Behind the kitchen at Edeiweiss Cafe, Penang

Its’ been a long time since I went to Edeiweiss. I will always remember Aunty Theresa’s Swiss curry chicken with Roti Benggali.. *grin*.

This trip was well timed, for my godsis is in town and both of us managed to squeeze sometime for yumcha together, a mean feat considering our crazy schedules.

And super-duper lucky me, this Japanese food journalist was in town and wanted to interview Mrs Theresa Capol for her piece in a Japanese food magazine. So both of us are requested to hang around and finish the food after the shoot. Wahahaaaa.. no complains here! LOL.

Owners: Mr Urs Capol and Theresa Capol

So then the kitchen got busy, preparing some specials of the cafe for the photoshoot. It was after lunch hours so it wasn’t a rush.

Specials of the cafe..for the interview..

I was click-happy and shuffled around in the kitchen getting into everybody’s way.. heh.

Getting the salad ready..

Ribs and sausage cooking..

Salad with pomelo and mango

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

Rosti-Swiss Potato Pancake with bacon, onions and eggs. RM20.00

On the stove

The crispy outerior, the soft mashy potatoes inside

As it is made from scratch, a 25 mins waiting period is required..but it’s worth it..especially if you are spuds crazy like me!

Special BBQ’D Pork Ribs – RM26.00. Really tender and juicy..

The B52 – big pork sausage topped with tomato sauce and curry spice powder, served with fries and salad RM29.50. Man..this is one fat and long sausage.. ;p

Apple Flan with Movenpick Ice Cream – Movenpick ok!! RM14.00
I was thrilled to bits.. haha
Ok..the ice cream’s all melted but it soaked into the pie.. slurp!

I got to see them a fresh one too..

Both of us sharing the 6 course meal..burrppp! LOL.

First day in Penang and I’m off to a great start – keep the food coming!!

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