Bangsar Village’s “Kids” for Kids” foundation & Supercars Charity Drive

Fast Cars. World-Class Fighters. Screaming Engines.

All these awaited visitors to Bangsar Village 1 as the first road show for the upcoming All Martial Arts Exhibition and Fight Nights on 30th and 31st Dec 2010 (only 7 days away!) – came to town.

JTCars net

BV charity drive-3

BV charity drive-4

BV charity drive-9

In conjunction with Bangsar Village’s “Kids’ for Kids'” foundation and Supercars charity drive, there were Ferraris, Porsches, Lotuses and Lamborghinis giving rides to patrons who donated RM30 towards the “Kids for Kids” fund. AMAE also showcased a special martial arts demonstration featuring the Malaysian Representatives of the upcoming “Malaysia vs The Rest of the World” Fight Night.

Below: Only RM30 & you’ll get to go for a spin in one of these babies.

JTcars net-3

Even families joined in the fun ūüėČ

JTcars net-2

I scored a ride in a Lotus, my favourite car!



Map of the short drive around Bangsar.

Drive route

While awaiting their turn to ride in the super cars, eager fans of the martial arts were treated to demonstrations of Tomoi and Wai Kru by eight of the best Malaysian Tomoi exponents.

I managed to take a short clip demonstrating the art of Wai Kru – an army based training of the art of self defense.

More pics of the action!!

Wai Kru martial art

All Martial arts exhibition-1

All Martial arts exhibition

AMAE – The best of Malaysian Tomoi exponents. They will be representing Malaysia in the upcoming “Malaysia vs The Rest of the World” Fight Night.

All Martial arts exhibition

“Today is about letting people get a feel of what the two days of the All Martial Arts Exhibition and Fight Nights are going to be like. Featuring Malaysian Tomoi fighters and combining it with Luxury Super Cars and charity – that’s AMAE! We bring sports, fashion, lifestyle and social causes together in one enticing and easily accessible package. For more of it, we encourage everyone to join us on the 30 & 31 of December 2010 at Muzium Telekom,” said Carliff Carleel, Founder of AMAE.

carliff AMEA

More on All Martial Arts Exhibition and Fight Nights.

AMAE is an activity-based two day event showcasing the different styles of self defense techniques and the benefits of practicing martial arts to individuals and society in regards to self-discipline, confidence, health, mutual respect, patience and so much more.

These include practitioners of Ninjitsu, Judo, Silat, Kendo, Wushu, Karate-Do, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Aikido and Muay Thai or “Tomoi” as it is more commonly known here.

All this will be highlighted through demonstrations, community projects and workshops to cultivate interest in the practice of martial arts in youth and adults. Fight Night is a Live Event that will be broadcast LIVE on Astro Arena (channel 801) showcasing the best of Malaysian Tomoi Fighters vs. The World.

For more information visit or

I’m definitiely going for the All Martial Arts Exhibition and Fight Nights on 30th and 31st Dec 2010 (only 7 days away!) – at Muzium Telekom! Who want to go with me? Drop me a comment & I’ll TRY to arrange for seats ya!

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  1. William WOng

    i would like to join for the above upcoming event. thanks!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi William!
      Can I hv your contact/email? I can let u know when we have atr event like this, which is often!

  2. CT much is the fight night ticket on 30/12/2010?
    do let me know/sms me ya///


  3. chris chan

    halo rebecca…im chris here…i would lik the join the up coming event…anything let me know ya…thanks…tel:016-3239796

    1. Rebecca

      Hey Chris! Upcomin events on? bloggers events ? or just on martial arts?

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