Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Launch of Belanga’s Minum Petang Sensation

I once reviewed the Nasi Tumpang from Belanga HERE against the one at Warung, Mid Valley and apparently Belanga’s version was the more authentic version.
Anyhow, I tried their Nasi Dagang, Nasi roti jala, ayam percik as well during the previous session and thought the food was ok.

This round, Belanga has rebranded itself as a lifestyle cafe and it’s now geared towards being a coffee hub with home- styled Malay delicacies as it’s main snacks.

While the coffee was really aromatic and smooth, thanks to Belanga’s coffee barista from Australia, the food didn’t impress that much.

Cafe Latte, Cappucino, Ristretto, Long Black, Flat White and more.

Belanga sensasi

But the black pepper keropok lekor was a pretty good variation from the original. Crisp and fishy enough!


Some of the food that was highlighted during the food gathering are “Anak Dara Dua Sebilik, Satar, Pulut Panggang, Sardine Rollen, Samosa, Tahi Itik, Kueh Akok, Keropok Lekor and Royal Murtabak”.

Belanga sensasi1

belanga - empire shopping gallery

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery
2nd floor.
Tel: +603 – 5631 2780

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  1. Sean

    ‘anak dara dua sebilik’ is such a strange name! i had to google it to find out it was some kind of kuih tepung (i think!). not sure if i’ve ever tasted it, i can never recognize malay kuih ūüėÄ

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe..all i know is that this kueh has 2 “balls” inside! LOL.
      its the kueh with sweet dessicated coconut and both these 2 balls are inside atr layer of ‘kueh’

  2. Baby Sumo

    Ah I was invited to this thingy too, but didn’t have time to go. Did you go to the Jazz Festival after?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh no i didnt!
      I got to go to GTower cos some bloggers were invited for complimentary stay :bye:

  3. ciki

    i wanna go Belanga! why nevah call me.. sniffle.. ūüėõ

    1. rebeccasaw

      It is!
      So when are we meeting up for drinks ?? B-)

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