BHPetrol Infiniti – Harmony in Performance

I had a lot of car-related bills piling up this month.

Not long ago I had tinting done on the windows as the recent heatwave was threatening to burn my skin through the glass.
My car which has served me well over a decade finally had its first tint, which was an unnecessary “investment” (of RM400) until now.

And then the compressor broke down, and to quote the mechanic “The weather is so hot now, compressor working harder and yours is old so that’s about the end of its lifespan.”
As I grimly forked out RM650 he said gently to me “Miss, your 2 front tyres are bald.”

I glared at him in dismay, but for the sake of SAFETY, I changed the tyres immediately the next day, costing RM300 which adds up to a total of approximately RM1400 for car repairs this month alone.


All in all, I’m glad there wasn’t any problem with the engine, for as you know, any repairs to the heart of the car would probably cost an arm and a leg.

But how does one maintain your car with care so that it enjoys a longer lifespan?

Well regular servicing is a must, while the choice of engine oil and fuel plays a huge role.

Recently I was introduced to BHPetrol Infiniti, claimed to be able to help motorist such as myself achieve “economical lifestyle“.
Heck, at the rate our ringgit is shrinking, I could do with all the help I can get!


As I delved further into the attributes of BHPetrol Infiniti, it became apparent that this formulation has 5 factors that elevates it above other fuels.

For a start, Infiniti has double the recommended dosage of imported German addictives; thus doubling its performance.

This alike a morning workout boost that your trainer requested you to gulp down in the morning.
In addition to bananas and milk, double the nutrients by adding broccoli and chia seeds.
It is simple math – double dosage, double sustenance, double the performance!


The Deposit Cleaning Agents keeps the engine free from stubborn carbon deposits while the Friction Reducing Agents minimize friction.
Vital engine parts are able to function better and this results in ‘Harmony in Performance‘.
Simply put, Infiniti gives motorists more power and mileage on the road.

My personal car as well  as our 2 company cars are on BHPetrol Infiniti. All staff are briefed to pump Infiniti and my accountant had reported satisfying mileage so far.


Last but not least, I’d like to urge everyone to be a responsible motorist.
Take preventive measures to ensure the drivability of your vehicle, be it a 2 or 4 wheel. Changing your tyres, servicing your car regularly and using reliable fuel to keep your vehicle in optimum condition are just some of the duties a responsible motorist should do.

Likewise, be accountable for your driving.
Be aware that you are liable for your own as well as other motorists’ safety while you are driving.

It could be as simple as selecting a quality fuel that helps to keep your vehicle engine protected and running smoothly.
In turn you are rewarded with a car that performs more economically, which translates to an “economical lifestyle“.


All things considered, more savings is a positive thing, isn’t it?


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  1. In Pontianak, Pertamina has just released version Pertalite sold at a price between the price of Premium and Pertamax. For now, Pertalite could be one option for octane levels high enough compared Premium. 🙂

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