Best Ramadan Buffet in KL – JW Marriott – RM75++ – traditional Malay cuisine

Last year it was fantastic. This year, The JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur is proud to bring back its long-standing tradition of serving 138 of nenek’s traditional recipes and more for its buka puasa buffet this holy month of Ramadhan.

Dine by the pool and enjoy the wonderful sight of gerai –rustic wooded stalls serving specialities such as Satay Kampong and Ikan Panggang, as well as heartier dishes at the Gerai Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kandar and Nasi Ayam or book yourself a table in the air-conditioned comforts of the conference hall. Either way, the food is scrumptious, the spread is wide and the service is warm.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-004

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-005

I love the variety and quality of food I get for RM75++. Whole roasted lamb, more than 30 types of curries alone, 6- 7 soups each day, the assorted hot and cold appetisers and the amazing myriad of desserts, it’s simply one of the best in town.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-008

The area is easy to navigate, with well spaced out stalls and a whole brigade of friendly chefs manning the stalls, ever-ready to assist you in getting your food at some live stations.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-020

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-041

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-007

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-011

As you may know I’m a carnivore and as I did my photography rounds I had my eyes (and stomach) set on the roasted lamb, satay, lamb, beef, chicken curries, and roti jala. As soon as everyone buka puasa, slices of lamb with mint sauce and rolls of fluffy roti jala drenched in thick dhall was the first thing I piled upon my plate!

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-019

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-025

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-026

The satays were meaty, well marinated and not too oily while the grilled fishes was thick, fresh and lovely with the housemade sauces. You know what’s to love about the curries here?
They are all rich and bursting with the wonderful fragrance and flavour of spices and coconut milk; such flavours only attainable with correct amount of both, and obviously the chefs here at JW Marriott has the best recipes in town. The curries (gravy alone) aside, the meat, fish, seafood (main ingredients of the curries) are all cooked to perfection in its gravy – all having had absorbed the flavours of the spices sufficiently and the meats are tender to bite while the fishes remains flaky and fresh.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-015

Gulai daging with nangka (jackfruit), Kupang masak sambal kacang, Rendang danging, Tongkeng (bishop nose) goreng tepung, Daging masak merah, Tempe goreng chili, Keli kuah lemak, Rendang kerang (this is one of the specialties here!), Daging salai masak lemak dengan bachang, Paru goreng berlada, Pucuk manis dengan labu… and the exhaustive selection goes on!
Would you believe it if I say every dish was good? Well, it is. I took 4 hours to sample almost everything (all in dainty bites of course) and other than the dismal chicken rice, I didn’t find any other dish majorly disappointing to warrant any complaints.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-013

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-017

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-023

The keli. One of my personal favourite fish for its snowy flesh and sweet taste.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-024

The fried bishop nose (which is chicken butt for those who are in the dark) has a nice crunchy bite with bits of meat and is pretty fun to munch on as I chatted with my dining companions throughout dinner. 🙂

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-012

I’m not surprised to see the crowd that night. And the happy satisfied faces of the diners. I was obviously sporting the same contented expression on my face.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-035

That’s not all. Inside, the hots dishes and hot/cold appetisers beckons. My photographer of the evening Gary did a good job capturing all the dishes without a single grumble. I’m the obsessive sort who wants a picture of every dish in a buffet and he sportingly obliged, not eating a single morsel until he had everything captured in vivid detail for me. I hope you’re enjoying his pictures so far? 😀

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-035

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-032

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-033

Is it possible that there are 138 dishes? Yes, I assure you there is.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-034

From traditional Malay to Indian to Chinese, there was something for everyone and every palate that evening (and for every evening since 10th of July til the end of Ramadan), exactly how a buffet should be!

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-029

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-030

Even the humble keropok station offers 4 types of crunchy crackers.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-031

Quantity is important for a buffet, but I believe quality is similarly as crucial. Here at JW Marriott, they satisfy both criteria.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-018

Moving on, I discovered that there are 6 types of soups alone. 6!
Choose from Sup Daging, Sup Kambing, Sup Ayam, Mushroom Soup and 2 more of which my memory fails me at this point of time.

And here’s another ubiquitous dish for ramadan – the bubur lambuk. Popular but can be a disappointment if it is bland, which most stalls at Pasar Ramadan and some buffets I have tried seem to dish out. I’m happy to say that I got my bubur lambuk fix satisfied this year here at the JW Marriott! 🙂

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-027

For sweet buburs, we were spoiled for choice, struggling to select from Bubur Nangka, Bubur Pisang, Bubur Kacang Merah, Bubur Chacha, Chinese Lean Chi Kang, Chendol, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Pulut Hitam..oh, 8 of these every night!
We ended up with almost 6 on our table and everyone enjoyed every one of them. Sweet as they should be, the buburs were also nice and creamy with the rich aroma of coconut milk.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-021

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-022

I had to wash everything down with my favourite ais-kacang, topped with ice-cream! 🙂

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-036

We were seriously stuffed, but if you have space, don’t neglect the local kuih-muih and western puddings, cakes and cookies.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-016

I would confidently encourage anyone seeking a value for money, comfortable and excellent spread Ramadan buffet to book their seats/tables here immediately. All things considered, this is one of the VERY FEW outstanding buka puasa buffet in KL! 🙂

In keeping with the spirit of “silatul rahim” or building sincere ties at Ramadhan and giving thanks for what we have, the JW Marriott Ramadhan buffet is priced at a reasonable MYR75++ at the Poolside and MYR65++ at the 4th floor Starhill Conference Centre; children ages 7 to 12 dining at either venue may enjoy the buffet at half price.

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-037

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-038

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-040

Ramadan 2013 - JW Marriott KL-044

The Ramadhan buffet will be served from 7.00pm – 10.30pm daily. This buffet will run from Wednesday, 10th July till the eve of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. For reservations, please call +603-2719 8666 or email [email protected].

Last but not least, check out my List of Ramadan Buffets in KL/PJ. It’s a list I have compiled for easy reference and search and I hope it will assist you in your hunt for your personal/company/family buka puasa gathering! 🙂

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  1. Daniel

    Mouthwatering! and to be so highly rated by you – the expert of all good food, I would say they did offer a solid line of buffet huh!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes, I do highly and confidently recommend JW Marriot ramadan buffet to anyone with the budget of RM75++! 🙂

  2. Eszu Dean

    Agree! best and cheapest in town among hotels. went ever year

  3. Syafiq

    Hi there, just wanna ask. Those who choose to buka puasa at the 4th floor convention centre, are they going to get the same menu as those by the pool? I’m going to bring elderlies, air-conditioned place would be more comfortable for them

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Syafiq! Apologies for the late reply, I just got back from Chengdu. Ok, I’ll forward your enquiry to the JW Marriott people ok? Will give them your email 🙂
      From what I understand, you will still consume the same spread from the buffet 🙂

    2. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Syafiq. I have confirmed that they spread is absolutely 100% the same. It’s just that you’re dining in the convention centre and not by the pool – so only venue is different. Hope that helps! Enjoy your buffet/meal here! 🙂

  4. Celeste

    Very good write-up as usual becky. I have seen your list of the ramadan buffets you sampled every year! Crazy!
    I’ll definitely believe you when you said it’s good!

  5. Alan.

    I’ve read them all now Becks. How do you down so much and retain the same shape? Perhaps expend energy through magnificently descriptive writing. xxx.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Awww thanks Alan. You’re too kind! Hey I got return tics to Vientiane Laos from AA valid til end of the year 🙂
      So sad u can’t join me in Japan, but I wonder if you’re traveling to Asia anytime soon?
      And I must catch up and drop you an email – need to check on my sweet buddy on how’s he’s coping 😀

      1. Alan.

        I wish I had time to join you. I start a consultancy with another law firm in Oct but we will catch up phps early next year. Enjoy Laos xxx

      2. Rebecca Saw

        Oh that’s great news Alan! 🙂
        I hope you enjoy your new venture! All the best! XOXXOOXOX! *muah*!

  6. Dorothy

    Wonderful spread. I can see from the fabulous pictures that the curries are indeed thick, creamy and very potentially packs a punch in flavours!

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