Best ribs in KL for me : Sausage and Ribs Shack, Cheras

This is my favourite PORK ribs which I would happily and confidently recommend to friends. The meat was falling off the bones tender and devouring it only requires your hands and a hearty appetite!

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL-001

While most pork ribs preparations tend to be slathered with overly thick or sweet sauce that overwhelms the meat, Sausage and Ribs Shack’s US spare ribs (RM85 for a full rack as shown here OR RM50 for half rack) was fortunately spared the same fate.

Lance, the owner, is obviously a master of his craft. The imported rack of ribs were done justice with a tasty marinade and cooked to a perfect uniformed tender and moist state.

The meat on its own was impressive and the additional sauce on the side wasn’t necessary for me (though the sauce itself merits a mention).
The 4 of us devoured this and collectively agreed that it is worth the price paid.

For one, there aren’t many outlets that offers US imported pork.
The taste and texture alone is superior over the locally bred ones and personally I preferred this over Iberico. But if you love your Spanish pork, Sausage and Ribs does offer Spanish pork ribs as well for RM40/half rack and RM68/full rack.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL-002

I’m aware that claiming this as “the best” might sound preposterous so I would urge you to try it yourself. For me, this is ‘my bestin comparison to the list below.

1. Naughty Babe Dirty Duck
2. Nambawan (Not bad & cheap!)
3. Flingstones Cafe
4. Ampersand Culinary Rebels – Uptown Damansara. (GOOD – Cocoa ribs.)
5. Morganfields
6. Ante Kitchen Publika
7. Ribs at Burgeon (GOOD but only available on certain occasions now)
8. Wok and Pan Melaka (GOOD & cheap!)
9. Nubacha Melaka (GOOD!)
10. Hungry Hog SS15
11. Piggy Tail Bangsar
12. Ribs by Vintry
13. Skippy’s – Uptown Damansara. (TerribleHad the sticky pork ribs and we couldn’t even taste the meat as it was glazed with a thick, sugary coat).
14. D’Legends Bar TTDI
15. Iberico Kitchen at Oasis Ara Damansara
16. Interlude TTDI

16 places.
Have YOU tried as many pork ribs as I did?
I personally paid for and ate these ribs over 2015 -2016 (1-2 back to earlier years) and for now, this US Pork Ribs by Sausage and Ribs Shack reigned as my top choice for pork ribs in KL.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL-003

Surprised that I haven’t tried Naughty Nuri’s?
Well, there were a number of negative feedback from friends about it. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t try it.
I’ll get to it SOON.

Now, let me finish my tale on Sausage and Ribs Shack.
My first visit was in October 2013. 2 friends and moi shared a platter of sausages, a full rack of rib and a mushroom soup.

The meal was decent overall, but fell short of memorable. I did like the sausages though and bought quite a number of frozen packs home.

Sausage and ribs shack - Midah Cheras


Fast forward 3 years later I was intrigued again with the consistent good reviews that went around online. I was also informed by a close friend that the owner had tweaked his recipes and thus the ribs could be different from what I had earlier.

Heck, I had thought. 3 years IS a long time.
Not long enough for me to abandon the urge to wring the neck of an ex-BF, but long enough for me to considering revisiting a food outlet.

So here I am, with a trio of 3 hungry men, ready to tuck into a rack of ribs.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL

The outlet hasn’t changed much and it was packed on a weekday night.
We were early so we enjoyed some “peaceful dining hours” before the crowd descended on us.

As you already know, we enjoyed the ribs. Our other orders were the Sausage Platter (RM37) and the Bacon Mushroom Pizza (RM25).

The sausages were as rotund, meaty and juicy as I remembered and tasted even better now. These 5 wieners sat on a bed of excellent caramelized onions, so delicious that there weren’t a filament of onion left on the plate by the time we were done.
The mash was homemade as well, and so was the sauce.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL-004

The thin crust pizza had a crispy, freshly baked base with benevolent amount of cheese. They didn’t cut corners on the other ingredients either so we enjoyed a fully loaded pizza.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL-005

The owner makes his own sausages and bacon and thus he is a supplier to many other businesses. Do FB their page if you would like to order some.

Meanwhile if you wish to enjoy a “lighter” meal Sausage and Ribs Shack does offer a lunch menu with manageable one pax portions.
Homemade sourdough bread is on their Saturday breakfast menu so head there for a swine-ful breakfast (think thick bacon, fat sausages and eggs) on Saturdays!

Sausage and Ribs Shack
9 Jalan 2/105, Taman Midah,
Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Waze: “Sausage and Ribs“.

Contact: 016-229 2168
Mon – Fri (except Thus): 12pm – 10pm
Sat: 9am – 10pm
Sun: 6pm – 10pm

CLOSE: Thursday.

sausage and ribs shack - best ribs in KL


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  1. Keto Guy

    You still did not say if the pork ribs were marinated with sugar which if the chef is really good, is not a necessity. 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Alex
      Frankly as long as it is not too sweet for me I’m ok.
      Cos such commercial establishments are not catering for keto diets, but normal appetites. Most marinade would have sugar or some form of sweet stuff for the slightly sweet taste.

  2. Chris

    Have u tried Chuup

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Nope. As you can see, it is not in the list of 18 places I’ve been.
      Chuup I’ve tried the nasi lemak, pork chop and durian coffee.

  3. Lee

    By any chance have you considered trying El Cerdo for their ribs?
    I’ve been there and I find their ribs pretty good, wondering if you might know how sausage and ribs shack might compare to it!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      I haven’t tried their ribs and maybe I will. 🙂

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