Best Nyonya chang in Melaka – 5 more tasted – Mrs Sim, Mrs Lim (Bukit Serindit), Michelle Soo, Mei Xin Cafe, Joo Huat


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Where to get the best Nyonya chang in Malaysia/Singapore?

Since Melaka is known for its nyonya food, is it understandable that anything with the label “nyonya” (which includes nyonya kuih and nyonya “chang/¬†glutinous rice dumplings are most sought-after here.

If you don’t already know, Nyonya glutinous rice dumpling is an entirely dissimilar variant to the regular¬†Cantonese chang (or any other other rice dumplings for that matter).
It has its own distinctive flavour since it uses specific ingredients and spices.

In my opinion the addition of candied wintermelon is a must; since traditional recipes does and that’s what gave it the sweet-savoury element.
Sadly I find that it is usually omitted now. I don’t like the taste and smell myself but a bit does gives the nyonya chang its characteristic taste.

best nyonya bachang - Melaka - mei sin cafe-003

I have blogged about 4 different nyonya dumplings that I tried in the past (Link –>¬†Baba Charlie, Sin Yong Seng,¬†Pohpiah Lwee and¬†Nancy‚Äôs Kitchen)¬†and today I’m adding another 4 more to the list.
These four are¬†“less commercialized” ones; made at¬†home by aunties and in limited quantities. However, with sufficient heads-up, you can order up to a few hundred dumplings.

I’ve known and tried¬†these changs (with exception of Michelle Soo’s) about a year back, but I got caught up with other postings and neglected to write about them.
Thus on this trip (Sept 2015) I have decided to re-visit all of them again to take fresh pictures and to update the taste, price and location for all of you.

Enjoy my thoughts and pictures below! ūüôā

1. Mrs Sim Nyonya Chang  (Taman Bukit Serindit)

Biggest of the 4 here. Tied with hemp/bamboo strings.
Price: RM4.3o each
Fillings: This was between Mrs Lim’s chang and Mei Xin chang. Not too sweet, big in portion with generous amount of meat and there’s a decent hint of spices in the taste.
No candied wintermelon added or we couldn’t detect it in BOTH (we bought 2 to be sure) dumplings we ate.
Rice: Soft and evenly cooked through.

BELOW: Left¬†is Mrs Sim’s,¬†the one which is the focus now. (Right is Mrs Lim’s – the not recommended¬†one).

best nyonya chang melaka - Sim or Lim nyonya chang

Closer shot of the fillings. It’s good!

best nyonya chang melaka - Sim nyonya chang Lim nyonya chang-001

Address: Taman Bukit Serindit Jaya (beside Asian Heritage Residence), 75400 Melaka.
Waze: Not on waze.
Off: No off days.



2. Mrs Lim Nyonya Chang (Bukit Serindit Jaya)

Smallest of the 4.
Tied with red rafia strings.
Price: RM4.00
Fillings: Sweetest, a bit too sweet in fact.
No candied wintermelon added or we couldn’t detect it in BOTH (we bought 2 to be sure) dumplings we ate.¬†Very mild¬†spice flavour.
The ONLY nice thing to say of this chang? The meat pieces are chunkier compared to the rest.
Rice: Soft and well cooked through.

BELOW: On the right is Mrs Lim, the one being described now. (Left is as above – Mrs Sim).


BELOW: The meat were dry and stringy.

best nyonya chang melaka - Sim nyonya chang

Note: She is a grumpy old lady. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Not only her chang were below par, her house is one of the most difficult one to find! I am certainly not buying anymore from her.

Address:  Jalan Lim Cheng Hoon, Taman Bukit Serindit, 75400 Melaka.
Waze “Jalan Lim Cheng Hoon“. It is a long road that branches off to a right and left turning at one point. Can be confusing so do call if you can’t find¬†it.

Off: During CNY only.

best - Lim nyonya bachang - Melaka-002

best - Lim nyonya bachang - Melaka


3. Kedai Kopi Mei Xin/ Mei Xin Cafe

Medium size compared to the rest.
Price: RM4.50
Fillings: My pick (2nd to Michelle’s)¬†since it has better flavours. It’s not just one dimensionally sweet and it has¬†strong taste of spices.
Both Sim’s and Lim’s changs has only meat (or rather the ones that I bought) while Mei Xin’s has added mushrooms and candied wintermelon.
Another positive point; Mei Sin coffeeshop is right in town.

Rice: Soft and evenly cooked through.
On a previous trip the rice texture was perfect but for this particular batch the rice was a bit mushy.

best nyonya bachang - Melaka - mei sin cafe

best nyonya bachang - Melaka - mei sin cafe-002

Address: Jalan Bunga Raya, opposite from The Shore and beside Renaissance Hotel.
Waze for “Mei Sin Cafe”.
Contact: NA. The coffeeshop is open daily from 7am.
Off day: To be advised. I forgot.

best nyonya bachang - Melaka - mei sin cafe-001


4. Michelle Soo

Price: RM6.50 (bought at her home).
She makes pineapple tarts, kaya, kee chang (alkaline dumpling) and some other kuih too.

Fillings: The best among the 9 (nine) changs listed here. Generous fillings of lean pork, candied wintermelon, beanpaste (taucu) & spices.
Rice: Soft and evenly cooked through. Wonderful blue color too.

michelle soo- excellent - Unicorn Cafe MElaka

Michelle soo - excellent - Unicorn Cafe MElaka

best nyonya chang dumpling - melaka

michelle soo - nyonya chang best nyonya dumpling melaka

Address:¬†Kampung house in¬†“SK Bukit Rambai” area.

Off: No off days, just call to check.

michelle soo - nyonya chang best nyonya dumpling melaka-001


5. East & West Rendezvous Cafe

Medium size.
Price: RM5.00
Fillings:¬†Generous and packed with meat, mushrooms and yes, the must-have ingredient ‚Äď candied wintermelon. Sufficient scent of spices too.
Rice: Soft and evenly cooked through.

East & West Rendezvous Café melaka - nyonya chang, kuih, chendol-004

Address: 60, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.
Waze for “East West Rendezvous”.

Off: No particular off day. Please call to check.


5. Joo Huat Nyonya Chang Melaka

Medium size.
Price: RM5.00
Fillings: Quite horrible. Meager fillings, only meat, no mushrooms, candied wintermelon and barely any discernible spice flavour.
Rice: Too firm to the point of hard.
Other changs: Red bean (RM1.80), Kee chang (RM1.20), Bak Chang (RM5), Bak Chang with salted egg (RM6).


joo huat nyonya chang dumpling melaka-001

Joo huat nyonya chang - melaka review

Address: Kampung Hulu 75200 Melaka
Waze: To be updated.

Off: No off days, just call to check.

Joo huat nyonya chang - melaka review-001

joo huat nyonya chang review melaka

For the next 4 nyonya dumplings as below, please find the detailed review here –>¬†

6. Sin Yong Seng

101, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
75000 Melaka.

Please find the detailed review here¬†‚Äď>¬†


Nyonya Chang in Melaka - sin yong seng, baba charlie, pohpiah lwee

sin yong seng - melaka

7. Pohpiah Lwee Coffeeshop

14 Jalan Kubu
75200 Malaysia
(Near Jonker Street)
NO contact number.

Please find the detailed review here¬†‚Äď>¬†


popiah Lwee - melaka - rebecca saw blog (2)

8. Nancy’s Kitchen

Jalan Hang Lekir, Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200, Melaka, Malaysia.

Mon, Wed, Thus, Sun: 11:00 am-5:00 pm
Fri/Sat: 11:00 am-9:00 am
Off : Tues.

Please find the detailed review here¬†‚Äď>¬†



9. Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake

72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2,

Business hour : 10am-4pm. Daily except Thursday

Please find the detailed review here¬†‚Äď>¬†


CONCLUSION: My personal pick – Michelle Soo, Mei Xin cafe and Rendevous.

So, did I miss out any good nyonya chang/rice dumpling in Melaka?
Do let me know if I did via FB/Insta/email/leave me a comment.
I’ll be in Melaka in 2 weeks’ time and I’ll look for it!

PS: Recommendations of a unique, good AirBnB stays, boutique hotels, hotels needed so please share if you know of it worth checking out. ūüôā

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  1. Fizbiscuit

    Hi Becky,
    I think the FB link for Michelle Soo is not working. Thanks!

  2. Sean EDKL

    my grandmother and aunts like nyonya chang, and they’ve often bought some (though i’ve never enquired where from) … to be honest, i’m not a fan though, cos i don’t quite like sweetish, gritty filling … but i should show my aunts this list! ūüėÄ

    1. Rebecca Saw

      You’re the savoury kind then! ūüėõ
      Oh yes, please do show her and let me know if she has better recommendations? ūüėÄ

      1. PSTan

        I just bought the nyonya chung from east & west rendezvous yesterday i.e. Nov 1, 2015 & it cost RM6.50. It is medium size…was I ripped off since I noticed you bought at RM5. I did like it but the amount of filling in each chung is not consistent. BTW the lady boss is still so very unfriendly as mentioned in some other blogs.

      2. Rebecca Saw

        Hi Jade
        She must have increased her prices. Well you can try Mei Xin if it is not convenient for you to find Michelle’s .
        You can also expect all nyonya chang prices to go up by end of this year or next as it is getting more difficult to find and lesser people making it.

  3. Adrian Boon

    I just went to Mrs Sim’s house, they told me they on break right now. Only sell small amount of nyonya dumpling / chang.

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