Best dim sum in IPOH Part 3 – Dynasty Palace Restaurant

Dynasty Palace is certainly one of the better dim sum restaurants in Ipoh.
I would rate it as one of my favourites, alongside Zui Le Xuan, Chooi Yue, Lok Hin, Sun Kim Aik and Sun Kok Kee.

dynasty palace ipoh best dim sum

This family-run outlet has been serving their homemade recipes in this air-conditioned double lots in Stesen 18 since 2013.
Service is efficient enough, dim sum selection is extensive with some unique house specials thus providing a different dining experience than your regular dim sum joints and overall the dim sum has a certain finesse to them, as compared to the coffeeshop variety.

That said, prices for the dim sum remained reasonable.


If you have read my post on the halal dim sum in Greentown Dim Sum Cafe, you will realize that prices are almost similar, but dim sum served here are of so much better quality.
Hence as I’ve voiced strongly before, unless you are a Muslim or abstaining from pork, there are many more superior dim sum choices in Ipoh.

The Dynasty Palace egg tarts came highly recommended by my reliable Ipoh guide Brian and these same babies enjoyed high regards on foursquare tips as well.

IPOH - Day 2 - May 20161

Granted, they were soft, creamy and wobbly, but a tad sweet for me. Nonetheless, the flaky crust was faultless; airy with a non- greasy feel.
RM4.80 for a set of 3 mini ones.

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-011

We inspected the har kau next.

The skin is a nice, chewy film enveloping firm, fresh prawns.
Only the top portion where the folds were was a tad thick. If you are not absolutely anal about such slight, then there is nothing to complain about these prawn dumplings. RM5.80 for 4.

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-007

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW

My favourite dim sum fishballs were the humongous ones at Zui Le Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant but these came close.
Firmer in bite, but no less satisfying in the fish flavour. RM4.50 for 3. 


Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-002

This was one of Dynasty Palace signature item; the Bean Skin Chee Cheong Fun, RM6.30/plate.

It is essentially beancurd skin cloaking a filling of fish and prawn paste with spices. After it is deep fried, smooth chee cheong fun are swiftly wrapped around each roll.
The roll is then quickly cut up and plated before it is served to the diner.

When this arrived at our table, the beancurd skin was still crackling crisp and hot. Accompanying the dish was a small saucer of their in-house mixed soy sauce as well as their homemade chilli paste.
Thus instead of serving the rolls in a pool of sauce which might effect the texture of dish, you are encouraged to dip each piece into the soy sauce and chilli as and when you are ready to consume one.

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-013

As usual I had a problem with the grease from the beancurd skin. This is one of the reason why I avoid ordering fried items at dim sum outlets.
That said, my dining partner had no issues.

My dining partner is also a fan of chicken feet. Here at Dynasty Palace she was delighted to bite into crunchy, bouncy chicken feet, devoid of bones and in a spicy, appetizing dressing.
Almost like a chicken feet salad, if you can call it that!

Thai Spicy Chicken Feet – RM5.90.

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-006

The lau sar pau boasted of thick and rich custard but pales in salted egg robustness compared to Zui Le Xuan. Thus Zui Le Xuan is still my pick for best lau sar bao (salted egg yolk bun) in Ipoh.

Nevertheless, this version is good too.  RM5.40 for 3.


We truly had a feast and left stuffed.
Last but not least was this Spare ribs with black bean sauce (RM4.80). Fairly meaty and the sauce wasn’t overly oily or salty so I enjoyed this!

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-012

Our bill for 7 dim sum plus a pot of tea and a glass of ice cubes (RM0.50) totaled up to RM43.45 after 6% GST.
All in all, I rate our breakfast to be satisfactory with more hits than misses, based on what we ordered.

Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-005


Restoran Dynasty palace dim sum REVIEW-003

Dynasty Palace Restaurant
No. 16-18, Medan Stesen 18/11 (opposite the Aeon Mall, Station 18)
Station 18, 31650 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.

Phone:+60 5-255 2010
Hours: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Off day: Monday.
WAZE: “Dynasty Palace“.

dynasty palace ipoh best dim sum-002

dynasty palace ipoh best dim sum-001

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