls check out more tasty burgers in other burger joints, Q up in MBL for a normal burger is not worth!

  26. Kayden

    By the looks of it,some of you college kids posting on this blog will never go far in life. So young and so much hatred. You’ll probably end up as a life time part timers in the future,with your best and most expensive meal being an ‘artisan’ burger.
    Am going to waste some time answering some personal attacks:
    Cinderella: Never in my posts did I mention that the best burgers were from Burgerlab,I can however attest to that Big Hug’s burgers aren’t as good as what they are trying to project. And agreeing with me are my friends who have tasted burgers from burgerlab, crayon, Big hug etc,all of whom have travelled and eaten extensively. Life lesson: please learn to read properly and think before your stubby fingers type. It helps you pass your exams as well.And just for the record,my current fav burger is at Le Meridien, perhaps you need to save up a few months to try THIS burger.
    Royston: First and foremost,it is quack and not quak. Secondly,in the unlikely probability that you will one day reach my position of esteem and priviledge (I say unlikely because for a college going kid,you are extremely immature compared to some less fortunate non-college going kids I have met who are making ends meet for their families rather than making unjustified claims on another person’s blog), I have all the time,and money to allow me to post whenever I want,whatever I want,and in the comforts of my office. I am doing this out of conscience,all you kids do is bully another lady,in this case Rebecca,and real men will stand up for her. Who you guys gonna bully and gang up next?
    Rebecca has done the right thing by being silent about this,pointless arguing with some supra-tentorially deficient imbeciles. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a part timer,I waited tables as a medical student to pay my bills,unlike some of you who only leech from your parents and can’t even buy your own underwear. Oh yes,one last thing, to the many Roystons, Cinderellas, Bengtengs and any other college kid reading this,before you post any hate, remember that karma’s a bitch.

  27. Mohd Hisham

    I always regret clicking on your links le Rebecca. Always super long-winded posts. 😛

    Why take an opinion against something as having an agenda?

    Trust is key for me. If a blogger did not put a post as sponsored, then the post is not sponsored. End of story.

    Do you think any blogger worth his or her salt(or sea salt) will risk ruining their reputation? Might as well for Rebecca to pass myburgerlabs or whichever other outlets a userid and password so that they can post up the awesomest plugs ever.

    1. Desmond

      Quote “Might as well for Rebecca to pass myburgerlabs or whichever other outlets a userid and password so that they can post up the awesomest plugs ever.”
      Dude, your earlier few sentences were alright but what you just typed above makes no sense. Typo?

      1. Mohd Hisham

        Ok let’s break it down for you.

        If you or anyone think that Rebecca will want to risk her reputation by not putting this post as a sponsored post from Big Hug Burger competitors, she should just take the next step by creating a userid and password to her website, for any competing burger joints, to post up awesome-st plugs or post(if you don’t get what plugs mean).

  28. Andrew

    Either trolls are making Big Hug look bad or they are just plain dumb.

    They probably think that they are increasing their popularity but I think Rebecca’s blog views and hit just went to the roof(and probably moon?)

    Lets see if this continues LOL. Eh I think Ramly burger is better than Big Hug.

    1. shammy

      seriously u comparing bighug burger with ramly you have tasteless tongue, you should visit a doctor something wrong with your taste bud , buddy

  29. thirdparty

    Quit it guys. It is very immature of you all to insult either one. Not picking sides of any, but the post is about BigHug and if you are not happy with what Rabecca has said, fine, release your emotions. But why bring in other koints like myburgerlab and junkyard etc?

    As a third party I really think that it’s a BigHug person who is coming up with these statements cause I have personally heard from my friends that the manager (woman) from bighug says that she is disgusted by burgerlab’s burger and that their patties arent fresh and the fries are horrible. And on the other hand I havr another friend who works in myburgerlab who says that their boss have nothing against bighug but to stay humble with whatever that is going on.

    If I were to look at the bigger picture, I dont think myburgerlab has any reason to even be jealous of another joint, looking at how well they are currently doing. BIGHUG aswell has been doing real great with their bussiness around subang. How about everyone just focus on what they should be doing, which is their own thing?

    Cut rabecca some slack. She’s a professional food blogger and she had not even once mentioned burgerlab in comparison to bighug in this post. More of a personal flavour maybe? It is very rude of you all to be thinking that rabecca is paid to say such words. Her honesty is what she is paid for. To make reviews and whether u like it or not, reviews aren’t always good 🙂

    So, have a nice day everyone. 🙂

    1. ulric

      Dear third party…couldn’t have written better…*respect* =)

    2. zian

      Isn’t it obvious to many who sees d comment smell something fishy? LOOKS like the bunch of kids hear say and try to make up stories and what not…why don’t mbl go talk to the manager concerned instead of hear say personally don’t think that the manager put it that way..She seems to be a nice lady and I didn’t hear anything abt mbl being mentioned as the whole place is so very packed with customers and people kept walking in.Burgers are so damn good there esp.their big hug.

      1. ulric

        Dear zian…there’s too many instances of this hearsay of the bad-mouthing MBL…bcose MBL owners and crew did visit them twice…on their first visit…she claimed tat she never heard of MBL and on their second visit…she said her burgers are cooked by pro chefs and not part-timers…sounds like d first shot in a war to me…hehe =)

      2. zian

        My friends and I totally dissagree with what rebecca wrote but then again that is her review and she doesn’t have to be too blunt .That caused many who read her blog to go and check it out! We fell in love with the place and love everything about it esp. their tidbits and deco.A nice place to hang out .My friends and I love their crispy fish too.

      3. ulric

        Dear zian…then can I take it tat u don’t condone the insults and name-calling perpetuated by the so-called fans of Big Hug?

        As for me, I m a fan of Burger Junkyard, MyBurgerLab, The Grind Burger Bar and Burgertory =)

        High five on the Crispy Fish Burger! Although I think the mayo used could be improved to take it to the next level of yummyness…now tats constructive criticism…duncha think? =)

      4. zian

        Get to know her, ulric, the manager and her husband are really nice people. While we were there, many customers went to hug her and she is so welcoming, cheerful and the whole place is so vibrant and happening!’We will definetely go back to try out the rest of their burgers. They hv 3 choices of homemade buns.I like their wholemeal, it went so well with my crispy fish!.yums.

      5. ulric

        Dear zian…with her posting this on Big Hug’s FB page I dun think that she’s all hugs…

        Noticed tat she had caps Rebecca’s name and the thinly veiled threat to sic a gang of pro chefs (who probably are the earliest with the insulting comments on tis post..see Susan above) just bcose she got a negative review… just read between the words and sentences =)

      6. zian

        My friends and I could clearly see that the manager is a highly respected and a warm person and many customers seem to know her.We felt so welcomed too when we walked in. Will bring my parents as many we see families there.A nice place to go and as I said, the burgers are so good! Will go again with some other friends.

      7. ulric

        Dear zian…enjoy ur family dinner at Big Hug! =)

      8. zian

        Ulric..don’t be too critical yourself and don’t take offenses too easily. I believe things hv bn blown out of proportion and you too hv made many blunders in ur calling names.As far as the manager is concerned, she will not be bothered by all these hehe.. Could see that she is highly favoured by many of her customers.Saw the way she handled her staff..she spoke politely to them..that was my observation while I was there.

      9. ulric

        Dear zian…as u can c from the comments above…I did not start any name-calling or insults…but I cannot keep silent when people insult me first…and question my integrity as I was a walk-in customer with tis blogger n drew almost d same comclusions as her on Big Hug’s burgers…I will not be apologetic to these so-called fans of Big Hug…nuff said! =)

      10. isobel

        Quit bickering and let us all enjoy our burgers. A lesson for everyone to learn, never be too rash to comment..walls hv ears and take things like a pinch of salt.Enjoy life to it’s fullest for life is short. Let’s party! Just eat ur burgers la and keep ur opinions to yoursrlf and don’t blare them out on cyberspace for you never know you might be arrowed back.Well, rebecca , u are a blogger and many are bloggers too and feel that u really are abit overboard and u land yoursrlf in trouble when u put ur review as such”What is so good about Big hug”..and cause many to quedtion ..”What is so good about. rebeccasaw!” Just my opinion.

      11. thirdparty

        Hey ulric, I know you may be against BigHug at this point. Knowing how much they are self-absorbed in your opinion and the way they handle things. Yes, I have really pesonally heard from a FEW of my friends about the manager bad-mouthing mBL. And I am not making things up to whoever that may disagree.

        Have you others ever heard of a mbl staff bad mouthing bighug tho? Correct me if I am wrong. I think that we should all not add fuel into the fire. (Unless your aim is to publicize either one party which is obviously just pushing both to look bad).

        Just take a chill pill and head to whichever joint you all want to. How about burgertory and places like the grind? They are all good burgers and its still subject to your own opinion on what it tastes like.

        Stop insulting rabecca. in fact i respect her for being silent in this 🙂

      12. ulric

        Dear thirdparty…I have nothing against Big Hug and their burgers…in fact I think their Crispy Fish burger n onion rings are pretty good…I just dun like the way they manipulate to score cheap points against a blogger who gave them a negative review (their FB post is a case in point…imho a thinly veiled threat n dare to d blogger)…as for MBL they have nothing to do with tis post…I dun know why they were brought into tis in d first place

        Btw I m a fan of Burger Junkyard (visit them d most), The Grind Burger Bar (a few times aredi) and Burgertory (3 times aredi)…and there’s a few more coming in the horizon! =)

        Btw was I the one who was insulting Rebecca? Tats news to me =)

      13. thirdparty

        Haha sorry ulric. The insulting part wasnt for you. 🙂 only the first paragraph was. I just think its really childish of them to bring rabecca and mbl into this argument when it really is nothing of theirs to be blamed.

        I support most things yousaid. No worries about that but maybe justtry not to start posting things about bighug here that you think is negayive about them? Isnt very nice Just inmyopinion :):)

    3. shammy

      I would like to change few statements you have given, first manager of big hug has never said anything wrong about burger lab i often go there and one day when i spoke about burger lab she said their burger joints very well known in subang and they are famous you should try it, then when its comes to Dear Rebecca i would understand if she would complain about one burger or according to her personal taste of burger, its not possible that in a restaurant every meal is bad she almost spoke about all the burgers and none of them she gave good review, how is that possible.and she took pic of the food after taking it away from the shop, when u carry something for long time the taste will not stay same especially if its made with fresh ingredients, it will stay same only if it has food preservation. no hard feeling for rebecca yet it was not nice coming out such negetative review about such nice and lovely place and fresh food.

      1. peterrobston

        Come on, it’s so obvious that Rebecca is all out to attack big hug as she’s a paid blogger who gets paid to write bad reviews and she has a job to do…but you know what? Her blog make big hug even more famous and my friends and I went there to check it out and wham! We love their burgers and their ambience ! Every burger joint has their own identity and too bad that Rebecca has bad taste and I doubt if she’s a burger foodie and perhaps she should have her taste bud checked.

  30. ulric

    I will stop posting negative comments abt Big Hug when their so-called fans stop insulting tis blogger…tats d bottomline =)

  31. exmbl staff

    Many people hv bn reading and following this , tell u what the real CULPRIT behind this is Mr.RENYI of mBL.
    He was spotted in big hug on many occasions by me and my friends.He went there to kacau ppl’s food and was approached by the lady manager.He was asked why he was there on many times.My friends overheard the conversation.
    You want to know why he was there? He is mr.Kiasu.The same manner he badmouth my friend who started crayon , he is using the same tactic..sabotaging ppl’s bussiness and acting as if he is a good guy. Poor rebecca was just a victim of circumstances as she was linked to this mr.kiasu.
    I saw in rebecca’s fb that she was invited by the manager of big hug to when 13 bloggers were there to taste d food.The manager of big hug is NOTHING like how she was painted.Mr.Kiasu Renyi made up stories and you noe la the person he is.We who worked part time can testify to it that he is a devil in disguise and he will stab u and paint ugly pictures of anyone who stand in his ways..
    Big hug ‘s manager is not in the least affected as many can see and she is a professional who is well noted by many..a well known figure in soceity.Many of my College friends and I have been blessed in our times there.I hd eaten more than 16 times in big hugand hv never once heard this manager mention anything or bad mouthing mbl..Take it from an ex staff of mbl..the big devil behind the scandal is RENYI who impersonate as a “troll” and act like a cool good guy but the real fact is he beh tahan any burger joints who appear suddenly, that was why he was asker by the mager why he went there ..not twice but a few occassions and not to make friends but to kacau ..he ordered his food but left untouched so as to show other customers that he was not friends and I were sitted a few tables away and we witnessed the whole thing.SHAME on you.MR.kiasu.

    1. boy

      As for rebecca, she has made her reviews andbit is the was the whole matter was handled.I personally do not think that big hug is that “‘siew hei” like mr.kiasu or wud send .Just that big hug has many fans who just love their burgers to heaps and bits and they like me and my friends love hanging out there as the place is really very nice and a good hangout.No place like big hug and we can always ask for extras..of fries and need not pay for extra cheese sauce for our fries! Where to find ? Good food and good hangout & can also sometimes ask for credit..the manager is a kind soul.Rebecca and her sud be friends…not thatmr.kiasu.D boss of mbl.He really sucks!.vomit blood!

      1. shammy

        i agree with you

    2. draco malfoy

      wao. Cool story bros. Perhaps both of you might wanna taste the taste of my dog’s piss.

    3. Terrorist from pakistan

      FUCKING EX MBL STUFF, u talk summore i kill all ur family, TELEKUSME!!

      1. SayNo2MBL

        Haha…Renyi change nickname to ” terrorist from Pakistan” n show his kiasu attitude again..LOL

      2. jaswant

        You also noe..heehee

      3. jaswant

        This is mr.kiadu showing his fangs..true rotten colours..wanna eat colourful buns ?

  32. drakey boi

    haters gonna hate. ^_^. #myburgerlabftw.

    1. drakey boi

      You guys should fking stfu and get a life.

      1. Terrorist from pakistan

        IF u ever talk bad about MBL ever ever again, I will find u out and kill u!! if u dont like sth dont be jealous, get a fucking life, LULULELO!!!!

  33. Desmond

    I suggest you should stop this thread from any further posts.
    It seems like “the future of our country” ie. these college going morons are unable to have a decent discussion online without spewing vulgarities.

  34. Shannon Chow

    Okay, after reading your review, I won’t even bother trying this out. Too many burger joints to try. Plus, the price isn’t very affordable for this one…

    PS: If the chefs are so good, i’m sure they can train a good bunch of part-timers. I believe in teaching people and mentoring…instead of doing everything on my own… guess the chefs must be very busy everyday without any helpers.

    1. Halim

      I work in a japanese restaurant, my boss hire lot of part time kitchen helpers to help the full time chef.. The full time chef is the one who control food quality and managing in kitchen but not the busiest 1..

      1. jaswant

        Suddenly become another name..

    2. jaswant

      Gf of terrorist of pakistan? hehehe..very many terroriss and gangstesin yunno where la..where all the young fellas masak masak and d tai ko is mr.kiasu. who use different names according to his angin..We all semua kena teruk teruk when we worked for him.

      1. jaswant

        This mr.kiasu id using diffrnt names again..never change.We all know la ur tricks.We were all under you, remembr?

    3. exmbl staff

      …like a broken recorder..brrrr brrrr .going round and round.Not tired one meh?..still want to attack and sabotage ppl bussiness..Give up thing many of us quit and not stay as family as u always like to quote .Family love not stab each other..

      1. exmbl staff

        Even if anyone choose to leave u for greener pasture, you shouldn’t badmouth or make up stories.U might as well become a story teller and tell your sob stories in pasar malam…mr.kiasu

  35. Shu Wen

    Spent 30min to read all the comments, I will visit big hug to taste their burgers, n c who r the liar..

    If I find big hug burgers r good, I suspect Renyi is the one who hire Rebecca to sabotage big hug..

    Renyi, I visit Myburgerlab few times, ur burgers r good but not the best, u should know it..MBL is shame of u bcoz of ur attitude..good luck to ur business, ur staff will leave u anytime since they r not happy to work with u..

    1. Samantha

      Must try. Their burger really awesome. Good environment n good service.

  36. Samantha

    I went to myburgerlad before. Their burger was so so..summore I believe tat they put a lot of ajinamoto to the patty. It caused me can’t sleep for a whole night becoz of damnnnnn thirsty…their burger MIGHT better if they reduce the ajinamoto. I visited big hug burger after saw this blog. ‘Gossip’ why a lot of people talking about this new burger….finally, screaming in my heart ‘ thanks god n rebecca saw’, u made me knew the most awesome burger. I ate grill chicken burger, mario beef burger, n crispy fish burger( of course share with my frens). It was sooooo nice. Tasty n healthy….I dint feel any ajinamoto in the patty. Beside tat, the set portion is quite big, I’m so satisfied after it. Price from rm18-rm22. It is so reasonable according to the portion they served.

    1. fatin liyana

      Samantha, me 2 also felt very thirsthy after eating the cheese burger from my burgerlab! My boyfriend , together with a friend and I drove to burgerlab from Subang and we used to go at least once a week but after reading what rebecca saw reviewed, we went to look for big hug, took us awhile to look for this place as it is quite hidden and the sinage is not noticeable but we managed to find it, our 1st impression was ” Wow!”‘..the place was so crowded and it was about 8pm and most of their food was sold out & we only managed to grab what was left and they are so good! I live their meatballs esp.the sauce and the jam..Didn’t get to try their crispy fish as it was finished .The place is so cosy and we rely like the place, heard that the manager is an artist and while we were there, we saw many college students and families .The food is nithingblike how rebecca dedcribed, the cheesy chicken is so delicious and portion was big.We asked for a knife to cut so we could share..speechless and beyond words! We love the mushrooms in our mario’s beef and the honolulu chicken was so yummy! We even added a beef bacon and mozarella cheese to it! It was a pleasant dinner for us

      1. fatin liyana

        Will definetely go back as we want to try the rest of their burgers.Salmon was sold bf hd the grilled lamb and it doesn’t hv d lammy smell and it is sooooo beary goooood! Everyone there seemed so happy and like a big family coming tog for celebration ! Well, Shannon, u dunno what you will be missing if you don’t go & check this place out and we should all thank rebecca for her review..she dun like we like ! Must try the new outlet when it is open.Kaw kaw is also good..muslim must also support muslim and crayon is ok ok..normal like burgerlab becus heard that the boss fr burgerlab , place a bit small but the staff there is friendly . 🙂

      2. fatin liyana

        We love the cheesy wedges and asked for extra cheese sauce! No extra charge at all and the lady manager even asked if we want extra fries!..yes, their fries are premium fries coz my bf works in f and b in a hotel and his comment is that big hug burger is a niche and if u want to eat normal burgers , go to mbl but if u want to eat good ones , go tp fatboy in publika , junkyard and big hug..hehehe 🙂

    2. Ramly

      Burger Ramly is so much better than this full of shit overrated Big Hug

  37. ulric

    Dear all,

    This will be my last comment for tis post…bcose I got tired of the negative energy generated by these so-called fans of Big Hug…need to refocus my energy on more positive stuff…like trying the new burger joints tat are coming up soon…like KGB and Big Chomp! =)

    If u like Big Hug, go ahead n like them…I have no problems with tat. However, do not throw insults at the non-fans of Big Hug…the more u throw insults the more it looks like Big Hug is the petty one…

    Anyways…I will still visit my fav Burger Junkyard…will also return to The Grind Burger Bar, Burgertory and MyBurgerLab…maybe I’ll be a walk-in to Big Hug to see if they improved their burgers…still yet to visit i.Cook and Go Burger Kitchen though…hehe =)

    1. ulric

      Oops…forgot to mention tat I have visited Fatboys a few times too…thanx for the reminder fatin liyana 😀

  38. fatin liyana

    Fatboy sells we cannot go but wuz yold that their burgers are damn good!.burgers burgers ..

  39. exmbl staff

    Anyone outvthere agree with me that this ulric fella cud be mr.kiasu or his ma in betwn the lines, anyone can noe la..hehe 🙂 a dog whoof whoof!

    1. ulric

      How crass can u get? Called people a dog…for your info I have only visited MyBurgerLab once…tried 10 burgers with a group of six.

      Please continue posting ur negativity here…I hope u get a better life in ur next lifetime! 😛

      1. exmbl staff

        Ulric is a dog..whoof whoof with it’s tail wagging and tailing behind yunno who la or he cud be tt mr.kiasu impersonating ..hehe see d masks he wears..plentiful.We all noe him too well, ate his burgers every meal..he really forced us to eat his lousy burgers as our meal voucher. You take my meal voucher, I want to eat hokkien mee down the road.The one fry with charcoal..and not charcoal bun ,dude!

      2. ulric

        Hey man…I m NOT the one whom u have a personal issue with…if u continue to insult me and call me a dog…I will personally sniff u out…stand in front of you…and get you to confirm tat I m NOT the one you have a grudge against…and kick u in the balls…for being a crass stubborn bastard tat u r!

      3. JC

        Ulric, how to kick his balls when he doesn’t have any? This guy is probably renting a pathetic room somewhere in the ghetto parts of PJ/Subang, using a prepaid line, leeching on free wifi and using an Iphone/Samsung his mummy bought for him. And as part of his psychological profiling, when he was in primary school, he was probably one of the losers. The obsession with burgers was due to the school bully shoving up his ass hole a Big Mac with extra cheese and chili sauce.

    2. Desmond

      Hey exmbl staff aka asshole:
      Ulric has been posting on Rebecca’s blog much longer than since you knew how to grow an erection.
      You are so pathetic that you actually need meal vouchers to eat..might as well you go to the backlanes of Seapark and eat on other people’s waste in the rubbish dump, you scumbag.

      1. exmbl staff

        Ulric is a dog..whoof whoof with it’s tail wagging and tailing behind yunno who la or he cud be tt mr.kiasu impersonating ..hehe see d masks he wears..plentiful.We all noe him too well, ate his burgers every meal..he really forced us to eat his lousy burgers as our meal voucher. You take my meal voucher, I want to eat hokkien mee down the road.The one fry with charcoal..and not charcoal bun ,dude!

    3. Desmond

      Hey asshole, yes you, exmbl, why so quiet? Need to work part time at the mamak stall washing dishes is it? Or phone no credit? Or no free wifi to leech from? Come come, I donate RM500 to your allowance, RM500 is like shit to big boys like me. So you can continue to eat burgers in your shit life and post crap on other ppl’s blog. Loser

      1. exmbl staff

        give me give me 500000…want to buy lousy burgers from.mbl to push them into your throat!

      2. ulric

        U need d money…cose I just found out tat MBL dun give out meal vouchers…u big fat liar! =)

    4. rain

      Do not argue with ugly people as they will drag you to their level

      1. ulric

        Hey guys and gals…just ignore the crass n lazy bastard…can’t even write new insults…just copy n paste…a classic copycat…no pointin wasting our time with him…save our positive energy for more burger-hunting! =)

  40. troll

    haters gonna hate, businesses gonna get big 😀

    1. ulric

      Tats true! =)

    2. david

      true big hug so famous and everybody want to go and check it out! Wow! the moment, my friends and I walk in, we feel so welcomed and the ambiance is so nice , the lady at the cashier is so friendly and their burgers are damn good.We took a cab to burgerlab, lined up for ages and when our burgers were served, we all agreed that their burgers cannot beat many burgers we tried . just normal la..who is that renyi boss? why go and kacau ppl ? so wat, we saw all the cooks inside while we are the cashier, young part-timers? Cheap labour and very flavourful bcus of msg..hehe.tenderiser to make patti soft..walao. cool man.

  41. Rebecca

    3rd try at Big Hug

    1. Samantha

      How’s the food? Wait for ur new review..

      1. Samantha

        Wow, just saw Wat u wrote on ur twitter… Seems like u wanna attack big hug again… Hope u dun bad mouth people again since I believe tat u r a high educated n humble people… Otherwise, I tot all of ur ‘fans’ will believe tat u r really paid from some burger joint to attack this big hug…god bless u…

      2. ulric

        Dear Samantha…just giving Big Hug the benefit of doubt…friendly service and environment…but the burgers are inconsistent (the one tat I like…the Crispy Fish Burger was a bit wet inside today) and d pairing of ingredients in terms of flavours n textures are not well-thought out imho…gave some positive comments n ideas to the owner…tats all =)

      3. shammy

        if she has so much disappointment after eating so many burger why is she spending her money there again, may be even she cant get over the taste of big hug,, but alas she has got a job to do “TALK BAD ABOUT IT IN HER BOLG”

      4. Samantha

        So disappointed to those high educated ppl like u still dunno how to appreciate the food…u seems like playing the food u know…so shame on u…

      5. ulric

        Waah! I m uneducated…maybe u shud look urself in the mirror…it is u who is uneducated…instead of presenting positive criticism…all u know is to throw cheap shots via ur keyboard…

    2. Andy

      If u dun like their burgers, Y u keep going there? To sabotage again? Better stop this topic la… Because of u posting this topic, all burgers joints fans become enemy..LOL!

      1. ulric

        Dear Andy…just giving Big Hug the benefit of doubt…dun assume malice when there’s is none…FYI I m friends with d Burger Junkyard crew and friendly with the Burgertory manager…lolz! =)

      2. exmbl staff

        ulric , whoof whoof again!

      3. ulric

        Wats tat? Another insult…tralalala…or did I hear a dog whimpering?

      4. shammy


    3. dory

      You bad girl! Your review sucs and maybe big hug sud pay u to take nice pics and u can give good reviews ..:) No money no talk. Got money got talk..rebecca go 3rd time to prove her point and to sabotage again.Who cares anyway what she writes..she probably got crocodile tongue ..hehe 🙂

      1. ulric

        Another hater with no positive criticism…oops…or can a dory talk?

      2. dory

        why she wan go so many times? no need to waste time la..her taste and our taste different ma..she no like, we like.We no like, she like..aiyo yo..

      3. ulric

        Aiyooo…dun u understand the meaning of giving the benefit of doubt? Tats mean to see if Big Hug has improved…n to check the consistency of taste n flavours compared her second (my first) n her first visit lor…just in case mistakes were made…at the same time to chat n give positive feedback tod owners lor…which we did =)

  42. thirdparty

    Haha seriously you guys are retarded 🙂 We all know ourselves whether or not we have heard which party badmouthing which.

    From my point, I have a few friends who mentioned how the manager badmouths mbl. But they still go to BigHug because it is convenient and not too bad of a place.

    As for mbl, I have a few friends aswell who works there and they really show how much they love working at mbl and that the boss are very caring. In fact they have brought the bighug burger thing to me and it seems that they are really lowkey about it.

    If you all wanna call mbl’s renyi kiasu, go ahead! I believe that is how one would only get better. But I do not believe that he would sabotage ppl like whay yoi all claim. Same goes to bighug’s manager. I believe they are not involved in this conversation. (Pls do feel bad if any of you are disguising as anyone here).

    So cut this guys, ppl will choose to go to whichever joints they want to. And badmouthing wouldnt benefit either. Kthxbai.

    1. exmbl staff

      Mr.Kiasu here again ..hehe.. this is him!

      1. ulric

        Hey exmbl staff…did u know d more u comment the easier it is for us to see u n drown u in ur own shit…dun worry wecr doing u a favour to save u from ur sad n pathetic life!

      2. Anti MBL

        Yea. It is posted by the mr. Kiasu.. Haha..

      3. ulric

        Dear exmbl staff / Anti MBL…why lar u always change ur name? =)

    2. david

      convenient? their burgers are damn good man, so what even if the manager badmouth mbl which none believe she all these postings, we all now know who the real culprit renyi , boss of mbl who not only badmouth crayon boss and think he is thebest burger seller in town and cannot stand any burger joint who sells better burgers than
      The tag line among many of us from.Monash is ” mbl has alot of gangster boss, student cooks and they use msg, tenderiser, very egoistic, kiasu, paid rebeccasaw to sabotage ppl’ s bussiness, etc, etc..mbl has many haters and we heard so many bad things about mbl from our friends from taylors..Quit la, all the ma chais of mbl, all like main “masak masak” in their crampy place.Rebeccasaw noe only how to sapu and champion for her fave restaurant and now has become the most unpopular blogger.Her blog nobody comment except all her dogs and ma chais..long winded, and very mediciore and uninteresting her and she will write good reviews and she will do anything to be

      1. ulric

        Wow…dog insult again…a bit repetitive isn’t it?

  43. Samantha

    Hi Rebecca, y u keep silent here….? U r the one who should encourage the fair competition among this few burger joint tat already involved in this topic. Now, u seems like using big hug burger to make u more famous since they are the most famous burger joint right now. Feel strange y the others blogger all said about the good things for big hug but u? Izit u purposely wanna show how unique u r? One word to describe u here- ‘CHEAP’. God, pls forgive my rude, n pls awake my dear Rebecca…thanks god…amen…

    1. ulric

      Dear Samantha…do u know tat some bloggers r in a dilemma on how n wat to post bcose of haters like u…I wonder why do u wan to follow someone tar u termed ‘CHEAP’ on her blog n Twitter…too much time time on hand is it?

      1. Samantha

        Hi ulric, yes I’m too much time on hand like u….I think I should stop talking Rebecca n big hug but u…!!! U r the one really make noise here u know…!!! Always attack ppl who commented here…I think I need to be more rude to tell u, u r such bitch, brainless, most gossip ppl in the world….!!!

      2. ulric

        Hahaha…I will stop making noise if u stop insulting me and calling people names…tat’s a quid pro quo…u will understand if u r educated…

  44. Samantha

    Y ulric still appear since he said the comment above is his last comment? So strange guys tat always like to attack other…

    1. ulric

      Dear Samantha…tats was bcose the comments was petering out…but since u entered the fray…why not continue?…come on give me ur best insult! =)

  45. KennyNg

    I m wondering..y burgertory burgers not nice but Rebecca say it is nice..but she keep attacking big hug even they serve good burger..y?y?y?

    I guess it is because of: big hug is the strongest competitor of MBL/burgertory & Rebecca is the MBL/burgertory ambassador..

    If u didnt get paid, i suggest u visit all the burger joints like crayon, burger kaw kaw, fat boy etc. for review!

    My boss planned to hire u as our company ambassador, I juz ask my boss not to hire a liar!

    1. ulric

      Dear KennyNg…we are giving Big Hug the benefit of doubt…so we walked-in again to try their burgers since a minority have given them positive comments…we are not haters who don’t give second chances…if u dislike Burgertory…just go to another burger joint…we are cool with tat…just dun insult us by saying we like Burgertory bcose we were paid…oh btw Burgertory now has tastier buns and bigger patties while introducing salads n onion rings! =)

      Btw tis blogger along with me n a bunch of burger kakis have visited Big Hug, Burger Junkyard, MyBurgerLab, The Grind Burger Bar, Burgertory, Fatboys, Crayon etc…every burger is paid with our own hard-earned cash…so pls go n look at posts for each of the above in this blog…or are u too lazy to do so? =)

      Watch out for more walk-in burger posts in the future…for those new joints tat are coming up…KGB n Big Chomp! =)

    2. david

      rebeccasaw is a paid blogger..she will take nice pictures and write good reviews if u pay her la.Big hug didn’t pay her lor..btw her lidah not same like many ma, She prpm sial dan gila champion yunno who la..look into her blog,.yunno that rebeccasaw champion the gangster boss and she is a ma chai of that infamous mr.kiasu…hehe.

      1. ulric

        Wow…dog insult again…nothing new meh? =)

  46. Fook

    Actually big hug improve a lot since opening..I went there for few times n find their food quality improved, n they serve foods faster than last time..

    1. ulric

      Dear fook…good to hear they’re improving…thanks for the positive comment…a breath of fresh air here =)

  47. david

    rebeccasaw is a paid blogger.She is an abassador of whoever who pay her.So if you want good review, just pay her lor..

    1. ulric

      Yada yada yada…why need to repeat urself so many times? Is it bcose u r being ignored…or r u just dense?

  48. woo

    I had been to the grind, bighug, burgerlab, junkyard ,fatboy so far. Personally feel that, the grind burger and fatboy served best burger bun where their bun is fluffy and soft,i love junkyard beef paties where it is juicy but their serving is way too small. For big hug honestly it does not impress me beside of the big portion serving, overall i found the burger bun is dry and the lamb paties does not taste like lamb at all

    1. fatin liyana

      lol..just go where your heart leads you. Big hug has touched many hearts and captivated many hearts and I believe many will go there as my friends and I have been so captivated by the whole ambiance and they are times my mother don’t cook as good as other times, her rendang abit spicy or not salty…but it is ok.I wilk bring my parents to big hug and I am sure they will love that burger joint .Hehe

    2. woo

      one more thing which i does not feel comfortable in bighug burger is that the women boss come by our table and ask us to take a photo while we having our meal, later i found out the photo which actually posted on bighug FB page, personally feel that it kind of manipulate our photo to attract more customer for them

      1. fatin liyana

        lol..u can always say no if u dun want ur pics is just an update of their fb happenings..We dun feel as manipulstion..hehe

  49. fatin liyana

    Many like their pictures to be taken and many are sending pictures on instangrams, foursquares..why not? Oh gosh..:D

    1. ulric

      No problem with tat…in fact the owner took a photo of our burger gang just last nite while we were there =)

      1. zian

        reli? d manager is a very nice and friendly lady.Did she take a pic with you? 🙂

  50. zian

    We loved our pic taken and the manager asked if it wuz ok..sure , why not? Lol..we even posed for was fun ! friends and I are hanging here now and looking forward to see our pics posted in big hug fb..hehe

    1. ulric

      Haha…looks like u r having fun at Big Hug! =)

  51. zian

    yup, come ulric ! Join in the fun !As usual had my crispy fish..yums!

    1. ulric

      I sudah join yesterday nite lar…now moving on to new burger joints…KGB opening in Bangsar tis Fri! =)

  52. rain

    Hey david,
    The world needs less individuals like you,the action of vilifying others at your expense isnt gonna make the world any better.
    I can see why bighug have its fan base,young college students patronising the place, a cosy hang out place,along with a warm hearted owners.
    Burgers thats produced by the chef isnt a kick ass one though.

  53. Kevin Tan

    Let’s see if I have time to check out that burger joint.

  54. exmbl 5

    I used to work as a part-timer in mbl and the only person I know who always badmouth is mr.renyi and the other 2 boses too like to run down any whom they think is their Esp mr.kiasu renyi who is most hated boss who like to critisize and run people down. He is d devil in all this scandal. Renyi sucs like shit!

    1. :)

      Youre definitely not an ex mbl staff cause none of us would ever say such things. 🙂

    2. Desmond

      Hey arsehole,
      Did you get sacked from MBL because you stole money from them? And thus now you have a personal vendetta against them?

  55. Chuck Norris

    loled at some reply.

    C’mon guys, is this YOUR opinion? I agree that the way she write wasn’t good/fair. But this is HER blog and it is HER opinion, I am not helping any sides just wanted to clarify. I’ve been to 2 burger joints so far and that’s myBurgerLab and Big Hug Burgers(I didn’t tried others because I am not really a fan of burgers I tried only these 2 is because I was brought by my cousin. I am more to a fan of Chinese food.) Both these 2 joints have their own specialties, I am not going to tell you what because what I know that if I say something which YOU GUYS doesn’t like it. I will be your enemy or somewhat (Especially if I said something about myBurgerLab, I know that 2 sloppy bastards will say that I am the boss or something)

    So what if somebody didn’t like it? Kill them?

    What if your friend/family says that “Oh, let’s go myBurgerLab. They have great burgers there!”

    And the next thing you do is what? Tell them that they are the “Ma Chai” of Mr. Renyi? Paid by Mr. Renyi to sabotage? C’mon guys, be nice. #ChillTheFuckOut

    Have some tea and chill out! (: Have a nice day, guys!

    P.S: I don’t think Mr. Renyi’s attitude is like what that 2 sloppy bastard describe, the attitude they describe is more to themselves.

  56. cleffairy

    My conclusion to your post: The Big Hug fellas are having a secret ‘TAK NAK GARAM’ campaign! Aiyoorrrr… u dunno wan la… they are having TAK NAK GARAM campaign. That is why tarak put much salt. 😛

  57. shammy

    after reading all the comments i would just like to write every restaurant has their own quality none of the restaurant are 100% perfect, why bitch about this that and compare things with this burger place to that, we all have different tastes on food, my frnd likes burgerlab but i dont i prefer bighug because i find the taste is more fresh and its more healthy compare to any other burger i have never liked burger i was never a fan of it eating burger was my last option but till i have tried BIGHUG i actually plan to go there once a week and have a burger, I am not a junk food fan yet i loved the place and loved all their burgers and i have tried almost all the burgers of BIGHUG it was perfectly amazing, same goes with bugerlab people do like their burger too, so guys stop talking bad about others and stop talking bad about others work, appreciate if you can, if you can’t keep your harsh words and comments to yourself.

    1. Chuck Norris


  58. Not a Troll

    I heard that the owner invited bloggers for reviews but upon receiving negative reviews will hound them until she gets better review. Uhh…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Well.. I hear from the bloggers themselves so your news is not far off 🙂

      1. Not a Troll

        I finished reading all your investigation and i must say good investigation work! It’s no brainer that the owner herself made up all the comments on your post. That was as low as a goat could go..

      2. rebeccasaw

        Thanks 🙂
        And I can see that you are one of the few who “seem to know her for what she is”. 🙂
        I won’t say I know her very well, so I won’t dare to imply anything here. This post is for my readers to interpret it in their own way.

  59. doubtful

    how much do you get paid to do bad review on purpose? it seem too obvious

    1. Nordin Salleh

      So u too think the same that Rebecca Saw had been paid to write bad reviews ? My daughter and sons and thier friends love hanging out at Big hug and my wife and I had been there on numerous of times.Their burgers are fresh and great , nothing like what was reviewed by Rebecca. She’s a paid blogger and it’s so obvious !No proffessional blogger would go to such lenghts to write the way she did…how much do you think she was paid ?

  60. piyu1154

    Rebecca Saw is being very sincere and using her criticisms constructively and not trying to be politically correct like some other bloggers – I like her critical no-holds barred approach

  61. Jake

    I spent 20 mins reading d whole thing. I personally think that Rebecca Saw is a crap blogger who had been paid to write and she is nothing but a nasty conceited lass. My 2 cents worth. I think her blog is too long winded.:)

  62. Azizah

    Rebecca remained a thunderous silence to the outrageous provocative and seditious she’d reviewed..made most regrettable that she and all her “ma chais” continued to even aid & abet , intemperate her evil intents, sentiments to stir havoc in people’s business.Well, my take on the whole issue here is easy peasy. If Rebecca is downright nasty , rude and judgemental , people will just retaliate.As they say in the civiliased world, you do the crime you put in the time.If you behave like a moron, expect to be treated like one, hence she was branded by many with all kinds of harsh names..esp when she does not have the nature to get away with it. Worse still, if her personality is as ugly as sin.So, Rebecca, please be guided accordingly, siapa makan cili , blahbelahbelah..many bloggers know that you are not a very nice person. And many talk behind her back. She is just a crap blogger who will do anything as long as you pay her. Kalau tak suka , Jangan la kacau dan bertulis cam tu.

  63. Strifemare

    I happened to see something Big Hug related on Facebook, and remembered this post. I gotta say, the comments are freaking hilarious XD

    Personal attacks galore! Reminds me very much of how some associates of the Big Hug owners used to operate, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, when I used to be friends with said associates.

    It’s like they’ve got a schematic to follow:
    1. Talk about how amazing the burgers are.
    2. Then say Rebecca is an idiot (or some other simile).
    3. Finish with how she’s a paid blogger (the ??? step)
    4. Profit!

    Honestly, you could just say “Oh, I kinda liked the Big Hug burgers,” or “It was good, as long as it stays good I’ll keep going,” instead of what they’ve obviously been doing.

    Oh well. Not like I really care. Even though I cared enough to write this 😛 I know I don’t have to tell you this, but keep doing what you do, Rebecca.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi hi Strifemare!
      LOL. thanks for the comment. I hav heard feedback of the operators & how they operate but its stories la.. seems tht u hv actually personally experienced it. on my end.. I’m just giving my honest feedback abt the food. And didnt expect the attack!
      Anyhow, the post here says it all –>

      Have a good weekend ahead Strifemare. 🙂

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