Becky’s Pick – best cakes, pineapple tarts, cookies – Chinese New Year

Here are my best sellers from 2015 Chinese New Year which I will be stocking up again this year.
Do send me a message on or if you have any queries on the products and my team will be more than happy to assist!

Uncle Gideon Kuih Bangkit

Exclusively ordered from a family in Melaka, these alabaster delights are cherished for their crunch and melt-in-the-mouth properties.
Uncle G’s bangkit are close to perfection and the best part is, it melts in the mouth yet it doesn’t leave your throat parched!

Amount: 40 – 45 pcs/tub
Price: RM20



Uncle Gideon Bangkit Kelapa

The same family makes excellent Bangkok Kelapa, a lost traditional and uncommon variant of the bangkit.
Expect to be delighted with this sweet, rich in coconut and aromatic crumbly Bangkit Kelapa.

Amount: 35 – 40pcs/tub
Price: RM25



Aunty Sim’s Green Pea Cookies

Enjoy rich green peas flavour in every cookie. These babies are soft and crumbly with high ratio of peas to little flour.

Amount: 35 – 40pcs
Price: RM22


Aunty Choo’s Kuih Kapit

Brittle and fragrant, these EXTRA EGG kapit are addictive. You can’t stop at ONE! Or 5. 😉

One full tin.
Price: RM30


Joy’s Layer Cake – Sancha (hawflake)

Price: RM185


Shaun’s Fruitcake

Size : 6 x 6 inches
With alcohol – Price: RM180

Without alcohol – Price: RM138


Aunty Lily’s Pineapple Tarts

Soft buttery crust with a bit of crunch plus tangy, less sweet pineapple jam. 

Amount: 30pcs
Price: RM30



Aunty J’s Pineapple Tarts 

These mini balls has a superb melt-in-the-mouth milky crust with zesty pineapple filling. Suitable for those who prefer a stronger tang and fibrous pineapple jam fillings.

Amount: 50pcs
Price: RM45




Aunty J’s Cashew Bar


Joy’s Layer Cakes

An Indonesia descendent, Joy proudly bakes all her layer cakes from home.
Her layer cakes are baked from butter and egg yolks, giving it a rich aroma highly prized in layer cakes.

With 8 flavours, one is hard pressed to choose one!
But when in doubt, try the original or the 4-in-one combo of cheese, oreo, prune and sancha (haw flakes).

If you wish to have the Spekkoek spice included in the cake, do leave a note of your preference in your order.

Price: RM185

BELOW: CHEESE layer cake.



BELOW: OREO Layer cake.


BELOW: The 4 -in – 1 (prune, hawflake, oreo and cheese) layer cake.


BELOW: Cross section of the Prune Layer Cake.




Aunty Estee ‘s Sugee Cake (RM125)

Fragrant and moist yet non-greasy, this buttery rich sugee cake is studded with crunchy almond nibs.

Shelf life: 3 days on the table, 1 month in the fridge


Aunty Estee ’s Chocolate Creme Brûlée (RM200)

Impress your chocoholic friends with this unique multi-layered rich chocolate creation.

A layer of eggy cream brûlée is nestled between double layers (top and bottom) of rich chocolate mousse and nutty hazelnut. The cake is covered in rich chocolate ganache.

**  Cake is best enjoyed chilled.
Shelf life: Keep chilled, max 3 weeks in the fridge.



Aunty Estee ’s Fruit Cake

Aunty Estee offers an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic version of her fruit cake.
Both are baked with sugee, exceedingly moist and generously studded with fruits. Highly recommended!

Shelf life: 3 days on the table, 1 month in the fridge



Pineapple Tarts

NOTE: Both has buttery crust and the jam isn’t too sweet.

The differences between both isn’t that much, but there are minor elements that would make you prefer one to the other.

Aunty Vee — :

Description: MORE jam to crust ratio. Smooth jam, slightly tangy and sweet. Buttery, melt-in-the-mouth  crust

35 tarts/tub.
PRICE: RM32.00


Aunty Anna — :

Description: Tangy jam with a bit of fibre. Balanced crust to jam ratio. Buttery, melt-in-the-mouth  crust.

30 tarts/tub.
PRICE: RM32.00


Nyonya chang (RM6.50 each) & Melaka Chilli Achar (RM30 each)

Package 1: 10 nyonya chang ( you can share with a friend to make up 10 changs).
Package 2: 5 Nyonya chang, 1 bottle achar.
Package 3: Any number of Achar


All Gelatosprice differs for each. Drop me a message ( to enquire. 

Fresh Mango. 




Pure French Vanilla


Intriguing  – the Salted Egg Yolk gelato!



Refreshing Mandarin Orange gelato



Petai Gelato – take my word for it, it is unique but NOT weird.
The petai flavour is prominent but not pleasantly so. Having it cold, milky and creamy is a revelation!


Oreo – you can’t go wrong with oreos!


Chocolate – superbly rich and velvety indulgence on the tongue


Coconut – so refreshing and rich in coconut flavour!


More flavours: Green tea, sesame, macadamia brittle and raspberry sorbet


Each flavour is packed in 250 ml tubs. Prices are from RM18 – RM30, depending on flavours.


For orders, please Whatsapp : +6011 – 3938 5350 or PM us on

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