Best of Halal – La Vacas Meat Shop

Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: Y
Halal Certified: N
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: Y
Extra Comments/Notes: 10 % service charge.
3 outlets all together:

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL

La Vacas prides itself on being the premium meat provider and speciality butcher shop. All of its outlets are managed by expert butchers and meat lovers with a zeal for quality and exceptional cuts of meat.
Their very first outlet is in Kelana Jaya and that outlet started operations in 2007. LA Vacas had since expanded to 2 more outlets; one in Mont Kiara and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng respectively.
I find the dining environment at Las Vacas Mt Kiara cosy and relaxed albeit a bit warm when dining al-fresco. There are tables in the air conditioned outlet but these were few and very quickly occupied. The display chiller inside showcased their best cuts available for the day and diners are able to either select their desired meats here or from the menu.
The meats on display are for sale as well. Take your pick of the halal imported Australian beef and New Zealand lamb.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-001

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-002

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-003

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-004

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-005

There are many steakhouses in KL and PJ and La Vacas fits into the no-frills, quality and reasonable priced category.
Service is helpful and the staff was knowledgeable about the meats.
I would highly recommend the Hot Platter to start; a medley of ox tongue, wagyu Karubi, Beef Wrap and Mozzarella Sticks for RM70.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-006

We particularly favoured the tasty Beef Wrap; a house special of pan sauteed beef rolls with vegetables sticks within its folds and served covered with a thick cheesy sauce.
The Ox Tongue were thinly sliced and grilled; though sadly a bit overdone to my liking.
There were copious amount of black pepper over both the tongue and wagyu karubi, and I thought that was unnecessary as it overpowered the natural flavours of the meat.
Sauces for the wagyu karubi and the ox tongue are ponzu dipping sauce and wasabi mayonnaise and were served separately in little saucers.
It’s difficult not to like breaded deep fried mozzarella sticks so that was a winner.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-007

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-008

Our AACO Angus, 180 days grain fed rib eye came medium rare as requested. For RM30/100g, this was passable in terms of taste and quality.
Personally for me, price has never been an issue as I love a good quality cut of meat. From personal experience, the meats served at The Steakhouse on Changkat Bukit Bintang are better suited to my tastebuds. Another is QBA at Westin KL. Lastly, Beato at Publika and Telawi Bangsar takes the top vote for its dry aged steaks.
All 3 outlets uses Australian meat as well, but the end result is so different in terms of flavour. So at end of the day, I guess it’s about managing expectations. If you’re seeking a decent steak with prices as offered like La Vacas, then you get what you pay for.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-009

But at the very least, Las Vacas cook their meats right, with only salt, pepper and olive oil, which is all a good quality steak needs.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-011

A fan of burgers, I added a 150g Lamb Burger (RM21). We substituted the side of fries for a healthier alternative of salad and this was readily obliged.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-012

Tastewise it was very very mediocre. My advice? Just stick to the steaks.

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-014

Best of Halal - La Vacas, KL-016

Restaurant Name: La Vacas Meat Shop
Location: LG, Mont Kiara Shoplex
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6205 2258
Opening Hours: Mondays 6pm to 10pm; Tuesdays to Sundays 10am – 10pm
Contact Person and details: Yunus Dayan (part owner).
Email: [email protected]

Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: Y
Halal Certified: N
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: Y
Extra Comments/Notes: 10 % service charge.


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