Best dim sum in IPOH Part 4 – Li Yuan Dim Sum – WEEKEND/SUNDAY specials

Li Yuan is sort of an spin-off from the established China Chuan Kwong (Qi Yuan) at Greentown Business Centre.
While the latter focuses on ‘Cantonese dim sum and Szechuan specialties (cue: Xiao Loong Bao, chilli oil in almost everything, Szechuan-style noodles), the former supposedly more for well, normal dim sum?

Anyhow here’s the menu (minus a page for the bao and fried items) for you to decide if a trip here is worth the ride.

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-003

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-002

Since there were some reviews on their standard dim sum already and the general feedback had been positive we decided to review their Sunday/weekend specials instead.

That means that the 5 items you see below are available only on Sundays and pre-orders are encouraged.

Frankly, after chowing down all 5 items, I would say it is only the “dai bao” and the ‘fishpaste pork balls‘ that are worth pre-ordering.
The yong tau fu though decent, isn’t something I’ll be having lingering dreams of. Neither was the “chok sang kwuin” – a type of pork roll with water chestnuts and carrots wrapped in bamboo fungus and steamed in gravy.

IPOH - Day 2 prt 2 - May 2016

The ‘extra big har kau‘ is worth it if you’re a big fan of prawns as each of these 4 babies are impregnated with at least 4-5 prawns each.
For RM9.00, you’ll have to decide if it is worth it, or else settle for the ordinary har kau (RM5.00 for 3 pcs) from their standard menu.



Now for the dai bao.
Was it worth RM8.50?

I would say it is worth ordering to share if you have a bigger group than 3 pax.
This mighty fella was bulky with a quarter egg, half a mushroom, loads of radish, a large piece chicken, plenty of pork strips, vegetables (shreds of coriander and celery) and 2-3 slices of lap cheong (wax sausages)!


It was rather saucy so the bottom dough was all soggy. The bao layer itself is a bit thick, though admittedly for RM8.50 there were more than enough ingredients to justify its price.


My personal favourites are the fried fishpaste wrapped pork balls (RM7.00 for 2) and the ‘chok sang kuin‘ (paste wrapped in bamboo fungus), RM6.00 for 2 rolls.

Served hot, these balls were juicy and dense with minced meat with strips of black fungus, water chestnut and carrots.
Since this is something exclusive to Li Yuan, give it a shot if you are here on Sunday.


The ‘chok sang kuin‘ – I enjoyed it, but it won’t be something that I’ll rate as an absolute must-order for Li Yuan’s Sunday special. The earlier fishpaste wrapped pork ball yes, but not this.
It is one of those “Oh, I’ve tried it, it is ok, but no, for RM6 I’ll try something next time“.

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-006

The Yong Tau Foo (RM5.00).
All 3 items are well made and the sauce tasty without being overly salty. Order if you are a yong tau fu fan, skip if you are not.

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-004

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-005

All in all, I’ll rate Li Yuan at “good and worth a visit”.

Personally I regretted that we didn’t try the items from the main menu instead. The big bun filled us up and we were unable to stuff ourselves further. The homemade noodles sound promising too as I was told that the sauces are the chef’s own concoction.
Joanna’s personal favourite is the “C06 – Szechuan Hot and Spicy Noodles in Chicken Stock” and I trust her tastebuds so I’ll definitely be ordering that on my next visit.

Well, see you soon Ipoh.
There will be a “Li Yuan – Part 2” for sure!

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW-007

Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant is an air conditioned outlet and there is complimentary WIFI for guests.
The dim sum trolley is absent here so orders are done via an order sheet. Our orders were served pretty quickly and service is competent.

li yuan dim sum ipoh REVIEW

Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant (behind Tesco Ipoh Garden)
27, Jalan Medan Ipoh 18/1,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel No : +605-545 7001
Business hours :
Daily from 7.00 am to 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Close on Wednesday.

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