Best dim sum in IPOH Part 2 – Greentown Dim Sum Cafe (HALAL)

If you are abstaining from pork, a Muslim or you are living in or a tourist in Ipoh, I would recommend Greentown Dim Sum Cafe for your dim sum fix.
If you not any of the above, then I’ll like to recommend much better dim sums in Ipoh, of which you can find the list HERE.

Meanwhile, let me go into details of our halal dim sum lunch yesterday.

For halal dim sum, Greentown Dim Sum Cafe is your best bet at the moment.
Most items are decent but hardly memorable.
Credit where it is due, none were particularly terrible either.

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-008

Our dim sum took a while to arrive, but the dim sum were fresh and the fried items were cooked upon order.

Prices wise I felt it was a bit costly for Ipoh standards (each plate is about RM5 – RM7 + GST), but as a trade off you get to dine in air conditioned comfort and it is an all day dim sum outlet.
Anyhow it is the ONLY HALAL certified dim sum outlet in Ipoh, so there isn’t really much of a choice.

And no, there is no WIFI (as of May 2016).

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-004

We settled for the juicy cempedak bun from the ‘new variety menu’, a number of items from the standard menu, steered clear from the har kau which I warned to be thick-skinned and one fried item to test the grease level.
The siew mai sets are helpful for those who prefer varieties (who doesn’t?) and lastly the egg parts since it is the sole pastry item available.

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-001

Juicy cempedak buns (3 pcs RM6.36). 
Acceptable cempedak taste and a bit sweet.

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-006

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-010

Siew Mai Set 2 – RM10 + for 4 pieces.
There are seaweed siew mai (2), fishball (2) and and chicken siew mai (2); all in all fairly edible.

IPOH - Day 1 May 2016

The variations of siew mai (meat dumplings) available are quite extensive.
There are 4 sets altogether and besides the ones in the menu below, there are prawn and chicken version as well as mushroom, black pepper and ‘blue‘ dumplings.

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-005

Fried Beancurd Roll (RM6.00+).
The positive side of this dish is that the rolls were served piping hot. On the downside, it wasn’t properly drained so each piece was sitting on little pools of grease on the plate.


The most disappointing item we had were these egg tarts (RM5.80+). The custard is firm, overly sweet and the pastry stiff.
IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-002

We had Sea Coconut and Longan (RM3.50+) and White Coffee (RM3.70+) to wash down our meal.
We were charged RM0.60 for an additional glass of iced drinking water.

IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-003

In conclusion, our meal was acceptable for a halal version in Ipoh.

In KL, excellent pork free options can be found at Celestial Court, though as expected prices are higher too.
Other notable ones are MinMax PNB as well as Siang at Sogo KL. Another option is Dolly Dim Sum but our dining experience here was mediocre.

As of recent months Greentown Dim Sum Cafe had began offering set lunches. Additionally to that, their ala-carte menu for rice and noodle based dishes are extensive and based on fellow Ipohans’ feedback, those are commendably prepared.
Joanna particularly favoured the Kampung Fried Rice while I thought it was a waste that the nasi lemak isn’t served with coconut milk rice but plain rice instead.
No doubt they wanted to reduce potential wastage since there are only 2 nasi lemak items on the menu.
IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown-011 IPOH famous halal dim sum outlet review - Greentown

Greentown Dim Sum Cafe (HALAL),
10, Persiaran Greentown 4,
Pusat Perdagangan Greentown,
30450 Perak, Malaysia.

Phone:+60 5-255 2010
Hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm.
Off day: Tuesday.
WAZE: “Greentown Dim Sum Cafe
** Note that they have a JAKIM certificate so it is HALAL, not just pork-free.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    ooo, i’m a bit surprised ipoh has only one halal-certified dim sum outlet … somehow i had expected at least three or four. i spot a few pretty unusual dim sum offerings here! 😀

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