Latest: Ayam Muhibah @ The Chicken Rice Shop – a Halal chicken rice fast-food restaurant

As a food blogger I get requests for food recommendations ALL the time.
The most common one is “where’s the best Nasi Lemak”, followed by Japanese buffet (Malaysian are obsessed with Japanese food I tell you!) and then at times, it’s chicken rice.

I’m of the personal opinion that a REALLY good chicken is few and far in between.
The usual stalls at hawker centres & food courts falls mostly under the “mediocre” level. Even famous ones like Satelite in PJ didn’t quite get my vote.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-002

Yes I’m fussy. A good plate of chicken rice; in my humble opinion, has to be a combination of the chicken, the condiments; (the ginger and chilli sauce) and the rice. It’s incomplete if it’s just good chicken; or good chicken and decent rice but insipid chilli and soy sauce.

Every component plays a part in a plate of awesome chicken rice! 🙂 Do you agree?
And all too often we were served tough, tasteless, stringy chicken, sticky, greasy rice and watery condiments that barely has any pungency or taste.

Yes, eating chicken rice can be such a disappointing experience. I should really revved up my search for an excellent “hawker stall” chicken rice.
Meanwhile, for a halal chicken rice eatery, do hop in The Chicken Rice Shop.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-006

I’m not kidding. The chicken rice here is actually good! I’m guilty of labelling chain restaurants to be “commercialised, profit-oriented outlets that serves mass produced food”. Worse if they are a large chain of outlets; where each outlet’s dishes differs in quality and portion.
I’m sure we are all familiar with that scenario, the Nasi Lemak or curry chicken in Section 17 is better in the Old Klang road outlet while the Mee is the best if you are at the Bangsar outlet.

However, I’m assured by The Chicken Rice Shop management that their quality and taste is consistent throughout their branches. While I haven’t actually visited all branches, I can only vouch for my personal experience during the launch of the Ayam Muhibah, a creation by homegrown celebrity chef, Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad exclusively for The Chicken Rice Shop.

DSC_5731 copy

My first experience dining at The Chicken Rice Shop was at the Great Eastern Mall outlet, when I had to host some Malay friends for lunch last year.
The chicken was tender and “sweet” (if you know what I mean) where the chicken was flavourful enough to be eaten on its own. Doused in clear soy sauce, even the breast section (where it tends to be stringy) was juicy, tender but firm.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-005

And the rice was redolent of chicken stock. Though still a bit greasy for me (I’m a diet freak, if you don’t already know), it is still at an acceptable level for the general public.

Both single and group dining sets are available; and all reasonable priced, considering the portion and location. But if chicken rice isn’t what you’re up for, The Chicken Rice Shop menu features abundant choices for the picky.

Their latest Ayam Muhibah is available ala carte (2 pieces) for RM9.90. Add on some Nyonya Pai Tees (Top Hats) for fibre.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-001 

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-004

Their Kerabu Mango (background) is lovely with excellent balance of spicy and sour. I love my vegetables and nearly wiped out the plate of Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce. The greens were lightly blanched; retaining its natural flavour and topped with aromatic fried shallots. Ipoh Bean Sprouts or HK Kai Lan is available too, so really, the menu has ample choices that should please about anyone.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-003

I enjoyed the springy fishballs as well. It has a discernable fish flavour and tasted very homemade for a commercial F & B outlet.
The flavour reminded me of “sai to” (wolf-herring), the best fish meat for making fishballs. But most F & B outlets do not make using wolf-herring as other fish meat are more economical.
But browsing through the menu, I found out that it was indeed “sai to” fish balls! No wonder!

Then someone told me their Hainanese Curry Chicken is really good. Now, I love my chicken curry thick, aromatic and rich, just like how my grandmother used to make it. It’s basically some sort like “chinese” chicken curry, unlike those nasi kandar type where’s it’s watery curry gravy.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-008

TCRS Hainanese Chicken Curry totally hit the spot for me. Though I took a breast piece (something I usually do when testing chicken dishes) it was tender, not stringy and infused with the flavour of the aromatic curry. Thumbs up!

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-009

Though stuffed, I wiped half a plate of Rojak, as it is as close to an authentic Penang Rojak as I can find so far in KL.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia-007

Overall, I’m pleased with what I ate. TCRS certainly bought back some traditional favourites of mine and make it convenient for all to enjoy with its advantageous locations in malls. Do check out their latest offering; the Muhibah Chicken too.

the chicken rice shop, malaysia

The Chicken Rice Shop,
Outlets: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Sunway Pyramid. For more, surf over to
There are also various combo meals available that caters from one up to four persons. Combo meals start from RM13.99.

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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    Saw this banner just now.. Havent had Chicken Rice shop for quite sometimes.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah, how was your prev visits? Did you like it?

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Others selection is ok ok, except for the MSG soup.

      2. rebeccasaw

        MSG soup? I dug out and eat all the fishballs only! hahaha lucky didn’t drink soup!

  2. Sean

    i remember having a family meal at the chicken rice shop once upon a time. i can’t recall which branch anymore, but everyone enjoyed it! 😀 the hainanese chicken curry looks yummy. do i spot a potato hiding just under the surface? 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes there’s potatoes! Hahah, chic curry MUST have potatoes!!
      Yup, so now I got 2 hainanese chic rice place to makan, one at Armada (whn im feeling rich lol) and here!
      But the chili here is much much better!

  3. The Yum List

    This shop was one of my first experiences 9 years ago with Malaysia food. I have very fond memories but haven’t been back because there are sooo many places to eat. It seems I could go to a new spot every day and never repeat.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh, that’s every foodie dilemma! Heheh… There’s just too many intriguing new places popping up!
      And thks to Sean, we get first hand info of these plcs! 😀

  4. Nikel

    Try their chicken.. Very Chinese-ish

  5. Karen Dolphy

    Ohh.. I didn’t know that their chicken rice is good!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea, most people told me that too after reading my post. Said that they thought it was mass-produced, commercial, cardboard tasting chicken. LOL!

      1. Karen Dolphy

        Went to their FB to check them out. Are you/your company managing their FB? I like the visuals of their promos!

      2. rebeccasaw

        Haha.. I do manage FB for my clients but NOT The Chicken Rice Shop.
        Yes, I like the visuals too! Good too see their promos!

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