Ayer Tawar FOOD: Restaurant Ing Hua for delicious FooChow dishes

When I was in Ayer Tawar, my generous host Yungsen ensured that I dined in the best local Foochow (Fuzhou) restaurants. A proud Foochow descendant, his goal was to share the best of his hometown’s delicacies.

One of our many meals was at Restoran Ing Hua right in town.

A cosy air-conditioned restaurant, Ing Hua serves homely Foochow dishes in a clean, simple dining space. Since there were only 3 adults and a child, we made do with small portions of Foochow stables mainly the Ang Jiu Mee Suah (red glutinous wine with flour vermicelli), the foochow meat rolls, the humble chap chye (mixed vegetables) and of course, no chinese meal is complete without pork and their specialty happened to be my favourite – sweet and sour pork!

A more elaborate favourite for Foochow cuisine is at Bei King, a name able to claim over 3 decades in food business in Sitiawan. My Bei King’s Foochow feast will be covered in detail in another post so watch out for that. 🙂

Ing Hua’s red wine mee suah is light and only RM7.00 for a big with many meaty pieces of chicken. In fact, if I were to finish this on my own, I won’t be able to eat anything else for a few hours!

And this sweet and sour pork was delicious; the meaty pieces of pork were crispy and tender and coated with fresh, thick piquant gravy. I realized that the Foochow sweet sour pork comes with deep fried potatoes or yam.

Mixed vegetables (chap chye) seems to the vegan staple for a Foochow meal. This loaded plate was only RM8.00.

YS ordered this when we were almost finished with our meal. He insisted that I try it and I must say I was glad I did!
Served piping hot, it was crispy, juicy and absolutely delightful to eat. I do not know the exact name for this, but it is something akin to pork roll.

The food portions are substantial for the price and tasted good. The only dish that was lacking here was the red wine mee suah which could have tasted better if the wine was stronger.

Restoran Ing Hua

155, Lorong Seri Indah 1,
Taman Seri Indah,
32400 Ayer Tawar, Perak.


If you do not know where Ayer Tawar is, here’s a map – it is about 3 hours drive from KL.

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