Back To Nature – Natural Shea Butter Soap, Bath & Skincare

An enterprising friend recently opened her own little natural skincare products outlet at The Mines Shopping Centre.

Naturally (pun intended) I had to check out this range of “natural” skincare products, since I’m a big fan of all things healthy and organic. However, I missed the launch as I was nursing a fever that day but Belle kindly passed me my goody bag anyway.

Yay! Thanks Belle!
Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

back to nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap, Bath & Skincare-003
I digged through the bag gleefully, and propped all the products out on my table to check them out one-by-one.

Let’s see…
There’s a tub of Hand & Body Butter, a facial spray, an anti-wrinkle eye cream, facial face mud and few packs of bath salts. ….

back to nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap, Bath & Skincare-001

……and a bubbling bath melt, body and massage oil and a shea butter soap.

back to nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap, Bath & Skincare-002

Now, if you haven’t heard about Back To Nature, here’s what you need to know!

Back To Nature’s offers a range of natural skincare products for our skin.
All the products are made from the finest flower and plant essences and uses only food/natural grade ingredients.
Most of it is “organic” or “wild grown”, and 98% of their raw materials are imported from producers that employ earth friendly and sustainable harvesting practices.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-2

In short, Back To Nature is truly natural skincare range that is good for our health, soul and also for the environment.

All products has no chemical preservation to ensure our health and safety. Full ingredients are disclosed on each product packaging. So if it is in the product, it’s listed on the label.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-3

Most importantly BTN products does not contain “harmful chemical” or ‘’pollutants’’ such as:

  •    SLS or SLES ~ Foaming Agent (That’s highly likely to cause breast cancer after long term of usage) 
  •    EDC ~ Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  •    EDTA & PARABEN ~ Preservative
  •    PETROCHEMICALS ~ Widely use in commercial detergent products

I ripped open some of my goodies few days back and got started with the basics – soaps, body butter and bath melts.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-6

Back To Nature’s soaps are like an “All-in-One” bar. You can use it as a cleanser or makeup remover, body soap, or even as a shampoo. Choose from a variety of soap blocks ranging from dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin.

Below: Works up a nice creamy gentle lather that’s easily rinsed away. The afterbath scent is pretty stimulating yet soothing.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-7

The Hand and Body Butter comes in a pretty small pot.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap

I spread some on my hands (not sure if you can see it here) and find it a tad oily. It leaves a shiny sheen upon application, which was rather expected, since it is labelled “butter” after all.

I think this is suitable for those with dry and matured skin.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-1

Another that I opened was this bath melt. I have a few packets of bath salts, but I was wondering how’s the bath melts are like.

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-4

Apparently it’s supposed to work like bath salts or bubble bath balls. However, this has a chalky texture.

Not sure how’s it’s like in an actual bubble bath; will it have a lot of bubbles or will it be just perfume the water?

Back To Nature - Natural Shea Butter Soap-006

So what do you think of Back To Nature‘s products and concept?

If you wish to sample some yourself, like their Facebook page (HERE), and if  The Mines or Viva Mall is too far of a drive for you, order online from their website here.

Else browse Back To Nature‘s stores @ :
1. The Mines Shopping Mall Unit L2-K5 ,LEVEL 2 (opposite Watsons) 
2. VIVA Home Mall 1st floor Fashion Bazaar K81

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. missyblurkit

    natual shea butter! love products with it since i have rather dry skin with all the sun and aircon i subject myself to.

    the “oily” feel can actually be lessened if you apply if to your skin when its still a lil damp. in a way you actually also apply less.

    and while on this note..happy new year girl! stay healthy for 2012 ok?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh, any other products with Shea butter that you know of then?
      Cos Back To Nature claimed to be the only one for now..

      Oily feel: Hey I didnt know tht! Will try today after my shower today 🙂

      And happy new year to u too babe! stay healthy & forever petite and cute and young like you are always!!! 😀

      1. missyblurkit

        i’m currently using body shop and palmer’s shea butter.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Oh yes, I used Body Shop’s one too prior to this..the body butter – the round container ones. Found it too oily lorr..

  2. Sean

    interest products. could this be the malaysian version of what the body shop sells?

    1. rebeccasaw

      hMMM…Body Shop is not 100% natural .. or is it?

  3. Chuck Hyland

    I love to have Shea Butter. You can use it on your skin to moisturize it. the best thing about it is that it is 100% organic and natural. ‘*.’`

    Till next time“>

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