Bake Plan SS2 – salted egg yolk croissant

As expected there are more and more bakeries making these salted egg yolk croissants now. The poor imitation by The Bread Shop failed miserably (based on from various feedback from personal friends) and as I peered at these salted egg yolk croissants from Bake Plan SS2, I must say the appearance belies the taste.


I read on their FB page a review done on 11th December 2015 so that means they have been selling this for 2 weeks.

I only knew of it today when my FB friend William tagged me on his FB. The photos were tempting. Heck, any bakery offering this would get my attention.

For RM6.50 each it is slightly cheaper than Le Bread Days’ RM6.90.
Both bakeries charges GST of 6%.

The croissant is good; super crispy outer layers with fair honeycomb structure within. I would say Le Bread Days’ croissants has crispier inner layers while Bake Plan’s version is more moist (buttery).
The salted egg yolk filling is just as rich and thick in consistency.
I definitely won’t mind eating this.

Bake Plan SS2 - salted egg yolk croissant - better than Le Bread Days-001

In comparison to Le Bread Days’ salted egg yolk croissants, Bake Plan’s version only lost out on the missing crunchy toppings, which to me isn’t a big matter since I never liked the toppings anyways.
Undeniably the crusty toppings on Le Bread Days’ salted egg yolk croissant does enhance the overall taste with each bite.

Bake Plan SS2 - salted egg yolk croissant - better than Le Bread Days


I would recommend this as a worthy alternative to those who’s been dying to try the famed salted egg yolk croissant.
Since there isn’t any queues for it currently, do grab some before demand surpassed supply again.

Bake Plan SS2, (besides AMbank SS2)
36, Jalan SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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